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21 April 2008

Let Me Explain...

I have not been able to blog or even just go online to check my e-mail for the last couple of days because Charlie and I became parents for the weekend (for the second time). This time, it was just the two of us who had to take care of baby Marianne because my sister was not with us to help. It was quite tiring but really gratifying to be able to take care of such an adorable bundle of joy. We picked Marianne (who hubby now calls "princess" and sometimes "baby namin") from my parents' place at around 4pm last Saturday and took her home for us to take care of for the rest of the weekend. That night, Charlie and I were both sleep deprived not because the baby was crying all the time but because we were both watching her closely. She sleeps well enough but she keeps tossing and turning (later on we found out that she's like that all the time) so we thought she was cold or someting so we put a blanket over her but she keeps taking it off so we just let her be. She woke us up (it's not like we were able to sleep deeply anyway) at around 4:30am and she was all smiles and cooing that you cannot resist playing with her right away. Hubby took her (on the stroller) for a walk around the subdivision at around 6am while I prepared breakfast and cleaned the house. And then after her bath and morning feeding she slept until lunch which was good because I was able to cook lunch before she woke up. Hubby had to fix the brakes on his motorcycle for a while so I was left with Marianne. We watched cartoons for a while, munched on a biscuit, jumped on the sofa (while holding on to me of course), crawled around the bed, had another bottle of milk and slept until 4pm. It was a good thing we finished the laundry on Saturday morning before we picked her up because we were not able to do any other chore around the house while taking care of the baby. Anyway, Charlie and I realized after my dad picked her up last night that having a baby isn't easy, specially if you don't have any help but it was doable. I had experience taking care of babies because I took care of my youngest sister and some of my other neices and nephews... Charlie on the other hand was a newbie and was quite surprised at how much attention the baby needs but all in all it was a weekend that would be on our top 10 most unforgettables and we would always be thankful to Marianne and her parents for letting us experience being parents even for just a couple of days.

here she is sleeping in the middle of our bed (around 11:30pm)

here she is waking Charlie up at 4:30am

playing with her bottle after her morning feeding

slept again after her bath

woke up energetic and happy

one more picture before dressing up to go with Aunt Mae and Daddy H.

So that's why I was not able to update this blog nor go bloghopping for the last couple of days... that's the explanation... anyway, Thank you to those who visited my blog over the weekend and I hope to be able to visit your sites too within the week.


C.A. aka "t'que" said...

ay totoo yan sis, ang mag alaga ng baby can really consume ur time but it's worth. ako before having a baby, dami kn rin naalagaang bata, pmngkin at inaanak. tindi nga ng ojt ko sa pag-aalaga ng mga babies. kya ng dumating sa amin c kulit ko nd nko masyado hirap. sanay na ako sa gulo at puyat... hehe!

Heidi said...

Sana nga dumating na din ang angel namin soon... nakapag-OJT na naman ako e! hahaha!

AiDiSan said...

Hi Heidi,

Taking care of a baby especially a toddler is not an easy task but it's something every couple is wishing to have.

I really hope God will bless you with your own bundle of joy soon.