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10 November 2006


Here's the picture we took last Holloween that I wasn't able to post previously...

As of the moment I would like to extend my apologies for the lack of updates for quite a long time and for not e-mailing those I'm supposed to. Maybe my blog will be more active now that I have access to the net again.... MAYBE!

Anyways, for additional kwento:

Baby Things
My cousin sent me the sketchers rubber shoes (which are so cute since it's so small it fits in Charlie's Palm) and multi colored baby blankets and a burp cloth. I almost cried when I got them because I know it would be a long time before we would be able to use them... but enough of that, I just don't want to dwell on the sad thoughts anymore. Anyway I have a lot of people praying for me I could form a prayer brigade... besides Charlie and I are enjoying each others' company and taking in life one day at a time.

08 November 2006

Paliwanag, and all that!

What's new?! I just came from a long, tiring and boring "blog-update-less" existence and I cannot begin to describe or explain the things that happened to me while I was not able to get access to my own blog...

First, I couldn't go online at home anymore because I have discarded my antique PC and have yet to purchase a new one, second our internet connection at the office has been non-existent since "Milenyo" (but obviously is now restored since I am able to write this post today, hehehe!) and then even if there was a connection here I wouldn't have been able to write one because I was on sick leave for 10 days! I got the worse luck last month, whew! Buti na lang November na, baka my luck has changed already. Anyway, here's bits and pieces of kwento on the past happenings....

Melfender meets Melfender

My favorite cousin Mel-mel visited me a weeks ago and we spent the afternoon together. She kept on making kwento in her slightly "bulol" way and I kept laughing at her mixed up stories. I took the picture above... I kept saying Wow! Magkamukha kayo ng deco-doll namin! So I named the doll "Fendi" (one of our pet names for Melfender)


One time, Charlie picked me up from work and when we saw what the other was wearing we laughed out loud... we were wearing the same color shirts! Hehehe, it was totally by accident because he wasn't wearing that shirt when he went to work but had to change because he spilled something on what he was wearing and the only shirt he had left in his locker was the same color as what I wore to work that day.... we took several pictures to commemmorate the event, hehehe! Babaw namin no?


My sisters spent several days with me during their semestral break from school and we ended our fun "vacation" time by fooling around during holloween. (picture to follow since I have to get home already and have not yet uploaded the pics)