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24 February 2008

Our Future Home

Several weeks ago, Charlie and I visited the site where we were able to procure a townhouse in Cavite and forgot to post about it for whatever reason, but yesterday, as I was bloghopping, I came upon a post by Mhay about a house they were building and so I dug up the pictures that I took of that day that we went there and got all excited all over again... Just thinking of the many possibilities we could improve on and renovate when we have a house of our own as opposed to always renting and not being able to make changes on paint color or tiles according to what we really like. I'll have to admit that it would be quite expensive to embark on such a big project but in the end, it will really be worth it.

The two pictures on top plus the one on the lower left were those of our actual house. It would be turned over to us by April or May after it gets inspected and stuff. The house is bare with just a smooth cement finish on its walls and floor. While the outside is already painted to match the rest of the houses. The second level could be partitioned into 3 bedrooms so we would have our work cut out for us... I'm guessing we would dish out quite a big amount for the renovations but I'm not really worried, we don't have a child yet so we could still spare a chunk of our savings for the expenses. Our monthly expenditure mostly constitutes of payment for house rent, electric bill, phone bill, water bill, food and toiletries which would also be the case once we move (only we would be paying our monthly amortization instead of just rent). The picture on the lower right was taken in one of the bedrooms of the model unit. I am continuously browsing the internet, home improvement magazines and taking note of details whenever I visit other people's houses to get ideas on what I could incorporate when we start the actual renovations already. The picture below is that of the facade, but this one is of the model unit since our actual unit is yet to be painted. Haay! Finally, we would be getting our own home.

P.S. Expect more stories to our just starting saga of home improvements!


My World said...

very nice. congrats on your new home. it sure is satisfying having the chance to stamp your own style in your own home. you'll have fun.


Heidi said...

I know... it's like a new high for me.

~ Mhay ~ said...

Hi sis! ganda ng future house nyo :) it's really exciting to design and decorate your own home di ba? Yung house na kinuha namin 3 BR lang, smaller that yours pero excited din ako though medyo matagal pa namin na te-take out :)