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02 April 2008

Catching up

It's already the 2nd day of April and I have yet to post anything other than a couple of tags... This is mainly because I have been subjected to mountains of paperwork and rush reports at work! Well, I have a little down time from the paperwork now and I am still awaiting the submission of reports from some schools (which prefer to be ALWAYS late!) before I make a consolidation so I decided to post a little something about my recent events...

March 28
My friends/co-employees and I went to another co-employees' daughter's 1st birthday party after office. Belated Happy Birthday Irish!

March 29
I was supposed to go to another co-employee's despedida but was not able to due to a migrane attack... I spent the whole day inside my room with the airconditioning on! I'm sure our next electric bill will balloon due to this and our recent longer usage of the aircon... we just can't help it because it really is very hot these days. Anyways, Good luck ate Edith G.! I hope we would still hear from you even if you're already in Canada!

March 30
Charlie and I finished lots of house chores in the morning and then I watched movies on HBO while hubby went to watch a cockfight in the afternoon. We heard evening mass at St. Andrew's around 6pm and went straight home for an early dinner. We went to bed earlier than usual also, I guess because we wanted to be able to wake up early to start another work week the next day!

March 31
Let's just stay it wasn't such a good start for a work week for me... Reports were coming in late and the ones that I have received needed to be returned due to missing data and/or erroneous formats and data! I had to go on overtime just so I could make progress on the consolidation. Unfortunately, some of the schools still have yet to submit their data so I have not been able to finish the consolidation!
April 1
I attempted to write a post but ended up just doing a couple of tags instead because that was all I had time for... It really was a hectic work day yesterday! And still, some of the schools refused to submit their reports!

Well, there are still a couple of schools who are really hard-headed and have yet to submit their data but that's their problem now... I have already organized the data that were given to me and made a partial consolidation and reported to our Administrative Officer which schools are delinquent. They would have to answer to the AO now... it's out of my hands... I still have other reports to finish but then that's another story... I at least have time to go bloghopping during lunch break and be able to post this!

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Mec said...

inggit ako... at least you were able to organize your thoughts... ako nde pa