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24 October 2005

Two Years Na Kami!

I still can't believe that it's been two years... It seems just yesterday when we had our first date... our first kiss... our first argument... our first make-up....

And in 6 months and 2 days we'll be husband and wife!

To my honey... Happy 2nd year anniversary! I know I may not be the easiest person to deal with... I can be super emotional about the simplest of things and I can be child-like with my reactions and actuations but, you know naman that's just my lambing.... I love you very much and I can't wait to start our life together as a married couple.

Meanwhile I want to dedicate this song to you...

When I Met You
by Jim Paredes

There I was
An empty piece of a shell
Just minding my own world
Without even knowing
What love and life is all about

Then you came
You brought me out of a shell
You gave the world to me
And before I knew it
There I was in love with you

You gave me the reason for my being
And I love what I'm feeling
You gave me a meaning to my life
Yes, I'm gone beyond existing
And it all began, when I met you...

I love the touch of your hair
And when I look in your eyes
I just know
I know I'm on to something good

And I'm sure
My love for you will endure
Your love will light up my world
And take care all my cares
Away where they can't bother me

You taught me how to love
You showed me a tomorrow and today my love
That's diferrent from the yesterday I knew
You taught me to love and darling I will always
Cherish you today, tomorrow and forever

And I'm sure when the evening comes around
I know we'll be making love like never before
My love who could ask for more

.....................when I met you

When I met you

20 October 2005

Hiatus Over!

Hey! I go away for a long time and I get no visits? Hmmp! I guess, this goes to show how truly popular I am... Anyways, for the lurkers out there, yes, I am back and hopefully for good! I have just been from a three-week absence from the blogging world. Anyways, here are the reasons:

First, the Subic Seminar:
Gosh! This seminar is a combination of good and tiring things... Let's start with the tiring stuff... The seminar was jampacked with activities, tests and assignments. Although basically a review of previous knowledge, it became an opportunity to brush away the cobwebs that are slowly beginning to cover my brain cells. hehehehe! But the good news is that I got to do a little duty free shopping there! And of course I got to meet new friends! Oh, and best of all (ngek! di naman best pero kakatuwa lang kasi first time!) I got to experience my first Casino visit! We even spent several minutes at the slot machines! Now I understand why some people find it addicting...

Anyways, in the picture (sorry blurred, magalaw kasi e, dami passers by saka gabi na) you will see Carla, me, Marj, Abby and Arlene... plus Junet who took the picture make up the "Party Animals" (secret joke there!)

And here's one taken after a meal at the hotel. (Junet is the one standing... and don't mind the date-stamp kasi I forgot to set my digicam)

Then right after I got back from Subic, I got sick! I got the flu, and even though I dragged myself back to work, I didn't have the strength to compose something to publish for this blog...

And then, when I finally recovered, I had to finish a lot of paperwork as well as shop for gifts for my Ninang V, who celebrated her birthday last October 8; my inaanak, Aliyah who turned one last October 16 and my Inang Chayong (my grandmother) who turned 88 last October 19. So now... I hope I can go back to my normal blogging ways... The paperwork has receded, the gifts has been distributed, the celebrations (except for one) had been attended and now I have a bit of free time... hmmm, but I'm kinda tired na, (yawn) so I better get some ZZZZs first, be back for more kwento and pictures later.

By the way, thanks to Mhay for the colored text tip... sometimes kasi the answer is right before you all the while kaya lang you have to have someone to point it out to you pa.

29 September 2005

Going on a Seminar

Next week is going to be different for me.... I am going on a Seminar at Legenda Hotel in Subic! I'm really excited because the last time I went away on my own, for anything, be it work or play, was... well... a long time ago na! I usually go on seminars naman but with a group of people from my office, now kasi it's basically just me and Abby (from a different Department) and we would stay there for almost one whole week! I'm really looking forward to this because although most of the day we would be attending sessions and lectures, Subic is really quite a scenic place to be in plus we'd be staying in a five-star hotel so who wouldn't get excited about that? The only thing that's dampening my spirits right now is the fact that my honey isn't going to be with me...
Not that we see each other everyday... (We're lucky if we see each other twice a week!) but we at least get to talk non-stop over the phone (providing we're both not too busy from work, of course!). But anyways, he's also excited for me because I hardly have the time to go anywhere on my own (and of course he's also excited about his pasalubong from me!) Also, I wouldn't be able to post for quite a while because of this... I'll be leaving on Monday, October 3 and going back on the 7th and then I will be required to make a report about the seminar due on the 12th! Yikes, now I really don't have time to even go online! But I will post pictures as soon as I meet my deadline... so to whoever visits this blog while I'm away....
"leave your name and contact details and I will get back to you as soon as I can... Thank you for calling! Este, Thank you for visting pala! hehehe!"

20 September 2005

Lazy as ever!

I don't know what's come over me lately... I've been feeling extra lazy! I wake up super late na which makes me even more late (if that's possible!) in going to work. It's not that I sleep later than usual, because I haven't changed my nightly habits naman so I still sleep at around 11:30 to 12 at night... minsan nga, I get sleepy earlier pa e. So I can't, for the life of me, understand why I feel so tired and sleepy all the time! What's worse is that I also feel hungry all the time so now, I don't get near the bathroom scale anymore for fear of finding out that I have gained yet another set of extra pounds! Hmmm.... MUST wake up from this laziness!

