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28 December 2006


It's my first Christmas as a wife and turned out to be quite a tiring but very happy one! Christmas day started pretty early for me because I had to prepare lunch not only for me and Charlie and Malyn (Charlie's cousin who's staying with us) but also for my family who spent the day with us. By 11:30, everything was ready and then my parents and siblings arrived at around 12:15. I'm just sorry that my only brother Howard didn't get to spend Christmas with us because he went straight to our Grandma's house (hehehe, not following instructions kasi) Anyway, I cooked crispy hipon, carbonara, fried pork chops and Charlie grilled Tilapia and Bangus with tomato and onion stuffing. It was super nakakapagod to cook for many persons pero ok lang, kasi sulit naman when they asked for second servings kasi they liked what I prepared for them. I also enjoyed watching my sisters' reaction to the gifts that Charlie and I bought them, kakatuwa talaga kasi you know they really liked it. Medyo nakakapagod din yung clean-up, buti na lang Malyn was there to help out. hmmm... next kwento, NEW YEAR naman.

15 December 2006

Belated Pictures

I have finished my decorating our house for Christmas as early as November 3 but for various reasons, I have yet to post a picture of what I did, but better late than never so... here it is!

13 December 2006

Happy Birthday Mommy!

The second of seven children of Eleuterio and Rosario Peñafuerte, Adelaida grew up in a happy home. Her father, fondly called Amang Terio, being a war veteran was strict but generous and her mother, Inang Chayong was nurturing and industrious. Although theirs weren’t a rich family, Dely as well as her siblings were able to finish their studies. She became a teacher at age 20 and was able to teach both in private and public schools. Dely became a wife at age 26 and a mother at 27. Currently still an educator for a public elementary school, she could best be described as hard-working. But her good points don’t end there… she is also God-fearing, intelligent, dedicated, loving, patient and extremely kind. (Hey, what else can I say…my siblings and I are planning to build a fan club! Hehehe!)

Happy, happy 59th Birthday Mommy! I love you so much… I can only pray that I could be half as good a person as you. And I hope we were able to make your birthday special yesterday.

Her morning was spent with me at PRC renewing her license and me getting mine (Yey! One more change of name accomplished! 4 more to go…) and then since we were finished early, we went to SM Manila and had lunch at Wendy’s Restaurant because she just loves the bacon mushroom melt there and then we went shoe hunting. Unfortunately she didn’t see anything that struck her fancy so she ended up accompanying me at Kamiseta where I bought this cutsey white blouse and then I finally found the movie I was looking for at Astrovision (Yey! Another accomplishment for me! Hehehe, babaw ko talaga! BTW Thanks to Tin and Miriam from N@W who advised me where I could find “It’s a Wonderful Life”). We were home by around 3pm and ate merienda from Chowking (which my Dad bought) and then at around 5pm I started cooking carbonara. My sister, Lynne came at around 6pm with a coffee crunch cake from red ribbon and Charlie came at around 7pm with two lemon-grass and honey flavored roasted chickens. Our family shared this simple meal while exchanging sari-saring kwento. Hmmmm….I probably gained another pound or two but still… I can’t wait till our next get-together!

11 December 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays

They say disasters come in threes… So I’m still waiting for the third disaster of the day L. Actually, the misfortunes started really early at around 5:30 this morning when we woke up and found out that there was a leak in our roof near the stairs landing. We had to mop the floors really early which of course was a big hassle because Charlie was supposed to leave for work earlier today since he wouldn’t be able to use his motorcycle due to the rains. And then maybe because we were in a rush or whatever, when Charlie left for work I found out that he accidentally locked our bedroom door and of course my key was inside my bag which was inside the room! I now know that I could not be a burglar even if my life depended on it because I could not, for the life of me, open the damn door! I’ve tried everything, from different keys, to nail file, to kitchen knives but still the lock would not budge! Good thing some of my clothes were stored the other bedroom so I was able to dress for work but it was already 9am (my supposed official time in at work) and our landlady was nowhere to be found for the duplicate key so I had to go to work minus powder and lipstick, minus a bag and of course, minus my wallet. Buti na lang the 50 peso change from the drinking water delivery was still near the phone in the living room para may pamasahe naman ang lola mo! Haay! Ano pa kayang kamalasan ang aabutin ko today?

