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26 April 2008

2 years and counting

Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary... It's hard to believe that it was been 2 years already since I walked down the isle towards the person with whom I would spend the rest of my life with... 2 years since we said "I do"... Yes, there were rough times but it only makes the good times even better! To you my darling husband, I thank you for being patient with me all the time, for being considerate, for being the stable, sane one when I choose to be crazy and unpredictable, for being insane and fearless when I choose to be analytical and cautious but most of all, for loving me even at my worst. We may not have been fortunate enough to welcome our little angel just yet but I know that when we do - get the chance to become parents - you will ace every single test and be a great father! I love you even more for patiently waiting with me and for not losing hope... I know it's tough celebrating now that we are apart (hubby's in a company teambuilding seminar in Puerto Galera from the 25th till the 27th of this month) but nevertheless, please know that you are always in my heart however far apart we are. Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary honey! I look forward to celebrating more anniversaries with you for years to come! I love you very much!
Credit: Boy Meets Girl Quickpage by Beckie Wallace


Maeyo said...

That is so shweet. Happy Anniversary to you two! I wish you many many more to come.

You know when we were also trying to conceive while every one else around us were already expecting and I was in my lowest, I wrote this post.

I hope somehow it can give you some comfort. As I know all too well what it's like. Hugz sis.

The perfect time will come.

Beckie said...

Happy Anniversary!! Hope you had a wonderful day :) LOVE what you did with the quickpage too!