So anyways, this morning I woke up early and cooked breakfast for me and my youngest sister Mae... I was feeling good about myself because I was thinking... FINALLY! Naalis na yata yung heaviness that I've been feeling for a couple of weeks now. But I celebrated too soon yata because right after having breakfast, while preparing my work clothes before taking a bath, I dozed off! Would you believe it! I actually fell asleep sitting on my reading chair in my room while thinking of what shoes I would wear! Gosh! Talk about going zonkers! Buti na lang mg sister had to get something from our room so she woke me up, if not I would have slept until I don't know when na!

So in conclusion, I ended up not having enough time to blow dry my hair or have a decent dusting of face powder, I didn't even get the chance to put my contacts on, and wore my glasses instead. I had to leave for work in hurry so I just tied my hair in a ponytail while it is still wet and tint my lips with the first lip color that was able to grab! (But I took 5 seconds to take the above picture with my phone to document my booboo!) And then when I arrived at work I found out that I left the keys to my drawers! Ha! Talk about disasters coming in threes!

16 September 2005

Rainy Days and Fridays

Ok, so it's super rainy today (actually last night pa!) that several roads here in Parañaque became flooded... and I have nothing to do but stay at home and...

And what?! I don't have anything relevant to do! I'm super lazy to pick up my latest cross stitch project and finish it... I don't have a new book! I've already finished reading the book I bought two days ago so... hmmm, what to do?

Then came Melfender! My adorable, cutie pie, 1 1/2 year old cousin!

So, I ended up spending the whole day with this loveable little girl...
We read comic books (actually I was trying to read to her but she kept pointing at the pictures and asking who it was or what that object is that we ended up just looking at the pictures instead), We played (I was teaching her the names of the different body parts and she liked comparing hers with mine like I would wiggle my toes and she would mimmick me and say "Feet!"), We slept (I was humming to her so she would go to sleep na but I ended up sleeping also, hehehe!) and then when she woke up I gave her a bottle of milk and she slept some more... When she got bored with sleeping we watched the disney channel for a while and then came the time when she had to go home na...

Bye, bye Mel-mel! See you next time!

Whew! I can't believe 8PM na pala... Time to cook dinner na...

08 September 2005

Charlie's Birthday

Yesterday was my honey's birthday...

Since it was weekday, meaning a workday for both of us, the celebration was very simple. He picked me up from work and then we went to Church and then shared dinner for two at Max's Restaurant. We ate his favorite Kare-kare and Sweet & Spicy Chicken. I gave him matching silver necklace and bracelet. But I would also like to dedicate this song for him because the lyrics really fit with what I really want to say to him...

Thanks To You

Thank you
For teaching me how to love
Showing me what the word means
What I've been dreaming of
And now I know
There is nothing that I could not do
Thanks to you

For teaching me how to feel
Showing me my emotions
Letting me know what's real from what is not
What I've got is more than I ever hoped for
And a lot of what I've hoped for
Is thanks to you

No mountain, no valley, no time, no space
No heartache, no heartbreak, no fall from grace
Can stop me from believing that my love will pull me through
Thanks to you

For teaching me how to live
Putting things in perspective
Showing me how to give and how to take
No mistake that we were put here together
If I break down, well, forgive me but it's true
I am aching with the love I feel inside

No mistake that we were put here together
If I break down, well, forgive me but it's true
I am aching with the love I feel inside
Thanks to you

Happy Birthday honey... I love you very much!

06 September 2005

Enzo's Baptism

It was raining really hard and we were running late in preparing to go to my nephew's baptism (Enzo's my cousin Tin-tin's son) but as soon as we were ready to go, the weather cleared a bit (haaay! salamat). My sister Lynne and my honey Charlie are going to stand as godparents to Enzo so we hurriedly went to the church (pero late pa rin!) at BF Resort in Las Piñas. It rained a little more while the baptism was going on pero when it was time for the reception the weather cleared again. And it was a good thing kasi the set-up was in the garden! Here are a few pictures from the event!

Here's a pic of the invitation that I made for little Enzo:

And here are a some more pics of me and charlie naman...

with baby Enzo Gabriel

kami lang...

All in all, we had fun kasi parang reunion na rin with my cousins. Tapos Charlie was like part of the family na din so masaya talaga. In fact, he even bought the souvenirs for the godparents and special guests so Tin-Tin and Elmer (Enzo's parents) were really gateful to him. Next event... Charlie's birthday!

04 September 2005

Tagged by Edrei!

Ok... let's do this! Mind you, I'm posting super quickly as I'm about to go to my nephew's Christening in 10 minutes...

Seven Things That Scare Me
1.) Strangers who stare
2.) Being robbed (again!... Don't ask!)
3.) Travelling alone (specially when going somewhere for the first time)
4.) snakes, lizards and anything slimy or cold-blooded
5.) Being involved in a car accident
6.) Losing a loved-one
7.) Being a burden to my family or loved-ones

Seven Things I Like The Most
1.) Watching my favorite TV programs
2.) Spending time with my loved-ones
3.) Cooking
4.) Having a full body massage
5.) Shopping
6.) Red Ribbon's Coffee Crumble Cake
7.) Going on vacation/tours with friends and family

Seven Random Facts About Me
1.) I'm the eldest among five siblings (also the eldest grandchild on both mother and father side)
2.) I'm a frustrated interior decorator
3.) I graduated from premed but didn't pursue medicine proper
4.) I'm a planner. (I don't do anything major without planning it down to the tiniest detail)
5.) I'm a self-confessed couch potato. [But I don't get to be one nowadays! :( ]
6.) I go to a bookstore once a week without fail. (sometimes twice pa nga e! And yes, I buy a book each visit)
7.) I love taking pictures! (specially with my new digicam, hehehe!)

