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27 February 2009

Adam turns 1 month old

Time really flies when your having fun... Yesterday my baby is one month old. The fact that I already have a baby has hardly sunk in and yet here he is, my adorable little treasure. Next thing you know my maternity leave would expire and I would have to go back to work na... I still can't imagine leaving my precious baby every morning and not see him again until around 6pm but I know things will work out. So how did we celebrate Adam's 1st month? Well since hubby had overtime work, we celebrated it late at night - around 11pm na with just a simple late dinner and with hubby and I blowing a single candle on an icing-topped cupcake I bought earlier. (Too bad we don't have pictures kasi in all the excitement we forgot na).

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Facts About Adam

  • He would always calm down (even during a loud cry) whenever I sing "The Alphabet Song" to him (only me, kasi my mom and sister tried singing it to him pero he kept on crying, hehehe!)
  • He can drink up to 3 ounces of milk every two hours now
  • He can already hold his two-ounce bottle while feeding
  • He becomes beet red when he cries or gets irritated
  • He smiles a lot during the early mornings specially after his 4am feeding and even coos at you when you talk to him

A Youre Adorable - Unknown

18 February 2009

Halo-Halong Kwento

Ok... so, a couple of days ago I was bragging about my son's smilestones and then the same day that that post was published we had a little scare with Adam. Around 8pm of Feb.16 as Charlie was carrying Adam, he noticed the little boy was looking up earnestly as if trying to follow something way beyond the reach of his line of vision and so his neck was slowly stiffening and his whole body bending because he was arching his back. Hubby and I thought he was just stretching or something and then when his eyes started to cross and no amount of calling him and trying to divert his attention was working we started to panic already. Buti na lang my parents were there... the next events were kinda blurry na basta before we got to the point of rushing him to the nearest hospital, Adam calmed down na and when we checked for his temperature it was only 37.4 naman so we just applied kool fever on his forehead and I called his pediatrician to ask if we should give him something. Dr. Ong replied naman that we should just monitor his fever and give him paracetamol drops (0.3 ml) every 4 hours until his temperature goes down to normal. And so hubby and I together with my parents started our vigil with the little boy. His normal demands for feeding wasn't there and so we had to wake him up every 3 hours pa for his milk pero he would feed heartily naman when offered. Buti na lang dito pa kami sa parents ko, otherwise Charlie and I wouldn't have known what to do. Now the little boy is back to normal, feeding every two hours nanaman instead of three...

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On a lighter note... I was fortunate enough to have been included in the top 20 list of the "My Shopaholic Confession" post for Nuffnang, unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the awarding because Adam was sick nga... but anyways, congratulations to all the winners and I hope you had fun... I'll just have to watch the movie with hubby later.

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Have you noticed how hot the weather is getting lately? Anyways, I was thinking sana of a garden venue for Adam's baptism reception pero if the weather is going to be hotter than this by March, I'd have to scratch that plan and go with an airconditioned venue instead. I have started making the layout for the invitations already and I already know what the giveaways would be... The list of Ninongs and Ninangs is incomplete pa (di pa decided si hubby dun sa final list nya kasi!) but we have already inquired sa church and we're just awaiting the release of his birth certificate on the 28th.

16 February 2009


These past few days has been a flurry of events making it uber difficult for me to find time to sit still and write about it here, but let me try to recap some of them as best as i can:
Feb. 8 was the day Adam's belly button stump fell off and so the next day, I was able to give him a full bath.  Slightly scary for me because it's a first but we were able to conquer that challenge quite well naman with the help of my sister, Hazelle.  Also, the same day I gave my baby boy his first full bath (Feb. 9) I was able to clip his nails for the first time.  But I still put mittens on his hands until now kasi his nails are still quite sharp and I don't want him to scratch his face.
Feb. 14 was Adam's first trip to his Pediatrician.  Yes, Valentine's day, I had a date with my son to his pedia.  Dr. Ong was so surprised to see Adam again (he's my boy's pedia na kasi when I gave birth).  His first question was "what have you been feeding him?" Ha?! As if I could feed him anything but milk na... It wasn't super obvious to me kasi how my son has grown in the past 3 weeks because he's with me everytime but for someone like his Pedia who hasn't seen him since he was 3 days old, Adam's growth is more pronounced.  My baby now weighs 8.9 lbs. and has grown to 52 cm. in length.  "Very good!" according to Dr. Ong.  Wow, buti naman my baby's growing well... my only frustration is that I am not able to breastfeed him.  I give him milk that I pump from my breasts once a day lang kasi I only get a couple of ounces of milk from me tapos the rest of the day I feed him milk formula na that was initially given to him in the hospital.  Anyway, it's the first time Charlie and I didn't celebrate Valentine's Day with a date or special home-cooked dinner man lang but he still gave me a cute flower arrangement with a teddy bear naman when he came home from work.
Feb. 15 was the day my nephew Ethan Lebron E. Mediante was baptized and so it was the first time Adam was able to attend a family gathering.  Actually, hesitant pa ako to bring Adam kasi nga di pa siya nabinyagan but my cousins and Aunts were insistent that I bring Charles Adam to Ethan's baptism since the reception naman is going to be at my Aunt's house so Adam isn't really making unnecessary gala.
Anyways, Adam was quite a good boy sa mga "outings" namin.  Unfortunately, he was specially cranky the past couple of nights kasi he was asleep the whole day.  Everytime we are in the car kasi kahit di pa time for him to sleep, he falls asleep na so pagdating sa house ayaw na niya mag-sleep.  Hay naku after his pedia visit 4am na kami nakatulog kasi iyak siya ng iyak.  Tapos last night naman 3am na kasi ganun din... he doesn't want to sleep yet.  Buti na lang ngayon dito lang kami sa haws kaso naman super init today so he's making a bit of a fuss din.  Sana lang di na siya irritable later.

