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12 April 2008

Makati Adventure

First of all, let me just say that it has been quite a while since I visited Makati. Besides, I have never been known for skills in locating places most specially while commuting. I am a self-confessed "geographically challenged" person and I am not ashamed of admitting it. Ok, having said that... Hubby (who by the way has never been to the places we went to yesterday) and I went to the Atrium in Makati for our Pag-ibig counselling seminar and to Herrera Tower where Charles Builders (Gecland Dev. Corp.) was housed. We are already on the final steps in acquiring our own home and so it was quite an exciting day for us. We set off on our "adventure" at around 8am (I know it's quite late considering we didn't know exactly where we were going and we were supposed to be there by 10am for the seminar but I forgot some of the papers we were going to bring in my office so we had to swing by there first before going to Makati) and arrived at the Atrium of Makati at exactly 10:45am. Yes folks, it took us two and a half hours to get from Las Piñas to Makati. Why? Well, needless to say, because of the slower than turtle speed of traffic, plus we were unsure of where to walk to when we got off the bus so... Anyways, we were informed that we were already too late for the 10-12 Seminar and that the next developer-assisted seminar would be at 3pm that day or 9am the next day so we opted to wait for the 3pm one. We decided to go to Herrera Tower first so we could sign documents and submit the requirements we lacked before to the developer of the townhouse we were acquiring. But before doing so, we had a quick bite to eat first. We got to Charles Builders at around 12:30 and had to wait another 30 minutes to get assisted because it was their lunch break. Anyway, by 1pm hubby and I were both signing away at a couple of inches thick of documents. After being evaluated and rated fit-to-go, our papers were submitted and the only thing we needed to do was attend the seminar at Pag-Ibig. We went back to the Atrium at around 2:30pm, armed ourselves with bottled Iced Tea and waited for the 3pm seminar. It could have lasted for just an hour but of course a lot of people had a lot of questions so it lasted an hour and fourty-five minutes. We were given the certificate we needed and off we went by a quarter to five. We were so hungry and tired by this time (plus the heat wasn't helping) so we decided to walk to Landmark and have something to eat there. Now, normally I would have window shopped or even bought something in the mall but I was starting to feel the onslaught of migrane so we just ate at the food center in the basement and grabbed food for muffy (our dog) and pizza for our dinner and went to find our means of transportation home. I know we could have walked towards SM near the MRT station for the FX taxi's which would only cost 45 bucks each but like I said, I was too tired already and my head was starting to pound so we just endured the long queue at the taxi bay at the Landmark. We got home at around 8pm and we paid 200 bucks for the taxi fare (the meter showed only 150 but we were gateful to reach home without negotiating with the cab driver so it was only fitting that we give him the 50 pesos tip). I could have gone online last night and blogged for a while but I just didn't have the strength so I ate a couple of slices of Pizza drank lots and lots of water, took a shower, watch PBB teen edition while waiting for my hair to get dry and then slept! It was quite an adventure but it was fulfilling to know that we have accomplished a lot yesterday and we just have to wait for 7 working days to get approval of our housing loan (I'm keeping my fingers crossed). Today, we are going on another hunting trip. This time we're looking for building materials for the home improvement of my parents' house in Parañaque. Haay, life...

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