Seven Important Things In Our Bedroom
1.) Bed and at least three pillows (1 for my head + 1 for my feet + 1 to hug)
2.) TV & CD-VCD player
3.) Phone
4.) Alarm Clock
5.) Scented Candles / mint oil for aroma therapy
6.) Corkboard containing snapshots; ticket stubs & flyers from memorable events
7.) Books

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1.) Lose weight (soon! i hope!)
2.) Buy a house
3.) Go to Florence, Italy
4.) Marry Charlie G. Yadao
5.) Have children
6.) Put up our own business (Charlie & I are still arguing as to what kind it would be. hehehe!)
7.) Go on a tour around the world.

Seven Things I Can Do
1.) I can cook.
2.) I can be very stubborn when I choose to be (which irritates Charlie to the max!)
3.) I can watch TV or DVD movies for 12 hours straight.
4.) I can sleep for 14 hours only to wake up for bathroom breaks.
5.) I can drive (but I don't because my driver's license expired a couple of years ago and I havent renewed it still!)
6.) I can spend hours and hours on the computer.
7.) I can design my own clothes. (and i do, but i ask my dressmaker to sew it for me)

Seven Things I Can’t Do
1.) I can't start the day without drinking something hot.
2.) I can't eat seafood (i'm allergic)... yes, me too Edrei!
3.) I can't stand long waits.
4.) I can't sing in front of an audience.
5.) I can't stay away from junk food :(
6.) I can't sleep on moving vehicles (yes, no matter how tired i am or how long the trip... i just can't)
7.) I can't eat okra or anything slimy.

Seven Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex
1.) Good Hygiene
2.) Great sense of humor
3.) Love for God
4.) Love for his family
5.) Ability to express himself (whether in words or in deed)
6.) Sense of Responsibility
7.) Self-confidence (just the right amount)

Seven Things I Say The Most
1.) Honey
2.) Why?
3.) Anyway
4.) Sure
5.) Seriously
6.) No kidding
7.) My gosh!

Seven Celeb Crushes (Whether Local or Foreign)
1.) Harrison Ford
2.) Pierce Brosnan
3.) Ben Afleck
4.) Colin Firth
5.) Joshua Jackson
6.) Jesse Bradford
7.) Kiefer Sutherland

Seven People You Want To See Take This Quiz
1.) Jen
2.) Bless
3.) Maricel
4.) Janix
5.) Olivia
6.) Mhay
7.) Hazelle

24 August 2005

Our Love Expressed with Songs

(my 22nd monthsary gift to my honey)
Let me start off by saying I promised myself, no posts on wedding preps update until November so… looking for something to post about, I went blog hopping and saw saw Jenn’s post about her and Tab’s love story… it kinda got me started on posting our love story as well…

Before we even get to the story, let’s start from when I didn’t even know of Charlie’s existence so the readers would know where I’m coming from…. by the way I titled each “chapter” of this kwento with a song title quite apt for it:

Didn’t Know I Was Looking for Love
I have always been what people would say as a “late bloomer”. In high school, when all my friends and classmates would be talking about boys, I was always the odd one out. Mind you, I had my share of crushes and admirers but at that time, it wasn’t my “priority”. So when finally I had my first boyfriend right before I graduated from high school, I thought it would all be about sweetness and “kilig moments” (I was an avid reader of Sweet Dreams; Sweet Valley High and other Romance pocket books at that time). But I was promptly disillusioned when my idea of having a sweet, romantic relationship turned out to be too dreamy for real life…. After that short (it only lasted for three weeks), tragic relationship I became “hungry” for a new one… I told myself that my next relationship would last longer and would be more “mature”. So when my best friend of three years declared that he has fallen in love with me, I readily agreed to go steady with him. Needless to say, that didn’t work either. This time, “we” just lasted for two months. Mind you, I am not blaming these guys for the failed relationships… I guess I was just too idealistic or too immature to handle whatever these guys were offering. Anyhow, my next boyfriend came much later. By this time, I was thinking “hmmm… this is going to work” because I was more “level-headed” and my view on life wasn’t seen through rose-colored glasses anymore. It lasted long enough… long enough for me to realize that even the best of intentions could turn sour when people with evil minds interfere! After the three year relationship with an incredibly sensitive and thoughtful guy ended I was starting to lose all hopes of ever finding “the right one”. I guess it was a blessing in disguise na din because it strengthened my faith in God… It brought me back to the church, and taught me to really lift everything up to the Lord…

Lose Your Way
Trials came and went… There were still a couple of suitors but I can’t seem to trust myself to enter yet another relationship with such high hopes and then be let down again… I was just too tired of trying… I wanted stability… I wanted security… but all these came second to Faith… I wanted someone I could trust and pray with… and so I prayed… I prayed for guidance… I prayed for strength… I prayed for patience… I prayed for a sign… I sort of made a pact with the Lord. It was that if by the time I turn 30 and I still don’t have a boyfriend, it means that I was meant for spinsterhood. That it was God’s way of saying I was one of those women who will be happy with taking care of her nieces and nephews and is better off. But… If and when I will have a boyfriend before I turn 30, I would know that I should say yes when he asks me to marry him only if he would turn out to be somebody I could pray with. No, not just ordinary going to church together or belonging to the same religion but really pray together in the true sense of the word.