08 February 2009

Sleepless in Sucat

Adam is now 13 days old and we have been staying at my parents house eversince we came home from the hospital.  I have heard warnings and all kinds of advice about the sleeping habits of a newborn but I didn't really think much about it until now... It really does take a toll on you after several days... the erratic sleeping habits of your newborn, I mean.  Most of the time, mornings and afternoons are peaceful enough and are quite manageable but its the late nights and early mornings that are quite taxing.  I mean, just when you think he's finally going back to sleep, he fusses again or demands another feeding.  Oh, but I'm not complaining though, I am totally ok with this if only to see my little boy smile or hear him coo...
I have also learned to heed the advice of most mothers to take advantage of his sleeping time and make it an opportunity to catch up on some Zzzs myself.  I also try to stay vigilant in the late evenings and early mornings when Adam oftentimes make a fuss because I don't want to disturb my mom and dad so much and wake them unneccesarily.  But that's also a challenge since my Dad is super in love with Adam (my dad calls him "Tutoy") and every tiny noise Adam makes would cause my Dad to pick him up or tell me to feed him even when I know he's still full, hehehe, grandparents talaga!

07 February 2009

My Shopaholic Confession

Hi! My name is Heidi and I'm a Shopaholic! 

I have always been a bit out of control when it comes to spending time and money whenever I get near a mall or even the remotest of "tiangges" but I really thought I have been cured of this "addiction".  But I was mistaken!  It seems, my recent giving birth has just elevated my being a shopaholic to a new level.  If before, my shopping tendencies were just limited to trinkets and the occassional expensive, branded, items for myself... now, I have discovered a different kind of happiness whenever I buy something new for my adorable baby boy!  And just like most mothers out there, I wouldn't settle for just the "ok" stuff... I browse the shelves and display cabinets for the best (which are almost always the most expensive) baby things and don't even think twice as to how big a dent it's going to make on my budget or if my baby already has it in a different color.  All I can think about is... no, wait... I don't think much when I'm shopping for little Adam, I just say "oh isn't this cute" or "this would be perfect for Adam" and buy, buy, buy!

And then of course, the minute I got home my mom made just one comment and I was brought back to reality... That most of the stuff I bought, my son doesn't really need... they're just darn cute... that I probably wouldn't be able to pay for my purchases (I used my credit card when I ran out of cash, which wasn't very long after I filled up my cart with baby things) until my son celebrates his first birthday... that I still have a lot more important stuff I should have spent the money on!  This made me think of an upcoming movie adapted from a book I read a year or so ago... Confessions of a Shopaholic.  Hmmm... hubby and I will have to make it a movie date and see this movie if only to see my shortcomings from a different perspective and maybe... just maybe I'll be cured.

Catch "Confessions of a Shopaholic" in Cinemas on February 18, 2009!

02 February 2009

Happy Family

I just can't get over the fact that I'm a mom now... I mean I should have been getting used to the idea since I was carrying a huge belly for several months before Adam arrived but it really doesn't hit you until you see your baby face to face and get to experience his day to day activities.  Granted a week-old baby doesn't have that much activity to talk about but its the everyday experience of being with him and seeing him open his eyes or smile in his sleep or cry or even the mundane tasks of changing his diapers or giving him milk that would really make one realize... I'm a mom!
Anyway, here are more pictures of us at the hospital: we were about to go home from the hospital:
...and our first days at home (my parents' home):

Indeed, I can say that Charlie and I now have a happy family... despite his protests that he would be happier with a couple more kids! Ngek!  The memory of labor pains are still too fresh to even think that I would go through all that again...  Yes, Charles Adam is worth all that, but for now... This happy family is content.