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29 August 2007

Wish Granted?

Could this really be the long-awaited answer to our prayers? Is this really it? Would this post be filled with unanswered questions? Unfortunately, I can not be more precise than this... I still don't have the guts to make an announcement without waiting for an official confirmation. Too cryptic? I guess those who have been following my posts would have an inkling as to what I am trying not to write about... Let's wait and see... Hopefully, I could muster up enough patience to keep this under wraps for as long as I have no substantiation from the "proper authorities".

23 August 2007

Birthday Bash

Long vacation... long hours of making up at work... That's why this post is long overdue. First of all let me thank Ann for the recipe gift and for the greetings. Bear with me sis, for I have a mountain of paperwork to finish at work first before I can send you the header thingie. Anyways, since my birthday fell on a Holiday, my family and I got to enjoy a simple yet filling and memorable lunch. I cooked Beef Caldereta, Chicken Pastel, Lumpiang Shanghai and Grilled Pusit. Baby sis, Mae also prepared the ice cream with bananas and chocolate syrup because we liked it so much and Mom bought an ube macapuno roll at goldilocks... simply because it's violet! My mom will never forget na yata that my favorite color ever since I can remember is all shades of violet so even though it's not my favorite cake flavor she bought it for me. Here's several photos taken that day to commemorate the event.

Credits: Muddled Kit by Anita Designs

19 August 2007

33 Random Things

33 Things I Want to Share About Me

Since I'm turning 33 several minutes from now, I've decided to share 33 things about myself... This is not in any particular order, I just wrote them as they came to me. Bare with me, this is going to be quite a long post.

1. I'm the eldest of five children born to Adelaida and Hermilo.
2. I'm also the eldest grandchild, both on my Mother's and Father's side but I'm not in the least bit spoiled! nyahahaha, defensive!
3. I’m very sensitive towards others’ feelings as well as their reactions to me but I am not confrontational so I always process my realizations first before making a move.
4. I’m impatient. I hate waiting and I have very low tolerance for incapabilities of others and I normally tell them as non-offensive as possible but only once. After that I just do the deed myself or ask someone more capable to do it.
5. I’m a pre-med graduate and I wanted to go on to medicine proper but decided not to in the end because I had to take into consideration my four younger siblings and the toll it’s going to take on my parents having to send all of us to school.
6. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. I became a bum. I stayed at home just taking care of my youngest sister for a year or so and then the first job I had didn’t have anything to do with my course… I became a Computer Teacher for preschoolers and a courseware developer.
7. I opened my own computer shop/computer tutorials for gradeschool students at age 21 and it was doing ok but I decided to sell the computers and work as a regular employee after a couple of years because I wanted to be able to mingle with more people (hehehe, my computer shop at that time was an extension of our house so I very rarely get out of the house!)
8. I had two serious relationships before I met my husband and two short-term ones.
9. My first kiss happened when I was 16 at our JS Prom, and yes he was my first boyfriend. (one of the two short-term, nyahaha!)
10. I’m grossed out by the mere sight of a lizard, I don’t know why!
11. I am artistically-inclined, whatever that means! But that’s what my evaluator told me after our management evaluation seminar last year.
12. I am very interested in tech gadgets, I don’t necessarily buy the latest gadgets but I just like keeping tabs on what’s new, and what’s hot.
13. I met my husband through the internet. To those who have not read it yet, click here for our Love Story.
14. I like cooking, specially for family and friends. I also dabbled in baking for a while but it’s been a long time since I baked anything from scratch because I have yet to own an oven.
15. I hate doing the laundry! It’s the most tedious house chore I ever have to do and it drains the energy right out of me.
16. Reading, watching DVDs and playing computer games are what I do when my time is not occupied by work or house chores.
17. I became a voracious reader at age 8 when I would spend time at the library while waiting for my mom’s lunch break when she could walk me home. She was the principal of the school I went to during elementary.
18. One of the first books that made an impact on me was “I Wish Had Duck Feet” by Dr. Seuss (Theodore LeSeig) then I had Nancy Drew series (my mom bought me lots of it) then in highschool I had lots of Sweet Valley High and Sweet Dreams books. Now I am collecting books by Sandra Brown (aside of course from the Harry Potter Books)
19. I could sleep for hours and hours… I can’t seem to have enough sleep, specially on rainy days, I could go on sleeping the whole day. I remember in college, after a field activity in Marinduque that lasted for a week, I came home at around four in the morning, just took a quick shower and slept… I woke up around two in the afternoon for a quick trip to the bathroom and to drink a couple of glasses of water then went back to sleep and didn’t wake up until three in the morning the following day because we had another field activity in Baguio!
20. I’m a frustrated designer. I designed my bridal gown and the gowns of all of the female entourage in my wedding plus if I was given cloth as a gift, I think of a design that would best suit that textile, make a drawing and have a dressmaker make it for me.
21. Going to Palawan would be my dream vacation here in the Philippines, Singapore if in Asia but my ultimate dream getaway would be to Florence, Italy.
22. I’m a homebody.
23. I’m a couch potato.
24. I have asthma.
25. I was diagnosed with PCOS about four or five months after I got married. I’m still under medication, and is undergoing fertility treatment.
26. I got married at age 31 but my husband often tells me that he keeps forgetting that I’m older than him by almost three years because I don’t act my age…hehehe, good thing I don’t look my age too, nyahahaha!
27. I’m a hopeless shopaholic and a ditz with the credit card!
28. As a student, I excelled in most subjects except anything that has to do with Math.
29. I did an oil painting once for a humanities class and sold it for P1,800 during a fund raising activity of our school org. for an orphanage.
30. I don’t like noisy, chaotic crowds. That’s why I don’t go out much, to avoid them. I don’t even go to the mall during sales.
31. I like listening to dance music and sometimes dance when I’m all alone at the house. I’m too shy to dance in front of other people.
32. When I’m angry, I don’t talk. I avoid having conversations because I might end up saying something I will regret someday.
33. I have always kept a journal… before I used to write everything in a diary, no skipping of days, every night before I go to sleep, I write. Now I just write when I feel like writing -- which often occurs often enough.