To Be Loved
Then came Charlie….

Love Moves In Mysterious Ways
He came into my life when I needed a friend the most…

The year was 2003, the venue… THE NET! Yes, the internet… I was checking my mail and browsing through the Banana Republic site when… came an instant message containing a new ID I have never seen before… the message was… “Hi! Ganda ng smile mo…” and when I still did not reply he sent another message saying “Can we be friends?” Ok, ok… so it wasn’t original nor attention grabbing or anything but I was bored so I said “where did you see me? how did you know I have a nice smile?” and then he went on to explain that he saw my picture in my Yahoo! profile (no folks! it’s not there anymore!) and thought my smile looked really friendly. And so it went… we chatted for not more than thirty minutes but somehow, we became at ease with one another, we chatted almost on a regular basis after that… talking about nothing in particular, never mentioning anything about ever meeting in person. Later on, (about 4 months after that first IM) we graduated to phone conversations… He became my confidante. You know the saying “it’s easier to open your mind and emotions to strangers”? I guess that proved to be true for me because I could talk to him about anything… as in anything at all! My sentiments about work, family and failed relationships… my hopes and dreams… my near-boo boo with a married man (don’t ask! suffice it to say that I came to my senses way before the point of no return!)… my faith… my plans… my rules… and he did the same… we shared anything and everything under the sun! From day to day experiences to our most embarrassing moments! We were phone pals for another four months before it finally came… the request for an EB! I hesitated (who wouldn’t?!)… I mean, it’s ok to pour your heart out to a complete stranger over the phone but to actually meet in person is a totally different thing! So after days of convincing and reassuring we agreed to meet… no buddy system, just us (don’t worry I insisted on a well populated venue)… and the rest is history…

Swept Away
It went like a whirlwind romance… the kind you read in pocket books… only this time I was not wishing for one anymore… At first, I thought it was just a matter of him being in the right place at the right time (he was lucky) but then he became my savior, my knight in shining armor, my friend, my shock-absorber, my adviser, my source of strength, my teacher, my alter-ego and most of all… he gave me true love when I thought I would never be able to experience it… Love that doesn’t discriminate nor judge. Love that is genuine and pure. Love that is kind and generous without waiting for reciprocation. Love that is blessed by our strong faith in the Lord and the fact that he makes all things beautiful. Proof? He gave us each other, didn’t He?

Feels Like Home
When I asked Charlie when and how he knew he loved me he said “Ipinagdasal kita… Nagdasal ako noon na mahanap ko ang babaeng makakasama ko habang buhay, ng babaeng mamahalin…” and just when I thought I was going to cry from sheer happiness he continued “Binigay ka niya sa akin, kaya alam ko, walang duda… Mahal kita noon pang una mong sinabing sa simbahan tayo magkita”

22 August 2005


Ok, I know it's been quite a while since my last real post so this is going to be quite long... Let's start from what happened first...

August 13

Charlie and I braved the streets of Quiapo once again… this time we combed through Evangelista St. to look for bargain barongs and entourage gowns. Earlier on, we decided that we would first buy his barong and from there we would base the color of the gowns of the entourage. You see, he wants a specific type of barong… one that is colored green from the bottom and then the color fades or lightens towards the upper part. Anyways, we looked and looked but all we found were ordinary ones and one that has green leaves printed on it. It looked nice enough but we decided to look again in a couple of weeks in Baclaran or in Divisoria. And then we headed to Ongpin once again, this time to submit our wedding ring design to a shop owner that we talked to during our last visit. We gave her the printout of the ring we wanted and she gave us a quotation much cheaper than the ones we got from the other jewelers we talked to. She gave us her contact number and we promised her we’d call her as soon as we decide, besides, we have yet to finalize the date of the wedding and we want the rings engraved already before we get it.


August 16

• I was informed by ate Emma, my dressmaker that we would have to postpone our Divisoria textile hunt due to the influx of work load on her part. I agreed naman agad since I still have a lot of things scheduled for next couple of weeks
• My officemate and kumare, Rosebeth, informed me that my inaanak “Justhine” is going to have a party for her first birthday and Justhine and I have the same birthday, I offered to make her invitations in lieu of my not going to be able to make it to the event
• I found out from Charlie that he has overtime work on Saturday (my birthday) so he wouldn’t be able to accompany me to the church and the grocery to buy party needs for my celebration on Sunday. I told him it was ok as long as he would make it on Sunday.


August 17

• Charlie and I met up for our usual Wednesday novena and mass at St. Andrew’s Cathedral and then afterwards we went to SM Sucat to buy paper and ribbon supplies for the invitations I will make for Justhine
• We told my mom that we would probably have the Ongpin jeweler to make our wedding rings instead of her jeweler-friend because of our limited budget. She still insisted for a while that her friend could be trusted to make rings with higher quality but when we explained that the Ongpin rings would come with certificates and a “sort-of warranty” she relented.
• Having decided on who would make our rings, Charlie and I had to make the date final so I scheduled an early morning trip to the Church the next day


August 18

• Went to St. Andrew’s Cathedral office to have our date blocked but found out new rule: We have to provide our Baptismal and Confirmation certificates first and have the Canonical Interview before we could even reserve a date!
• Finished printing and assembling Justhine’s invites and gave it to Rosebeth for distribution

• Informed Charlie about the new rules and we decided that we would go to San Miguel Church next weekend with his Baptismal Certificate so he could be confirmed (or be scheduled to have a confirmation)
• Uncle Boy told me of the rates of Multinational Village Clubhouse and I thought that it was a lot cheaper than the other venues that we have inquired. Upon passing on this information to Charlie, we decided to have the reception there (yey! we have a venue!) But we have to move fast on our Church reservation first because I was also informed that there are already quite a number of 2006 events being scheduled in the clubhouse so we could have a date blocked there too!


