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28 January 2008

24 January 2008

Traffic Tag

I got this tag yesterday from Thet... and I'm posting it today? Wow! This is an all time high record for me... The fastest I have ever responded to a tag, Yeepee! hehehe! Anyways, here goes...

I have randomly selected 7 of you below to be tagged and I hope that you will similarly publish this post in your blog. You will have to tag 7 other bloggers and just keep adding on to the list. (Do not replace, just keep on adding! Yes we hope it will be a long list!)

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And now, I am tagging Toni, Juliana, Meng, Mec, Anne, Che and Mhay

22 January 2008

Busy Bee

The past week or so has been really crazy making it quite impossible for me to update my blog... anyways, hopefully I would be able to go online more this week.

As for the "why, the long absence?" this is what has been going on:

Last week, Charlie got sick, maybe he got infected with the virus that infected me a couple of weeks back... anyways, he went on sick leave for two days and although I was still going to work during the days that he was at home and sick, I, of course didn't have time to go online because the free time that I get, I use to check up on hubby who was suffering from continuous high fever and severe headache as well as a runny nose. After a lot of TLC, he was able to go back to work after a couple of days. But the crazy week has only started for me... first I had to transfer more than a couple of thousand files from the old filing cabinets that they were housed to the new tambor cabinets that were delivered to my office... whew! talk about a lot of work! Plus I had to check that each file/folder contains the necessary papers... As in! Major work load! Good thing I am just in the last few drawers and this task would be over soon...

06 January 2008

Under Construction

To everyone who has been here before, I'm guessing you have noticed the "new look" to my blog... please bare with me as I am still "tweaking" the details of this new skin so there would still be improvements as to the look and navigation of the blog... gosh, I forgot how hard it is to start over! Anyways, there's one good thing that came out of this... I now have a link to my wedding blog which I forgot about already... but I would be uploading other stuff there like parts of the wedding video and AVP (got inspired by Thet's AVP upload...) because I now know how to do it...

So expect more changes here and updates on the wedding blog that I should have done long ago!

04 January 2008


I have made and uploaded my first two blinkies yesterday! Yey! The first one is the "I love Digiscraping" blinkie found in the addicting hobbies part of this blog and the other one is the "Thank You for visiting Winged Words" blinkie which I placed in the welcome guests box... hopefully I can make more as time goes by... maybe even more complicated ones... as for now, my current project is the changing of my blog template... I know, I know, I just changed it several months ago, but it's the new year and I want something new... maybe tomorrow, I'll be done with it already... haay! being cooped up in the house can get you tinkering on a lot of things talaga! Like last night I started creating a scrapbook (not a digital one but a real scrapbook on what our house looks like now and what I would want our house (the one that we bought in cavite -- strike that -- loaned pala!) to look like. I literally cut out pictures in magazines and pasted it on the scrapbook. Also I found this old, paint palette we were given when we once went to a builders' exhibit and ripped out the paint colors that I liked and stuck it to the scrapbook! My husband commented on me being overly excited about it when we don't even know when we would be given the "thumbs up" to start the renovations... I just smiled at him and said "better be ready, than be caught without plans"... the truth is, I really am excited, I mean, finally I would be able to do the things I want as to the paint color and placement of built in cabinets and installation of display cabinets in the kitchen and stuff...

Maybe I'm just bored... But at least me creative juices are still flowing even with this blasted allergies! Whatever, anyways... people, watch out for the changes that are coming to the look of this blog!

(Ooops! I just realized I was just going to post about the blinkies and I got carried away again... anyway... I'd like to credit the Denim Page Kit by happy-scrap for the paper, elements and other stuff I put on both the blinkies.)

03 January 2008

Funny First Dance

I Don't know if I am the only one who has not seen this because it has been circulating around the web for a long time now (so I've heard) but I just can't help but post this here because it's so funny... - Watch more free videos

For those who has not seen it before this... it really is good for a laugh isn't it? I wish we'd thought about doing it during our wedding!

02 January 2008

Welcome 2008!


Here I am, suffering from an asthma attack, yet I cannot help myself but post this before the moment passes me by... Charlie and I just watched fireworks of our neighbors at the stroke of midnight and then shared a simple media noche before finally retiring to bed at around 2am... after a couple of drinks and greetings with our neighbors. It was quite a simple and quiet celebration (compared to what I'm used to) but it was quite meaningful... it was just the two of us... hopeful that maybe next year, there would be an addition to our family already.

Credits: Happiness Page Kit by Helly Creations; Fireworks embellishments by Dumb Bum Designs; Heart Tag by Ana Mara

01 January 2008

In The Eyes of Children

We often hear that Christmas is for children... I guess it really is, because when you look in the eyes of children during Christmas, you can truly feel the joy of the season. Here are a couple of pictures I took of Charlie's godson Enzo after he received his gift and of Kate, my goddaughter.

Credits: Tubeframes by Divas Playground