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15 April 2008

Life As I See It!

Why do we blog? Well, a lot of people have different reasons why they blog but mostly bloggers are people who want to share their ideas, opinions and feelings to others through their blogs. One good example of a "sharing" blog is Life As I See It!. It is a blog of "a `lil of this and a `lil of that" as the author wrote... The blog features reviews of books, videos, jokes, articles, etc. It is quite a treasury of opinions and ideas on very varied matters. The author's description is really true to it's context. The Blog really is a little of everything, which when summed up piles up to a lot. So if you're looking for a good laugh, someone else's opinion about a book you might have seen and is thinking about reading or internet finds that may have slipped your browsing eyes, then a visit to Life As I See It! is just what you need. Reading through the posts will keep you entertained and informed as well.

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