August 20

Hmmm… I’m 31 na!

Aside from going to church, making some last minute party needs shopping and having a footspa/pedicure and hot oil at RHC with my youngest sister Mae, I spent the rest of the day just lazing around the house, finishing the latest Harry Potter book (which I have started reading a couple of weeks back but has not had the time to finish!) and watching DVD. Charlie called several times during the day and my cellphone went crazy with all the text greetings from friends and family… All in all, my birthday was very relaxed and peaceful!

August 21
My day started early because I still had to do some last minute cleaning around the house before my guests arrived for lunch. I was still on the last stages of my cleaning when my Ninang V arrived with my Lola and several of my cousins. Good thing my dad and I had started cooking early! I had to take a quick shower before entertaining my guests… By the time I finished dressing up, my friends Andrew and Jaybee has already arrived. The other guests started coming after that… I served them with Inihaw na Bangus, Beef Caldereta, Adobong Pusit, Grilled Pork Strips and Chicken Barbeque. Cheese flavored Ice cream served as the dessert. Charlie came at around 2pm… He came with a big red ribbon cake, a greeting card and a heart-shaped small box which contained our engagement ring! My birthday was perfect! Almost all the people that mattered to me were present (even Vhangie, my friend whom I haven’t seen in a long time and my inaanak and future flower girl, Leanne came!) Jheng, my officemate came even though she was late and alone and has not been to our house before. I couldn’t have asked for anything more… it was made even more special with my engagement ring! I’m so happy!

And here is one more picture of the ring on my finger!

Ok... one last shot! (is it obvious I love it so much?!)

And then of course, I have to post a picture of the person who gave me this really beautiful gift... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HONEY!

16 August 2005

Mood Ring

I don't have the energy to write my post today although I have so many things to report so for those who chance upon this site today... entertain yourselves by taking this cutesy "mood ring thing"
Your Mood Ring is Red

Ready to go

15 August 2005


Passing a tag from Jennie:

1. What are the things you enjoy doing even when there's no one around you?

hmmm... let's see... I enjoy watching old movies (yung tipong hindi pa ako pinapanganak e pinalabas na). I also like reading books and listening to mellow tunes pero sometimes naman I like dancing (yes, po! alone... he, he) but mostly I sleep or I munch on junk food!

2. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?

praying, talking with friends or just looking at old photo albums (it helps to look back at happy times when you're down kasi) but if super stressed out na talaga ako, i go to a spa for a treatment like sauna & massage or facial or foot spa basta anything na nakaka-relax

3. Tag 5 friends & ask them to post it in theirs:


07 August 2005

The Ongpin Experience

Although most of the Saturdays that my honey and I see each other is spent Manila (either in Quiapo or Sampaloc-where he lives or mall hopping) we have never visited Ongpin together before. The last time I visited was... I don't know, it was too long ago to remember. Anyways, Wednesday, Charlie said he wanted to buy a necklace chain in Ongpin and asked if we could go there on the weekend. Hesitantly, I said ok. Friday, the weather was gloomy and it looked like it was going to be rainy for the rest of the weekend so I was begging off the Ongpin trip but Charlie was too excited so I relented. Saturday morning proved to be even more rainy than the past couple of days so I was trying to call off the trip but hearing the excitement in my honey's voice (I've never heard him so set on doing a shopping trip this much!) kept me from disheartening him... So we agreed to meet up in front of Mercury Drugstore near Plaza Miranda. I got there first and had to wait about 5 minutes before he arrived, I of course, told him I waited 30 minutes for him (because it was the first time I had to wait and he always scolds me for not sticking to the time we agreed on) and then we proceeded to walk our way to Ongpin. But both of us hasn't been there in a long time (me particularly!) and we got lost! We asked a guard somewhere and he pointed us to the wrong direction! Anyhow, we asked a pedicab driver and he said we passed our turnoff already but he offered to bring us there (for a fee of course) and tired from walking we agreed. Guess what? We would have not been that lost had we sticked to our blurry memory and not asked the guard... When we got there I told my honey to choose quickly as I'm getting hungry already so he first bought me something to drink and proceeded to choose a necklace... then after booth-hopping and haggling with several salespeople he suddenly said... "honey tingin ka ng gusto mong ring" So shocked, I just looked at him and said "Di ba magpapagawa na tayo ng rings?" but he smiled and said "hindi yon, engagement ring." I was ecstatic! but he continued by adding "pero pili ka pa lang ha? kulang pa budget ko ngayon, sa birthday mo pa makukuha yan" so I proceeded to choose... I picked 3 different designs and left it to him to make the final choice (I'm crossing my fingers it's my favorite) kasi mejo mahal yung mga napili ko. But whatever his choice is... basta I'm very, very happy kasi unexpected naman! I can't wait for my August 20 to come!

05 August 2005

Progress at Last!

1. My mom gave the design of the rings (she lost the first one) to her jeweler and asked for an updated price quote but I also e-mailed Matus last Monday regarding the possibility of them making our rings and they replied the other day... hmmm, note to self: must make an appointment with them soon and then decide later who we would hire to do the job.

