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05 April 2008

Taking the First Step

Several posts ago I mentioned about our pending move to our new home (our own, this time) and now we are taking the first step to renovating this very bare house into making it our very own... Later today we will be visiting home improvement stores and building supply shops so we could canvass on materials we would be needing to at least make the basic improvements before we finally move in. Since we are working with a limited budget, we decided to be super hands-on with all the improvements and maybe even do some of the work ourselves. Our major objective today is to be able to find floor tiles that we would both like which would be easy to manage as well as last the test of time. Hubby prefers the "wood look" and I'm okay with that as long as it's not too dark. So, armed with the measurements we took from our last visit to our house, we would be visiting as many stores as possible and find the cheapest materials we could find without compromising the quality, of course! Our first stop would probably be Wilcon because they have lots of stuff to choose from and then we'll be store hopping from there. Also, we've decided that we would just be renovating the floors first and then make a division for one bedroom (the house has provisions for 3 bedrooms) and then the countertop and maybe even cabinets for the kitchen. This is our priority so that when we move in we would have the basic needs. Later on, when we have saved more money, we'll do the rest of the needed renovations. So keep your fingers crossed for us that we find something on our hunting trip today!

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