03 December 2006

Long, Busy Weekend

Thursday (Nov. 30)

I did not go to work, instead I went with Malyn (Charlie's cousin) to Zapote where we ordered bamboo blinds that we would line our cement fence with and a couple of cypress plants. I'm really focusing on making a small "garden" in front of our apartment before the holidays since most of our "parties" would be held outside. Then we went to Makro-Las Piñas to buy a couple of single sofa beds for guests who would sleepover. But when Charlie texted that they were dismissed early from work and decided to follow us at Makro, the sofa bed idea got junked and instead we bought a new mattress for our bed so the old one could be used by guests. Then my uncle Andrew (but we call him Tito Boy) texted us that he would also go to Makro so we met up there then our group convoyed back to our apartment, ate late lunch (it was already around 2pm) then used Tito Boy's car to go gift shopping at Alabang Town Center. We were not able to buy any gifts though since the Tiangge at the middle isn't complete yet instead, Charlie and Tito Boy ended up buying shirts that were on sale at Olympic Village. When we got home, my youngest sister Mae was already there (for her weekend sleepover) with Malyn. I cooked beef with broccoli and all five of us had dinner before Tito Boy went home.

Friday (Dec. 1)

Since it was a holiday, Charlie wanted us to go out (basically because our noisy neighbors were at their noisiest again) so we went to SM Southmall with Mae & Malyn. I was able to buy gifts for my some of my inaanak as well as several plant pots and a new cutlery set. Charlie insisted that I buy my Christmas gift to him already so I bought him a pair of rubber shoes. I also bought a cute red bag for Mae and other trinkets at Egg.

Saturday (Dec. 2)

I woke up a bit later than usual, I was feeling pretty tired plus I think I ate something that upset my stomach because I was nauseous for a while. Mae and Malyn were already up so I had to quickly prepare breakfast for them (pancakes, fried eggs & bacon) and fix Charlie's baon for work. The bamboo blinds that I ordered were delivered after lunch but we couldnt install it right away because it was so hot outside. We just lazed around inside the house and watched DVDs. It was already around 4pm when my dad arrived to pick up Mae but before they went home, he helped me install the bamboo blinds and the kitchen utensils holder above the sink. I was replanting the last couple of plants when Charlie arrived with his co-worker Bong to place a "stand" for our refrigerator.

Sunday (Dec. 3)

It was laundry day for me since I was not able to do the laundry yesterday. I was feeling tired and irritable by lunch time that Charlie asked me if we could go out again. I was trying to refuse and was telling him that I wanted to just sleep the rest of the day but he was so insistent that we ended up going to SM Sucat. It was there that I found out that I was going to get my Christmas present early too. He bought me a 21" Sanyo Flat Screen TV for our room. Hehehe! I was bugging him about a TV for our room for several months already but he said that we didn't really need it since we already have a TV downstairs. And just when I was already giving up on the idea, my wonderful husband buys me the TV! Thanks honey! I love you!

So that's that! Tomorrow's another work day... haaaay! Sana weekend na ulit!

10 November 2006


Here's the picture we took last Holloween that I wasn't able to post previously...

As of the moment I would like to extend my apologies for the lack of updates for quite a long time and for not e-mailing those I'm supposed to. Maybe my blog will be more active now that I have access to the net again.... MAYBE!

Anyways, for additional kwento:

Baby Things
My cousin sent me the sketchers rubber shoes (which are so cute since it's so small it fits in Charlie's Palm) and multi colored baby blankets and a burp cloth. I almost cried when I got them because I know it would be a long time before we would be able to use them... but enough of that, I just don't want to dwell on the sad thoughts anymore. Anyway I have a lot of people praying for me I could form a prayer brigade... besides Charlie and I are enjoying each others' company and taking in life one day at a time.