2. Talked to ate Emma (my long standing dressmaker) about our trip to Divisoria on the 12th to look at possible textiles and accessories.

3. Made payment/deposit to Metrobank (Aug. 3) for the W@W tags.

4. Made a couple of inquiries on possible Reception Venues (will probably close a deal with one of them by September... YEY!!!

5. Saw possible Caterer at an office function (Aug. 2) and she was offering so many freebies... he! he! Syempre I have to talk to other caterers para I could make an educated choice (huh?) but I really like her na.

Haaay! Finally meron na ding nangyayari sa wedding preps namin, hopefully I could report more developments in the weeks to come.

03 August 2005

Bow and Arrow

I was blog hopping and checking out the sites of the people who visited my site also and came upon a sort-of personality quiz... I got this cool result. You should try it also... 'la lang konting entertainment amidst a busy day! Besides, it sort-of rings true (ngek! syempre maganda yung result e!) pero no kidding, its just a few questions tapos you get the result quickly naman so ok lang.

"Your easy-going personality is best represented by the bow and arrow. You probably dont like the spotlight too much, and would much rather be backstage making sure everything is working right. You have a cool, level head and a broad perspective on life. This combination makes you an excellent advice-giver."

O di ba... COOL? He, he, he! sabi ko nga kay Meng, I wouldnt have probably been so please with the result had it been negative... Anyways, if you want to try the quiz for yourself just visit Meng's website through the link found in the "LINKS" named... guess what? Syempre MENG!

02 August 2005

Our Weekend

It was quite a productive weekend for us... we managed to deliver quite a number of items for our "side business" and then we were able to accomplish several personal errands also. I hope business would be smooth sailing until next year para ma-reach naman namin yung quota namin for the wedding budget. Saka sana din makahanap pa kami ng mas maraming mura and yet beautiful add-ons for the wedding.
Last Saturday, after making the pick-up and deliveries, we went to the bank for an update on our Savings plus we got our new certificate for the time deposit. Oh! And Charlie nga pala got a new haircut... I'm still thinking if I'll get a hair treatment so I just watched and left for next weekend whatever I decide to do with my hair... it's getting dry na kasi. Afterwards, Charlie had to leave early kasi he has a prior engagement with his friends for a little drinking session. While I on the other hand watched a DVD na matagal ko na gusto mapanood kaso I always dont have the time to watch.
Sunday was super relaxing day for both of us kasi he slept until afternoon (may hangover siguro!) while I on the other hand woke up at around 11am then proceeded to watch the CSI marathon after brunch! We texted each other nga gabi na e...
Wow! I cant believe August na! Malapit na naman madagdagan ang age ko... (sigh!) Anyways, I'm planning to have a simple celebration this year (as opposed to no celebration at all for the past few years) kasi last birthday ko naman as Miss Espiritu e... Question na lang where I will celebrate, sa house ba o kakain kami (with the whole family) sa labas?

28 July 2005

New Friends

I can't believe that a stressful (however kilig and dreamy you are) undertaking like wedding preparations would make me gain new friends. But that's what I got today, "new friends". Fellow brides-to-be who like me, has their ups and downs with regards to their wedding preps. Now, at least I can say that I am not unique to the stress part when it comes to the preparations. My wedding is going to be the first in my family. Well, not in our clan... although I am the eldest "apo" on both sides. A few of my cousins has gotten married before me (talk about late bloomer! he, he!). My sisters are very excited for me and are very helpful naman with my wedding preparations but my excitement got put on hold when we started computing na the expenses plus I didn't realize that preparing for a wedding would be such a huge undertaking pala! As in! Nagkakapimples na nga ako sa kaka-isip ng maganda at kakaiba yet inexpensive things for the wedding. To think na I still have more than 8 months to prepare... ANG BILIS NG PANAHON! Last I checked, may one year pa kami kaya less stress pa, but as the date nears, we realize na wala pa naman kami actually nagagawa para mabawasan ang "things to do" checklist namin for the event. Haay! Buti na lang I have new friends who can at least lessen the stress level if not actually help with the preps! So thanks, to Mec for adding me to your friends list and thanks also and Congrats to Toni... Ganda ng pics ng wedding niya, sana my wedding could be half as "successful" and beautiful as hers was...

27 July 2005

Orange Butterflies II

I am wearing the orange butterflies blouse my honey gave me today... Just thought I'd post it because he's always commenting on how I don't use his gifts. So I wore it today because I know we'll see each other (I wear naman the blouse, natataon lang na hindi kami nagkikita pag sinusuot ko!) later when we go to church.

24 July 2005

21st Monthsary

1 year and 9 months ago, my honey and I became a couple... each month, we try and celebrate this event with a special dinner or a date to a place we have not been before... this month, we went to the orchidarium in Rizal Park. We heard about events like wedding receptions being held here so we scoped out the place. It's really spacious and would fit the garden reception I would like to have but it would be too far from the Church so... Anyway, after our short excursion, we had an early dinner at Tokyo Tokyo then went grocery shopping before finally concluding the day. My, my... isn't time going fast... We would soon be cramming on the preparations for the wedding!

18 July 2005


Whew! Saving up for the big day is really tough! I know that we still have 9-10 months to save up for our wedding but boy is hard! We have to scrimp and save every last centavo if we want to bring to reality our dream wedding. And with the really hard times we are facing economically, Charlie & I decided to invest a little "sideline" business.

