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12 April 2008

Heavens Paradox

I came upon Heavens Paradox while bloghopping and it really left quite an impression on me. I mean what's there not to notice? First the title -- I mean how can one not notice that? It tickles one's imagination. And then when you visit the site, you will see under the blog's title this line "where angels fear to tread..." But then when you read the posts, you will realize that it's not what one would initially think... It actually is a blog just like any other... It documents the owners' opinion and whatnot. And like most blogs today, it takes advantage of opportunities to earn. Heavens Paradox truly is a good example of getting paid to blog. I mean there's a wide variety of products that a blogger can write about and since you're writing about them anyway, why not get paid to blog? Heavens Paradox is really quite an interesting read. The posts are varied and one may even pick up a pointer or two by browsing the many different categories it caters to.

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