08 November 2006

Paliwanag, and all that!

What's new?! I just came from a long, tiring and boring "blog-update-less" existence and I cannot begin to describe or explain the things that happened to me while I was not able to get access to my own blog...

First, I couldn't go online at home anymore because I have discarded my antique PC and have yet to purchase a new one, second our internet connection at the office has been non-existent since "Milenyo" (but obviously is now restored since I am able to write this post today, hehehe!) and then even if there was a connection here I wouldn't have been able to write one because I was on sick leave for 10 days! I got the worse luck last month, whew! Buti na lang November na, baka my luck has changed already. Anyway, here's bits and pieces of kwento on the past happenings....

Melfender meets Melfender

My favorite cousin Mel-mel visited me a weeks ago and we spent the afternoon together. She kept on making kwento in her slightly "bulol" way and I kept laughing at her mixed up stories. I took the picture above... I kept saying Wow! Magkamukha kayo ng deco-doll namin! So I named the doll "Fendi" (one of our pet names for Melfender)


One time, Charlie picked me up from work and when we saw what the other was wearing we laughed out loud... we were wearing the same color shirts! Hehehe, it was totally by accident because he wasn't wearing that shirt when he went to work but had to change because he spilled something on what he was wearing and the only shirt he had left in his locker was the same color as what I wore to work that day.... we took several pictures to commemmorate the event, hehehe! Babaw namin no?


My sisters spent several days with me during their semestral break from school and we ended our fun "vacation" time by fooling around during holloween. (picture to follow since I have to get home already and have not yet uploaded the pics)

10 October 2006

Mid-week Update

First of all, let me just say that it's good to be back... back to blogging I mean. I don't have a computer at home anymore because my trusty PC turned out not so Trusty anymore so it had to be hauled out of the house and into the computer museum (hehehe! I've had it since... hey, I can't even remember when!) Then our internet connection at the office is still non-existent (the antenna thingie as misaligned during the storm and no one has showed up yet to fix it) so now I am here at my parents' house so I could check my e-mail and sneak in a post or two while helping my sister with her school project.

Parlor Day

To take my mind off the the procedure that I was about to go through, I went to the Salon with my sisters... They had their hair cut and hair spa, while I had a foot spa and pedicure. Major sister bonding kasi afterwards, we ate at McDonald's and then super kwentuhan pa.


Hey, it's quite a mouthful to say that word but it's even harder to experience the procedure. First of all, boy was it painful! Grabe! You don't even know how to react pag nandun na... But I don't want to recall the sordid details of the procedure itself but the good result... My fallopian tubes aren't blocked so by Sunday this week, my doctor would be giving me new medications for to help us conceive. Yey!

Mall of Asia

Ok, so I was in pain and all but that didn't stop me from visiting this much talked about humongous mall. I didn't have the fortitude to make the rounds of the whole establishment but from what I saw, I would definitely come back for more, hehehe! Shopping galore for sure! I will have to choose a time when certain parts of my body aren't aching from a very recent procedure!

Could I be more in-love?

Yesterday, I stayed home all day and only got up from Bed for trips to the toilet... I still had aftershocks from the procedure... Actually major cramps... maybe because I didn't have medications anymore for the pain? Anyway, I felt crummy all day and when Charlie got home from work, he found me in bed, un-bathed, hair all messed up and the last time I brushed my teeth was that morning pa! yuck! Anyway, he was about to kiss me the usual "honey, i'm home" kiss but I refused, saying that I felt yucky, nakakahiya magpa-kiss (hehehe!) but charlie stood up and then out of the blue sang:

You’re my piece of mind, in this crazy world You’re every thing I've tried to find Your love is a pearl You’re my Mona Lisa You’re my rainbow skies And my only prayer is that you realize You'll always be beautiful in my eyes...
The world will turn And the seasons will change And all the lessons we will learn Will be beautiful and strange We'll have our fell of tears Our share of sight My only prayer is that you realize You'll always be beautiful in my eyes...
You will always be beautiful in my eyes And the passing is the show That you will always grow Ever more beautiful in my eyes
And there are lines upon my face From a life time of smiles When the time comes to embrace For one long last wine We can laugh about how time really flies We won’t say goodbye ‘Cause true love never dies You'll always be beautiful in my eyes...
You will always be beautiful in my eyes And the passing is the show That you will always grow Ever more beautiful in my eyes
The passing is the show That you will always grow Ever more beautiful in my eyes...

