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29 August 2006

Back to the Saltmines

I know some people might think it’s mediocre or just plain tedious to go through the everyday routines of a working housewife but please indulge a recently married woman like me…
It may be of no great deal to a long time working housewife who has been through a lot already and has endured so much more than I have but for me, the novelty of having to take care of my husband as well as going through my usual hectic day at work hasn’t worn off yet. I mean, just think about it…

Before, when I wake up in the morning, breakfast is already waiting and the only dilemma I face before going to work is what clothes I would wear that day.

Now, I have to wake up earlier than usual (much earlier!) and see that my husband would at least get to drink his morning caffeine dose before seeing him off to work. (By the way, I love the fact that he always wants me to see him off at the gate and smile while saying “goodbye, I love you and take care”.) And then after work I have to prepare dinner for both of us. Not to mention the weekend chores like doing the laundry, ironing the clothes and going grocery shopping. But don’t think that I am complaining… I am very happy… Happy that I am now Mrs. Yadao (I can’t help but smile everytime someone calls me that… It still makes me “kilig”). Happy that I fall asleep with my husband whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Happy that even though my hubby is the one who sets the alarm for 5am, I’m the one who turns it off and wake him up. But most of all, I am very very happy knowing that although we are not that blessed yet… that someday (my OB-Gyne said everything’s normal) we would be blessed with a baby (or two)…

Anyways, nawala na yata yung train of thought ko... What I'm saying is:

However hard or easy the routines I go through everyday, and even though I sometimes dread going to work on Mondays because I feel like I have not fully enjoyed the weekend yet... I appreciate the fact that I am now a wife, albeit busy, but a wife nonetheless

Ay basta, I'm sure nage-gets na ako nung mga recently married! For now, it's back to work for me muna...

25 August 2006

Thank God It's Friday!

What another busy week this has been! This past few months made me appreciate my Mom even more… I mean to think that Charlie & I have only been married for four months and we don’t have a baby yet, makes me wonder how my mom managed to balance her career and taking care of all five of us kids plus my Dad. The mere thought of what kind of sacrifices she had to do for us and how tired she must have been doing what she does makes me admire her for her patience and endurance. Love you Mom! I can only pray and try my best to be half the Mom and wife you are.

Ok, so it’s Friday and I’m thinking of the chores I have to accomplish around the house this weekend…. Let’s see…. Saturday mornings I usually spend doing the Laundry (Thank God for Malyn, Charlie’s cousin who is temporarily staying with us while training to be a Nurse Aide at UST, that I have someone to help me do the laundry) then after lunch I usually go grocery shopping or go to the market to buy a week’s supply of Food and toiletries. I am constantly thinking of new viands to cook since I get tired of cooking and eating the same stuff over and over… hmmm…. Good thing my hubby heartily eats whatever I serve him! (Hehehe, as if he has a choice!) Maybe I should defrost the refrigerator first before I go to the market…. Whatever! If doing the laundry doesn’t tire me out then maybe… Sunday… after going to church maybe Charlie and I will visit his Parents who are currently staying at his brother’s house after his father got hospitalized due to a mild stroke. Hmmm…. I hope Charlie doesn’t get too tired at work to go out on Sunday. Sometimes I pity him for having to go on a long commute everyday, morning and night (We now live in Las Piñas and he works at UST in España, Manila). That’s why although I don’t exactly approve of him buying a motorcycle, I had to give in if that could ease his travel woes a bit. He now owns a yellow XRM…. The motorcyle he’s been harping on and on about eversince we came back from Ilocos and went back to work after our honeymoon. I’m still getting used to the thought of him riding that motorbike through the congested streets of Manila, Pasay and Parañaque twice a day and trying not to worry…

Anyway, now I have to end this post because I have a million things to do and I’m getting tired just thinking about them!

20 August 2006

Turning 32

Wow, how time flies… It seems just like yesterday when my Dad and I danced on my debut and now as some would say “Wala na ako sa kalendaryo”! Well, I can’t say that the years were wasted, since my 18th birthday a lot has happened, I graduated from college, I have bummed out for almost a year at home after that, I have worked in several companies before doing what I do now, I have had my heart broken, and of course the recent development… as most of my friends (both in real life and in the blogging world) know… I found the man that made me say “I do” and made me his wife!

So now, I am 32. This day got me completely exhausted. After going to the church, Malyn and I went to the grocery to buy supplies for the small get-together and then went on home to prepare right away. Mind you I just cooked spaghetti and chicken lollipops but it sure tired me out. My family came at around 3pm (amidst the heavy rains) and we immediately proceeded to wipe out the food I prepared. They brought my absolute favorite cake “Coffee Crunch” from Red Ribbon which of course made my day, and my husband who had to go to work on overtime came at around 6pm to do the cleanup so I could rest early. All in all, it was a very happy day and I would endure the tiring preparations over and over just so I could be with the people I love! Besides, It’s a holiday tomorrow and my hubby and I get to sleep in until noon!

10 August 2006

Our Home

We have yet to purchase our very own house but as of the moment, this small apartment is our home…

01 August 2006

More Photos

Thank you Alynn for visiting my blog (even though I, myself don't get to visit it as often as I want to nowadays)... As for the request for more pictures, you can just follow this link and click on the wedding albums there...

Heidi's Albums

Maybe I would have more time to update my blog in the near future.... (hah!)