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30 January 2009

Labor Day

Yes, "Labor Day" for me has come and gone... and although a 30-page, single-spaced, back-to-back account of that day wouldn't do it justice, I will try to impart to you the shortest version possible:

Around 12:30 AM of January 26, I woke up feeling uneasy... I stood up and went to the bathroom several times but I couldn't pinpoint what I wanted to do. I didn't feel like I was going to pee or poop so I lied down again but couldn't go back to sleep so I texted Charlie "Honey, manganganak na yata ako" around 2:15 AM (I was staying at my parents' house at that time because Charlie was scared that I would be alone when the time comes) but I guess Charlie was fast asleep at that time and I wasn't sure whether I was going into labor already so I just kept quiet and closed my eyes trying my hardest to sleep. I guess I succeeded to get some shut-eye because the next thing I remember was waking up at around 6am feeling wet and sweaty. When I stood up I felt fluids trickling down my legs already and so I called my sisters who were having breakfast at that time and when they saw me standing frozen by the doorway of the bedroom they went on panic mode and called my Dad and Mom... next thing I knew I was cleaned up, dressed and in the car on the way to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital at around 8:30 AM and I was immediately admitted to the Delivery Room because I already had an admission note from my OB. The rest of the day was a haze of coming and going of nurses, doctors and the feeling of pain and being tired. I was only 3cm and continued to be so until around 2pm so my OB decided to give me oxytocin to help and antibiotics before that because my water bag broke already making me and the baby prone to infections. By 6pm I was already 6cm but the baby was still "floating" and was yet to descend. I was then transferred to a Delivery Table and was given an epidural for the pain and was nebulized to prevent an asthma attack. By 8:45pm I was already 8cm and Adam went down a little but I heard my OB say she wants to talk to my hubby and Mom making me a bit nervous. I knew something was wrong and so I asked the resident beside me if it was going to take long before I gave birth and she said the baby was still a bit "high" and there were times when his heartbeat was going down. This prompted me to talk out loud to my baby... I said "Adam, please go down na... they're all waiting for you na..." By 9pm I when the second shot of "pain reliever" wore off and the Anesthesiologist was administering the third shot I felt an accumulation of saliva in my mouth and before I knew it, I threw up right then and there. The nurses and doctors were as surprised as I was (but I guess the pain and lack of food since early that morning just had to take it's toll on me) and next thing I knew they were asking me to push as hard as I can when the contactions come while a couple of the residents/nurses were helping out (pushing down on my tummy).... After a several tries I felt my baby come out and I heard his cry.... Charles Adam E. Yadao made his debut at 9:44pm of January 26, 2009 at the University of Sto. Tomas Hospital.

25 January 2009


To everyone who has been wondering whether "Labor Day" has come and gone for me, well... it hasn't! I am still awaiting Adam's arrival until now. Meanwhile, I have organized and re-organized stuff around the apartment, cleaned until there isn't a speck of dust, watched TV until my eyes are tired and thought out every scenario of when and how I'm going to have this baby. It's hard pala when you're this bored... specially for me, because I have always lacked the patience to wait! Now, I'm at my parents' house. Charlie has finally put his foot down and said I should not exhaust myself too much and just wait patiently for when Adam is ready and willing to come out. He has a point, I mean all these complaining and re-arranging of whatever I get my hands on isn't going to help... Besides hubby would at least have his piece of mind while he's at the office, now that I'm here where there would be lots of people who could call him and bring me to the hospital when the time comes. My youngest sister promised Charlie she would accompany me to long walks every afternoon (after school) to hasten Adam's descent.

Yesterday's checkup and ultrasound (yes another one!) resulted to just like the one I had a week before... still 2cm... and Adam's still 7 lbs. (which is making me worry even more if I'm going to be able to deliver normally) My next checkup is scheduled for the 27th and I am hoping that by then there would be a development that would lead to my giving birth na!

Anyway, to keep my mind off all that, my neice Marian has been a constant source of entertainment. I mean looking at the pictures below, wouldn't you get entertained as well?!

23 January 2009

Strawberry Jelly

Food Friday

One of my absolute favorite desserts... That's why even though I don't often eat at Karate Kid, I still pass by their store just so I could hoard these!

20 January 2009

The Waiting Game

It's more tedious pala to wait to go on labor when you're on leave na... My maternity leave started yesterday and after accomplishing the remaining stuff to do on my list before I go on labor... now I am getting bored... waiting... I have flipped through channels until my eyes are blurry na. Last check-up (January 17) my OB said Adam's still too high and I was only 2cm...