...melted my heart right then and there...

(there were supposed to be pictures with this post but it seems something is wrong with I don't know what... natatapos mag-upload and I click the "done" button pero walang picture na lumalabas! well, I guess I would have to wait a different day to do that!)

01 October 2006

After the Storm

Milenyo... wow! quite a storm there, I was even able to capture videos of roofs flying! And not to mention the two whole days without electricity! Anyways, after the storm comes another storm... not another weather disturbance but an internal turmoil that I am feeling... I have to undergo another lab exam on Saturday... hysterosalpingography. Boy am I nervous... but I have to be brave. My husband is as supportive as ever (and I really appreciate that specially now since this test is kinda expensive.) So to everyone, just keep on praying for us... I was supposed to make more kwento and post something longer kaya lang may dumating akong visitor... next time na lang...

26 September 2006

The Verdict

I feel so helpless. I just got back from the OB and she confirmed that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). When we (Charlie and I) first came to my current OB’s clinic she already explained to me the possible reasons why I have an irregular menstruation and one of the reasons she sited was PCOS so even before I went for my TVS I already googled PCOS and found out a lot about it. So when the doctor said it was what was found out in my TVS, I was dumbfounded. I wasn’t even able to say anything when the doctor gave me my new medication and asked if I had any questions. It was so surreal. All the while I was under the misconception that the only reason why my monthly period wasn’t so monthly was because of the medications I was taking for my Asthma (which was probably true for some cases according to the Endocrinologist I consulted before). Granted that I wasn’t asked to undergo TVS before but I would have gone through it had my former OB requested me to. Former OB said it was just that my hormones weren’t in their normal levels because of my Asthma medicines. So before I even got married (around 8 or so months) I asked my Doctor (Pulmonologist) if could stop taking my maintenance meds for Asthma and when he gave me the thumbs up, I gradually stopped taking them and just took extra care not to get allergies again. Fortunately I have not had any major attacks for the past 16 months. I was thinking, hey, I could do this, I am doing this so I would have a better chance of having a baby. So when my current OB (I only switched OBs because I want one nearer to our house now) gave me “the verdict” I was super disappointed. Even my own research indicated that it would not be as easy to conceive when you have PCOS and that there is still no specific cure, only medications that might help.

I am still optimistic. I have not lost hope though… I will take the medications religiously, will do as I was told. I will be the epitome of an ideal patient – obedient and trusting. I will continue to pray. I will enjoy my time with my husband. I will relax and let things be. I will do all these because I don’t want pressure nor stress to factor in on the already complicated situation I am in.

20 September 2006

Visiting the In-Laws

Yesterday, I went on Leave from work to have my TVS (ultrasound). I went to USTH at around 9 in the morning and finished the ultrasound at around 11:30 am. Since I was in the vicinity of my Brother-in-law's house where my Parents-in-law are currently staying (while Tata, my father-in-law is undergoing therapy), I decided to pay them a visit. It's good to see that Tata's condition is improving (albeit slowly... but at least surely). Nana (my mother-in-law) and I exchanged kwentos for a while (medyo hirap magtagalog si Nana, she mainly speaks in Ilocano and the occassional English). She told me that they're going to stay here in manila until January next year so they'll be experiencing their first Manila Christmas. I'm looking forward to this year's christmas also (more so than the past ones) because it's my first as Charlie's wife.

Note to self: Buy Tata some ready to eat (storable) merienda and Nana a couple of house dresses.

18 September 2006

Feeling Lucky

I know I've always been fortunate when it comes to the people who love and take care of me... My parents for example have almost always given me everything I needed or wanted, even my grandparents, aunts and uncles have always given priority to my requests or "lambing". But the most recent person who has given me such attention is Charlie...