So there, 33 things about me before I turn 33!

13 August 2007

Up and at `Em

I remember when I was in gradeschool, my uncle gave me an alarm clock because i was always hard to wake up in the mornings to prepare for school. The clock was bear-shaped and instead of the usual beeps or rings that alarm clocks make, it says "up and at `et, up and at `em" repeatedly until you press the bear's nose. I wish I still have that clock but unfortunately, i wasn't such an organized child so i don't even know what happened to it. Anyways, why am I writing about a lost clock that's a couple of decades old? Well, it's because I had a really hard time waking up today, I felt nauseous and my head was pounding. I feel like I'm going to have a fever any minute now... I'm here at work though and is trying to cope with the workload as well as feeling sick, plus I have to go to Subic tomorrow for a 3-day seminar.

12 August 2007

Going Bananas

Today, my sisters and I decided to make banana splits of sorts... we were just looking for a different kind of snack and when we looked at the contents of my refrigerator and freezer, we found a pint of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. We sliced a couple of bananas in an ice-cream dish, placed a scoop of ice cream on top and drizzled it with chocolate syrup... yummy! hay naku, extra calories gained again! Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture, it was really a delicious treat both to the palate and to the eyes.

10 August 2007

Stormed In

Hubby and I were not able to go to work last tuesday because of the heavy rains... our village was not exactly flooded but the street immediately outside the gates of our subdivision was... besides charlie was a little apprehensive about the heavy rains because the previous rainfall brought about the discovery of a leak in the roof right above our kitchen area which led us to inform our landlord and he sent a repairman right away but we were still apprehensive because this is the first time we would be able to check if the repair solved the leak problem. Anyways, while we were stormed in and watching TV, I came across a video featured at Soundtrack Channel which really hits the bullseye when it comes to the drastic weather changes that we are having nowadays...

06 August 2007

Daddy Turns 60

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Yesterday was fun and tiring for me... My dad turned 60 and I volunteered to prepare a special birthday lunch for him so our family could celebrate together. I cooked mechado, chicken fillet with mixed vegetables and quail eggs, grilled squid, lechon kawali & banana fritters with chocolate syrup. We only had few pictures because I was so tired from the preparations that I forgot about that. And right after lunch, my Dad fell asleep on the couch while we were watching CSI Supreme Sunday. They left at around three in the afternoon then Charlie and I re-arranged our plants and dog house... Whew! It was really quite a tiring but very productive weekend for me. I got to finish a lot of chores and even managed to give my dad a birthday blow-out.

daddy's birthday

Credits: Sweet and Sassy Papers and Tag by Anita Designs; Celebrate banner by Julia Van Der Werf

03 August 2007

Level Complete!

I just can't wait to brag about my newly acquired skill... I have now finished self-studying on how to use Photoshop! Yes! I have even started making elements for my digiscrap hobby. Well nothing really hard yet, just a couple of frames and several doodle flowers for a layout of an invitation I did recently. But the point is, I did it on my own. See my header? I did that using Photoshop with Anita Designs' Country Delite quickpage and elements. Before, I just use livepix to make my LOs but now I can definitely relate all the others who use PS! Also, it's much more easier to make layouts for tarpaulines and stuff.

Another cause for self-congratulation... I have recently joined the bandwagon of earning bloggers by being a PayPerPost blogger. I have yet to post something for them though because this blog has been idle for quite a long time and I have to be approved to make my first post. But there it is, I have made the first step (and also the second because I have installed PPP tools in this blog... if anyone wants to join the league of earning bloggers just scroll down and click on the appropriate box in the PayPerPost section).

I guess the business-minded side of me has been super active lately because I have also earned quite a sizable amount selling Victoria's Secret Lotions and colognes to my officemates and friends. Oh, and I have three more events lined up to make invitations, giveaways and tarpaulines for... Hopefully by December I would have earned enough to add to my current savings and be able to buy a car, nyahahaha! Previously-owned though because I am not earning by the hundred thousand just yet!

Ok, so I've over-excited myself once again and written so much more than just the quick update that I was planning to do... now it's back to work for me!

02 August 2007

Rush Hour 3

Finally, the movie that my husband and I have been waiting for for the longest time is going to be shown come August 8! Sound like the start of an ad right? But no, I'm just super excited because the last movie date my husband and I had was on our 1st wedding anniversary last April... And although we both were awaiting movies like Spiderman, Harry Potter, etc. we were not able to watch it because of our crazy schedule. Yes folks, I have yet to watch Harry Potter, huhuhu! And I most probably won't be able to watch it on the big screen and settle for waiting for it to come out on DVD! But there's no use crying over spilled milk, I will just have to look forward to a different kind of movie. Here's a funny story: Last night as hubby and I were watching the news a trailer for the movie Rush Hour 3 came on and both hubby and I said "Yes!" at the same time, we looked at each other and were grinning like crazy. Then we burst out laughing and talking at the same time, after the giggles subsided, we planned when we're going to watch the movie and where. And we were so excited we ended up dancing and chanting in a stupid sing-song "manonood kami ng sine" over and over again even while washing the dishes and preparing for bed. *LOL* We were like kids again, and all because of a trailer of Rush Hour 3!