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16 February 2005

Valentines 2005

On Valentine's Day (February 14, 2005), the day started out like a typical Monday workday… hectic and chaotic! (You know as the song goes… “just another manic Monday…”) And although most of my officemates were asking if Charlie and I had a date, I kept saying that we don’t… well, because that’s what I thought! We were talking just last Saturday and he asked e if I wanted a romantic candle-lit dinner date but I told him that although I like all that mushy stuff, we really don’t need to do it on Valentines day when restaurants would be teeming with couples wanting to celebrate the day. So I thought the “Happy Valentines honey” text I got that morning and the usual lunch time phone call was all the celebration we were going to get… but… lo! and behold! At exactly 5:30pm, he appeared at my office door to pick me up from work (with a single long stemmed rose in hand) and then we went to church to hear mass. Then had dinner at KFC. Yeah! I know, it’s not the most romantic of venues but, who cares?! I love surprises! I love my honey!

05 February 2005


I fell in love with this bouquet... I have aso seen flowers for the entourage party that I would like to have mine to have but I still have not finalized negotiations with any florist yet... But definitely whatever flowers we get for the rest of the entourage, my one requirement is that I would carry tulips for my bridal bouquet.