Lately, I realize that I am truly lucky to have been able to find someone like him... I may not always appreciate the things that he does for me, I may even get irritated with his shortcomings sometimes but it all boils down to one thing... and that is HE LOVES ME! and I in return love him too... with everything that I have experienced lately, all the lab tests and whatnot, I want him to know that I may not be the most demonstrative person but my love for him increases everyday. As we both discover little (or big) things about each other, I will continue to appreciate him for what he is and most especially for his patience with me and his understanding of a novice wife.

Having said that... here goes another kwento:

Yesterday, I had another appointment with my OB. Charlie, my ever-loving husband went with me (the Doctor only asked me to bring my hubby's CBC and urinalysis but not necessarily bring the hubby also, but Charlie insisted that he come with me). Feeling elated that Charlie wanted to come, I cooked his favorite breakfast: Fried rice, danggit and sunny-side ups.

and so after the hearty breakfast, we finished several chores at the house first before walking to the hospital (yes, we are fortunate enough to get a house within walking distance from a hospital, a church and a wet market). When we got there, Charlie was the only man there but if he felt uncomfortable he didn't show any indications that he was. During the consultation with the doctor, he was super-interested with what the Doctor was saying, he even asked a couple of questions and answered the Doctor's queries without qualms. He even offered to have a semen analysis but the Doctor said that she wants to concentrate first on the well-being of my reproductive organ since most likely, my hormones are still adjusting to the stoppage of my steroid intake (due to Asthma). Besides, my menstrual cycle has always been out of whack, so... Anyways, this morning I had another set of Blood chem (FBS, GOLDT2, Prolactin, T3, T4 & TSH) and tomorrow morning I have to undergo Transvaginal Ultrasound. Good thing, I was able to come to work today kasi tomorrow, medyo malabo kasi I don't know what time matapos yung ultrasound sa UST plus slightly malayo na from work yun kaya baka di na lang ako pasok. Haaaay! Sana everything turns out ok...

15 September 2006

Waiting in Vain

I guess it was just not our time... the pregnancy test turned out negative, the doctor ordered for me to undergo another set of lab tests, I got my cbc and urinalysis results yesterday, my OB would just have to read it on Sunday (September 17) together with Charlie's. Of course I was disappointed, I really was hoping that we'll have our little angel soon but I guess we just have to wait a little more... Like they say, the best things are worth waiting for naman. What's good about all this is that my hubby as supportive as can be. He's not making any noise about the fact that my OB wants his lab tests done also, nor is he complaining about going with me to the OB on Sunday. Even though I had one of my silent tantrums last night he just hugged me until I fell asleep.... I just love this man, he's so adorably patient and supportive of me that I can't stay in a bad mood. He keeps uplifting my spirits and always says the right words at the right time... I love you honey, sana di ka magbago, at higit sa lahat sana di maubos ang pasensya mo sa makulit at sumpungin mong asawa!
To all of those who are praying for us to have a baby soon, just keep on praying for us... Thank you sa lahat ng concern at advice. I promise I will always keep you posted.

12 September 2006


I had quite a busy week so I didn't really have the time to post anything so here goes a summary of several events that happened:

September 7 - CHARLIE's Birthday!

There was no big celebration or anything, in fact we both had to work that day so we just had dinner at home. The night before I patiently awaited for midnight to come so I could be the first to greet him... Of course he fell asleep way before 12 but I kissed him anyway and whispered "Happy Birthday honey" and he partially opened his eyes, kissed me back and said "Talagang happy ang birthday ko hon, kasi magkasama na tayo e". Yun lang, no biggie but my heart melted anyway... hehehe! Love You Honey!

September 9 - Sleep-Over

My sisters and I are very close, and when I still lived with them at my parents house we usually spend the weekend lazing in our room watching movie after while munching an assortment of junk food. I guess we all miss doing that so they decided to visit me and sleep over so we could do that again. We watched several DVDs and was able to finish a whole season of Gilmore Girls (also on DVD) and was able to consume quite a number of Cheese Clubs, Piatos, etc. I missed doing things for them so I tried to make it up by cooking pancakes for breakfast the next day and then for lunch I cooked Mae's (my baby sister and Maid-of-Honor) favorite Chicken Curry!