16 July 2005

Entourage Draft

We have finally come up with a rough draft for the Entourage:

Principal Sponsors
Mr. Roger Q. Yadao & Miss Virginia L. Peñafuerte
Judge Edilberto Sandoval & Mrs. Pelagia Sandoval
Mr. Eleuterio Mapili & Mrs. Brenda B. Rosario

Secondary Sponsors
Candle: Mr. Ronel Reyes & Mrs. Ma. Christy Reyes

Best Man
Roger G. Yadao

Maid of Honor
Mae Allenith P. Espiritu

Maria Adelina P. Espiritu
Hazelle Anna P. Espiritu
Lee Bernadette P. Eusebio

09 July 2005

Great Magazine Finds

Charlie & I usually frequent Quiapo and we often pass by printing shops that showcase different wedding invitations but I have always thought that if I want to look for wedding souvenirs or gowns I would have to go to Divisoria or maybe a couple of shops we saw in Baclaran but after reading the July-December issue of Metro Weddings(which I bought today when I went to SM Sucat with Charlie and Mae, my youngest sister), our next step would be trekking through Evangelista St., and the likes featured in that issue if we want to canvass for the different wedding paraphernalia that we would be needing... then later on we can haggle! ü

04 July 2005

Time Deposit

I went to the bank today to get the certificate for our time deposit today... hopefully we would be able to save enough by April, 2006. As of now, we're halfway there...

01 July 2005


To start my beautifying regimen towards the wedding I went to Bioessence in Pamplona, Las Piñas. I had a deep-cleansing facial and whole-body massage and scheduled more sessions in the months to follow.

24 June 2005

Orange Butterflies

Charlie picked me up early from work and I undertimed so we could go to SM Southmall early... Charlie bought new rubber shoes and I bought new sandals. We ate at pancake house then we bought a gift for Charlie's latest inaanak who will be baptized tomorrow. Charlie gave me a white blouse with orange butterflies in front for our 21st monthsary while I gave him a Fila backpack. We visited the Acclaim again and looked at the different butterfly souvenirs... I even bout a huricane candle with butterfly decorations. We also looked at the different invitation samples at a nearby store (i forgot the name) and got new ideas on how we want our invitation would look like... I particularly liked two of the designs that had butterfly cut-outs in front and tied with half-inch ribbons. They were a bit expensive though...

18 June 2005

Up and About

After a week of being down with the flu... I am finally up and about! And of course, I can't help but test if I have my strength back... I went with Charlie to Manila to borrow a book from his niece for my sister Mae then we went to Isetan, Recto and Charlie bought me a pair of shoes.

13 June 2005

Independence Day Holiday

I woke up feeling sick… good thing today’s a holiday because I’m running a fever the whole day. My muscles feel like I just had the workout of my life and my throat aches every time I swallow. I was feeling bored and dizzy from too much sleep so I browsed the internet for more ideas on weddings… I saw these really nice yet simple flower girl dresses that I would like mine to wear.

11 June 2005

Baclaran Shopping

I arrived at KFC Baclaran first and ordered Chips and Dip. I was nibbling on the chips while reading a magazine when he arrived around 15 minutes later. He was starving so he ate a super late lunch first before we started our trek to Baclaran. Actually our main reason in going is to buy beddings for Charlie but we didn’t pass on the chance to look at the shops that showcased wedding gowns. First, we looked at a shop near the church (actually right beside the Redemptorist) which displayed nicely crafted gowns. This is where my cousin Tin-tin got her wedding gown last December and it was nice naman but I want a longer, softer “more bagsak” kind of veil which the saleslady said I could get from them for an additional price. A wedding gown package would also include pillows for the rings and arrhae aside from the veil. The prices were very reasonable considering that the gowns were nice-looking and most of them even had beadwork. There were also gowns for bridesmaids that were likewise reasonably priced. Also there were quite a number of choices for Barongs. After looking at two other shops of the same kind, we went about our business of buying Charlie’s beddings. Charlie and I now have a little idea on how much we would be spending on the gowns and barongs. We would also look at shops in Divisoria but since we’re still both busy and the wedding is still months away, we would have to schedule that for later.

01 June 2005

Diet! Diet! Diet!

You’d think with all the activities I’m doing like work, preparing for the wedding, running errands and nights out I would at least maintain my weight if not lose! Unfortunately, my body seems not to agree with me! I gained weight… AGAIN! I really have to start a diet regimen if I want to look good on my wedding day! I mean I am not dreaming of having a supermodel figure (well, actually I am but I’m a bit more realistic than too optimistic) but I want to at least trim down to a size that would at least look good in my wedding pictures. Hmmm…. must remember to exercise at least three times a week and watch my food intake! Easier said than done, I know but I need to discipline myself to achieve my goal!

24 May 2005

19 months and counting...