17 January 2009

Wanted: Nanny

Last night hubby and I found out that his cousing who we were expecting to come and live with us next week to help out with the coming of Adam isn't coming anymore.  I don't want to elaborate on her reasons for not coming because that's her problem... But now, she gave us a problem.  All the while, I was thinking I'm lucky that I don't have to worry about hiring a stranger to act as nanny to Adam when I go back to work after my 60-day maternity leave, but now I'm at a loss as to what I'm going to do.  I'm very meticulous when it comes to running my household and so I'm not very keen on hiring a house help.  Specially before... It was only Charlie and I who lives in our apartment and we do most of the house chores ourselves.  Of course, it's going to be different now that we will be having a baby.  We can't afford for one of us to stop working yet because we're still making payments to a house we bought last year.  We haven't even started improvements on that house yet (which, naturally, will bring about more expenses) because we're still saving for that.  Hmmm... now I have to figure out something that will iron out the creases in my now crumpled plan!
Hiring a nanny is the only option I have now, but I don't even know how to start or how to go about finding one.  Plus there is the stranger factor... I mean it's hard enough to entrust your baby to a relative while you go to work, it's triple hard pa to do so with a total stranger!  I mean, if I find one in an agency, am I assured that that person would be less likely to run off with my baby?  Gosh, am I paranoid or what?
Anyway, I couldn't sleep last night thinking of what to do and now I'm typing away, early in the morning... fooling myself into thinking that if I write about it, if I voice out my concerns, a lightbulb will eventually light up and I will find the "great" solution to my dilemma...  But that's just wishful thinking... Now I have to first shut up about it and think hard.  Besides, I have a schedule for a check-up today.  I don't want to look stressed when I go to my OB.

16 January 2009

Yesterday's Lunch

Food Friday

Yesterday, we had an office affair, and for lack of what to post today for my weekly meme, I am posting pictures of what I had for lunch during our conference hall blessing.

that's rice, veggies and quail eggs, beef with brocolli, and lechon
and this is chicken-macaroni salad and some of the stuff found in the salad bar like cheese, quail eggs, turnips and corn... I wasn't able to create a more elaborate salad side plate because the queue was long and I wanted to sit and eat already, hehehe!

15 January 2009

Office Affair

Today, our newly renovated conference hall was blessed in time with our superintendent's 64th birthday celebration.  Here are some of the event's highlights I was able to capture...

14 January 2009

Baby Things Update

A couple of months back, I posted something about the list of things I would buy for my baby... now, a few days before my due date I have yet to buy all the things written in that list but I just don't want to go overboard (like I usually do) shopping and then end up not needing nor using some of the stuff I purchase. My mom said I could always shop for more baby stuff when our little Adam arrives. So anyway, here are the stuff I have bought so far...

  • 5 undershirts or onesies
  • 2 blanket sleepers
  • 3 pairs of socks or booties
  • 5 pajama stretchsuits
  • 1-2 dress up outfits
  • 1 hat
  • 1 sweater
  • bassinet or crib
  • baby mattress ~ i bought a couple of comforters instead
  • sheets
  • 3 nursing bras ~ i only have one... am still waiting for the two i ordered from a friend
  • pillow to support baby
  • breast pump
  • 1 box of breast pads
  • nipple cream (lanolin based)
  • loose shirts or button downs for me (easier for nursing)
  • diapers
  • baby lotion
  • baby wipes
  • diaper rash ointment
  • toys to distract the baby
  • changing mat
  • tissues
  • dirty diaper bin or bucket
For Going Out
  • diaper bag/backpack
  • baby carrier/stroller
  • diapers
  • travel-size tissues
  • baby wipes
  • plastic bag for dirty diapers
While waiting for my doctor during one of my check-ups a med rep gave me a free digital thermometer so I'm counting that as one of the baby needs that I could cross-out the list also... so mommies out there, am I all set for the big day? Or do I have to run to the mall to get something essential before my baby arrives?

13 January 2009

Burst of Energy

In the past couple of weeks I have often felt tired and unable to accomplish much. Sad to say I have been whining most of the time about the hardships of pregnancy and the complications of having an asthma while being pregnant. But lately (as in yesterday lang and so far, today!) I have been feeling this surge of energy that has prompted me to accomplish tasks I have been longing to do for about a month now but have always put off for a number of reasons. Hmmm... let me see... Yesterday, after my checkup and BPS, I have gone to the offices of PhilHealth in Manila and updated my account (in preparation for giving birth); upon arriving home at around two in the afternoon, I didn't feel tired at all and decided to re-organize our clothes that has piled on top of the spare mattress in the other bedroom after a couple of laundry days and I didn't get to fold and put in place; and then still feeling a perky, I cooked adobo and fried rice which hubby and I ate for dinner! Wow, it might not sound like a lot for others but I tell you, the way I have been lazing about these past weeks... that's quite a lot for me! And now, here at work I have already finished filing records brought down from the different departments and I'm preparing several written instructions for whoever is going to substitute me during my maternity leave which will start next week. Hay... it feels good to be able to accomplish so much in just a matter of hours... it makes me feel more ready to tackle the next challenge that would come my way (and when I say challenge, I mean the anticipation of giving birth!). Also, it takes my mind off the fact that any minute now... you know!

06 January 2009

Picture Updates

I just don't have the time nor the energy to write anything these days...

So to make up for the lack of words, here are some of the pictures I took or of me taken during the holidays...

this one was taken during the school custodians' Christmas party last Dec. 16

this was right before our office Christmas party started

this is my cutie pie niece - Marian - showing us her antics day after christmas

and here is Marian again with my hubby, Charlie.

Here I am posing beside Adam's crib which we set up new year's eve

And here's a closer look at the crib.