September 10 - OB Appointment (CANCELLED)

I often dread going to the doctor and this appointment I guess was extra hard for me to go to since I have had 2 false alarms before when I thought I was pregnant but was mistaken... But this time, the Doctor was the one who cancelled on me... Hehehe! She had to perform an emergency CS so my appointment was postponed for September 12 (TODAY!)

September 12 - OB Appointment

I have to leave work early today... well, not early actually... just earlier than usual for my Doctor's appointment at 5pm. Hmmm.... sana I would have something exciting to post tomorrow about it!

04 September 2006

Bits and Pieces

Over the weekend, I went through a roller coaster of emotions...

Let me get over the "nakakainis" part first... Ok so we live in an apartment, so obviously may kadikit yung house namin. There are four units in this apartment building and we all share one gate. My hubby and I live in apartment B, the second unit from the gate. Originally we were looking at Apartment A kaya lang Charlie and I decided not to get it na lang because It was bigger than the three other units (which naturally makes it cost more), and since there would be just the two of us (Charlie's cousin is just temporarily staying with us while undergoing training for work and would probably move out by November) it would be impractical if we got a big place. Besides, we didn't want the house nearest to the gate because we knew we would always be bothered with the comings and goings of tricycles, vendors and the like. So anyway, For about a month and a half now, apartment A is being occupied a family of 5 (a couple a bit older than me and charlie, and their three kids - all boys, with ages ranging from 5-10). Now I know boys can be a bit boisterous but hey, I have cousins and nephews too but let me tell you... even my most hyperactive nephew gets tired and stays quiet once in a while but these boys... they're like the energizer bunny! Times three! But I still keep my cool, whenever they get too loud or their mom's incessant yelling asking her kids to stop whatever it is they are up to for the moment gets on my nerves, I just go to my room and count to ten then read a book or do anything to take my mind off the noise. But last Saturday, it got worse! Way Worse! I think they were having a celebration of some kind because they had a lot of visitors so at first i didn't really mind the noise they were creating with their loud "kwentuhan" and even louder music. I went about my usual Saturday chores like cleaning the house and doing the laundry. While I was hanging the last pieces of clothes I have just washed, I noticed that there was smoke coming from our neighbor’s area so I followed the direction where the smoke was coming from and there, in front of their house I saw one of those charcoal-powered stoves. Now I cannot, for the life of me, understand why they would place such a contraption there when there is a bigger space on the side of their unit, nearer the gate, when they know I was doing the laundry and their smoke-producing stove would of course generate smoke going towards the direction of the other three units. But still, I didn’t say anything and just went about my business of hanging the newly-washed clothes. I took out two of our electric fans and pointed it in such a way that the smoke would be “shooed” away from my laundry. Then as I was about to go on an afternoon siesta (this was around 3pm already) after doing other household chores… they started their videoke session! Talk about bad timing! So anyway, I still didn’t want to play the “kontrabida” to whatever it is that they’re celebrating so I just closed my windows and doors and attempted to sleep (to no avail). Their noise barrage lasted until around 10pm that night. The next morning, Sunday, Charlie and I got a “rude awakening” so to speak. I guess their visitors slept over because there were still quite a number of people there, and they were watching this war movie at seven in the morning! In full volume! With matching reactions from the audience! I mean, gosh! I thought a bomb went off or something! So hubby and I had no choice but wake up early (we usually sleep in until 10am on Sundays and go to church in the evening) and get out of the house ASAP! We spent the day at the mall, just window shopping and trying out new food joints (we went to three different restaurants! Nakakagutom pala mag-mall ng walang binibili, hehehe!). When we finally came home at around 9pm that night, I guess our noisy neighbors ran out of steam (at last!) and stayed quiet the rest of the night.

