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22 April 2005

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

Tonight my honey is going to Ilocos… without me! He has been asking me to go with him for the fiesta for the longest time but alas! wasn’t able to go on leave at the office. Also, he would be painting their house and since I have Asthma, Idont want to risk having an attach there when I smell the fumes from the paint.
We started the day early by going to Baclaran to buy “pasalubong” for Nana & Tata (Charlie’s parents). we also bought new curtains to complete the house in Ilocos’ new look. At around 3pm we went home (my house) to pack what we bought properly then at around 4:30pm we said our goodbyes then he went home (espana, manila) to get his things and then went straight to the bus terminal. :(

16 April 2005

Hazelle's Debut

Yes! Although there were several hitches, like some of the guests getting to the party later than the assigned time (for a more surprising effect), Hazelle's (She's the girl in the picture... the dog's Nafnaf) Surprise Party was all in all a success. There was enough food and drinks for everyone. Our Tito Rey and Tita Janet pinched in with the softdrink flow, Mom ordered special pancit, I took care of the 4-course buffet, my cousin Dette and sister Mae helped out with the invitations and giveaways and Zelle’s friends spread the word (in whispers, because it’s a surprise!). There was singing (we set up our magic sing), a bit of dancing, and a lot of merry-making! Charlie even brought videocam to document the affair. My dad even brought out his black label and had a couple of shots with his friends and Charlie. Wow! My honey’s really slowly starting to be part of the family!

10 April 2005

Gift Hunting

Went to SM Manila to look for possible gifts for Allan’s and Hazelle’s birthdays and for Lichelle’s upcoming wedding. We were able to buy a portable organ for Allan (he belongs to a band called “5 leaves left”) then we bought paper and ribbons for Hazelle’s Debut/Surprise Party invitation. We were not able to find anything for my cousin, Lichelle’s wedding though… the wedding would be in Batanggas, first week of May… will we be able to attend?

02 April 2005

Progress on the Ring

Mom’s jeweler Cynthia took our ring sizes and promised to look for a smaller stone for the setting. We told her that the ring was pretty expensive and we would not be able to afford it anymore if there would be an increase in the price (you know, in case the gold gets more expensive or the stone setting is bigger!). She informed us that we could get our rings on installment basis since the wedding won’t be for another year… (hmmm… good?)