Now the good part… What I really liked about what happened was that Charlie and I got to go on a “date” again. And what’s more it got us talking about buying a house of our own (far from our noisy, insensitive neighbors). We even talked to a real estate agent that same Sunday afternoon (we found one at the mall) and scheduled a tripping for next weekend. I’m so excited! We are making the first step to owning our own home! I know hindi naman agad-agad kami makakalipat but just the thought makes me giddy!

Anyways, ang haba na pala ng post na ito… saka na lang ulit yung ibang kwento. Back to work muna ako!

01 September 2006

Nurse for a Day

I wasn't able to go to work yesterday because I had to play nurse to Charlie who had the 24-hour bug (I think!) Kasi ba naman pag-uwi niya ng wednesday ng gabi nilalagnat na tapos Thursday morning, when I turned off the alarm and was about to wake him up super init na niya so I got the thermometer and when I took his tempreture grabe 40.3... Nataranta tuloy ako, I immediately went to the kitchen and boiled water tapos I gave him a sponge bath. Nagpoprotesta pa nga si hubby, sabi nya ok lang daw siya... papasok pa daw sa work?! Kaloka... Anyways, I convinced him not to go to work anymore kasi hindi na nga niya mamulat yung mata niya saka his face was red na (parang face niya pag nakainom ng madami). So yun nga, I texted my officemate na hindi ako papasok kasi I have to take care of Charlie.

Buti na lang I decided not to go to work kasi baka hindi na kumain ng lunch at uminom ng gamot yung pasyente ko... Slightly matigas ang ulo ng lolo mo, parang 4 years old ang drama niya kahapon. Inimagine ko tuloy kung ga'no kakulit ang magiging mga chikiting namin kung mana sa kanya (hehehe! E pano kung mana sa akin? E di mataray!). Thank God na nag-subside na yung fever niya nung bandang hapon (i-sponge bath mo ba naman with warm water and alcohol every four hours e...) tapos medyo magana na siya kumain nung dinner at pareho na kami nakapasok today! Ay grabe, 1 day lang mag-absent tambak agad ang work ko! Pero ok lang, at least ok na si hubby.

Oh! and one more good news... na-repair na yung landline namin sa apartment! Finally! Sus, kailangan pala, i-follow up mo every other day for two weeks bago ka puntahan ng repairman ng PLDT! Anyways, buti na lang gawa na ang phone namin para pwede ulit makipagchikahan sa mga sisters ko at kay Mommy kahit every night. Hay naku... hanggang dito na lang muna ang kwento ko kasi I still have to finish a couple of reports before going home.

29 August 2006

Back to the Saltmines

I know some people might think it’s mediocre or just plain tedious to go through the everyday routines of a working housewife but please indulge a recently married woman like me…
It may be of no great deal to a long time working housewife who has been through a lot already and has endured so much more than I have but for me, the novelty of having to take care of my husband as well as going through my usual hectic day at work hasn’t worn off yet. I mean, just think about it…

Before, when I wake up in the morning, breakfast is already waiting and the only dilemma I face before going to work is what clothes I would wear that day.

Now, I have to wake up earlier than usual (much earlier!) and see that my husband would at least get to drink his morning caffeine dose before seeing him off to work. (By the way, I love the fact that he always wants me to see him off at the gate and smile while saying “goodbye, I love you and take care”.) And then after work I have to prepare dinner for both of us. Not to mention the weekend chores like doing the laundry, ironing the clothes and going grocery shopping. But don’t think that I am complaining… I am very happy… Happy that I am now Mrs. Yadao (I can’t help but smile everytime someone calls me that… It still makes me “kilig”). Happy that I fall asleep with my husband whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Happy that even though my hubby is the one who sets the alarm for 5am, I’m the one who turns it off and wake him up. But most of all, I am very very happy knowing that although we are not that blessed yet… that someday (my OB-Gyne said everything’s normal) we would be blessed with a baby (or two)…

Anyways, nawala na yata yung train of thought ko... What I'm saying is:

However hard or easy the routines I go through everyday, and even though I sometimes dread going to work on Mondays because I feel like I have not fully enjoyed the weekend yet... I appreciate the fact that I am now a wife, albeit busy, but a wife nonetheless

Ay basta, I'm sure nage-gets na ako nung mga recently married! For now, it's back to work for me muna...

25 August 2006

Thank God It's Friday!

What another busy week this has been! This past few months made me appreciate my Mom even more… I mean to think that Charlie & I have only been married for four months and we don’t have a baby yet, makes me wonder how my mom managed to balance her career and taking care of all five of us kids plus my Dad. The mere thought of what kind of sacrifices she had to do for us and how tired she must have been doing what she does makes me admire her for her patience and endurance. Love you Mom! I can only pray and try my best to be half the Mom and wife you are.

Ok, so it’s Friday and I’m thinking of the chores I have to accomplish around the house this weekend…. Let’s see…. Saturday mornings I usually spend doing the Laundry (Thank God for Malyn, Charlie’s cousin who is temporarily staying with us while training to be a Nurse Aide at UST, that I have someone to help me do the laundry) then after lunch I usually go grocery shopping or go to the market to buy a week’s supply of Food and toiletries. I am constantly thinking of new viands to cook since I get tired of cooking and eating the same stuff over and over… hmmm…. Good thing my hubby heartily eats whatever I serve him! (Hehehe, as if he has a choice!) Maybe I should defrost the refrigerator first before I go to the market…. Whatever! If doing the laundry doesn’t tire me out then maybe… Sunday… after going to church maybe Charlie and I will visit his Parents who are currently staying at his brother’s house after his father got hospitalized due to a mild stroke. Hmmm…. I hope Charlie doesn’t get too tired at work to go out on Sunday. Sometimes I pity him for having to go on a long commute everyday, morning and night (We now live in Las Piñas and he works at UST in España, Manila). That’s why although I don’t exactly approve of him buying a motorcycle, I had to give in if that could ease his travel woes a bit. He now owns a yellow XRM…. The motorcyle he’s been harping on and on about eversince we came back from Ilocos and went back to work after our honeymoon. I’m still getting used to the thought of him riding that motorbike through the congested streets of Manila, Pasay and Parañaque twice a day and trying not to worry…

Anyway, now I have to end this post because I have a million things to do and I’m getting tired just thinking about them!

20 August 2006

Turning 32

Wow, how time flies… It seems just like yesterday when my Dad and I danced on my debut and now as some would say “Wala na ako sa kalendaryo”! Well, I can’t say that the years were wasted, since my 18th birthday a lot has happened, I graduated from college, I have bummed out for almost a year at home after that, I have worked in several companies before doing what I do now, I have had my heart broken, and of course the recent development… as most of my friends (both in real life and in the blogging world) know… I found the man that made me say “I do” and made me his wife!

So now, I am 32. This day got me completely exhausted. After going to the church, Malyn and I went to the grocery to buy supplies for the small get-together and then went on home to prepare right away. Mind you I just cooked spaghetti and chicken lollipops but it sure tired me out. My family came at around 3pm (amidst the heavy rains) and we immediately proceeded to wipe out the food I prepared. They brought my absolute favorite cake “Coffee Crunch” from Red Ribbon which of course made my day, and my husband who had to go to work on overtime came at around 6pm to do the cleanup so I could rest early. All in all, it was a very happy day and I would endure the tiring preparations over and over just so I could be with the people I love! Besides, It’s a holiday tomorrow and my hubby and I get to sleep in until noon!

10 August 2006

Our Home

We have yet to purchase our very own house but as of the moment, this small apartment is our home…

01 August 2006

More Photos

Thank you Alynn for visiting my blog (even though I, myself don't get to visit it as often as I want to nowadays)... As for the request for more pictures, you can just follow this link and click on the wedding albums there...

Heidi's Albums

Maybe I would have more time to update my blog in the near future.... (hah!)

05 June 2006

Wedding Bliss

As the saying goes... "better late than never"... so here are some of of wedding memories captured in photos