Today Charlie and I celebrated our 19th monthsary (wow! 1 year, 7 months and still counting…). He picked me up from work then we spent a couple of hours at RHC (Reyes Hair Cutters) in Kabihasnan, beautifying ourselves (he got a haircut and I got a manicure) then we had steak dinner at Sizzling Plate, SM Sucat’s food court. At (my) home we talked about our wedding plans and discussed the number of guests. We decided that we’ll limit our guest list to 150-200. That would mean we would only be printing about 100 invitations. We definitely decided on the celadon (a duller hue of mint green) and hot pink motif where the bridesmaids, flower girls and secondary sponsors would wear celadon gowns with hot pink accents like a ribbon or a butterfly brooch or sash. All the flowers would be pink. I want to carry a bouquet of pink tulips. (insert picture of “bouquet”). And we’re going to look for butterfly wings that the flower girls would be wearing with their celadon gowns. We already saw the butterfly cages that the girls would carry at Acclaim. We’re still finalizing our entourage though… Anyway we still have at least 11 months to prepare! Too bad we were not able to attend the affair at Trader’s Hotel for would be couples a couple of weeks ago, it would have probably given us more ideas and insights but what can we do? There were just too many conflicts… not to mention the invites arriving on my hands late…

The Wedding Date

We are still contemplating on having the wedding in April or May...
1. Right after the wedding which would have to take place on or before the 19th, we could have our 2nd reception in Ilocos in time for the fiesta.
2. Most of our friends and family have been informed already that the ceremony would take place sometime in April
3. Considering that I am targetting for a garden reception, this month would be "safer" from rainshowers.

1. I really want to get married on a Wednesday and considering that the 24th (our anniversary) day of May falls on a Wednesday is somewhat providential.
2. There would be a little bit more time to prepare.
3. It would be summer time so I wouldn't have to file for a leave at work to have my honeymoon.

05 May 2005

Welcome Home Honey!

Charlie’s back! I was so excited to see him that I did not go to work so I could welcome my honey home! We spent hours at their house talking over lunch and then later on merienda. He showed me pictures taken on his cellphone of the painting he did and the hung curtains we bought in Baclaran. Then later we had to take a taxi going to my house because I had a huge box of pasalubong from his parents and relatives.

22 April 2005

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

Tonight my honey is going to Ilocos… without me! He has been asking me to go with him for the fiesta for the longest time but alas! wasn’t able to go on leave at the office. Also, he would be painting their house and since I have Asthma, Idont want to risk having an attach there when I smell the fumes from the paint.
We started the day early by going to Baclaran to buy “pasalubong” for Nana & Tata (Charlie’s parents). we also bought new curtains to complete the house in Ilocos’ new look. At around 3pm we went home (my house) to pack what we bought properly then at around 4:30pm we said our goodbyes then he went home (espana, manila) to get his things and then went straight to the bus terminal. :(

16 April 2005

Hazelle's Debut

Yes! Although there were several hitches, like some of the guests getting to the party later than the assigned time (for a more surprising effect), Hazelle's (She's the girl in the picture... the dog's Nafnaf) Surprise Party was all in all a success. There was enough food and drinks for everyone. Our Tito Rey and Tita Janet pinched in with the softdrink flow, Mom ordered special pancit, I took care of the 4-course buffet, my cousin Dette and sister Mae helped out with the invitations and giveaways and Zelle’s friends spread the word (in whispers, because it’s a surprise!). There was singing (we set up our magic sing), a bit of dancing, and a lot of merry-making! Charlie even brought videocam to document the affair. My dad even brought out his black label and had a couple of shots with his friends and Charlie. Wow! My honey’s really slowly starting to be part of the family!

10 April 2005

Gift Hunting

Went to SM Manila to look for possible gifts for Allan’s and Hazelle’s birthdays and for Lichelle’s upcoming wedding. We were able to buy a portable organ for Allan (he belongs to a band called “5 leaves left”) then we bought paper and ribbons for Hazelle’s Debut/Surprise Party invitation. We were not able to find anything for my cousin, Lichelle’s wedding though… the wedding would be in Batanggas, first week of May… will we be able to attend?

02 April 2005

Progress on the Ring

Mom’s jeweler Cynthia took our ring sizes and promised to look for a smaller stone for the setting. We told her that the ring was pretty expensive and we would not be able to afford it anymore if there would be an increase in the price (you know, in case the gold gets more expensive or the stone setting is bigger!). She informed us that we could get our rings on installment basis since the wedding won’t be for another year… (hmmm… good?)

28 March 2005

The Ring

Here is a picture of the ring we picked...
Doesn't it look classic?! Anyway, my mom volunteered her jeweler friend to make the rings but we're still awaiting the final price quote from her. The first quote was quite expensive plus the stone she showed us was a little too big for the design we chose.

19 March 2005

Me, The Godmother...AGAIN!

I was chosen to be a Ninang again by one of my friends/officemate…Again! (I have now 35 “inaanaks” and counting…) Edwin (my new kumpare) and Jaybee (my other officemate) picked me up from my house so I could attend the seminar for Aliya’s (my new inaanak) baptism tomorrow. The seminar took longer than expected so Charlier was already in SM Southmall (we had a prior agreement that he would meet us there after the seminar) by the time we got there. Anyway, Charlie was already starving so we ate first at Sorabol then strolled around the mall for a while. We then inquired at Acclaim about a butterfly release for the wedding. We also saw several items that we are thinking of getting for giveaways and souvenirs that would be ideal for our principal sponsors as well as our parents. (Mental Note: compose a short “thank you” poem or quote to put in the souvenir!)

13 March 2005


Although it wasn’t mine nor Charlie’s first time at Baywalk, it was our first time there together. We watched the regatta race (It was some kind of celebration in manila, I forgot what it was!) and then stayed on for the show in front of Malate Church.

02 March 2005

St. Andrew's Cathedral

Charlie and I went to church today, we attended the usual Wednesday novena then heard mass. Wow, the St. Andrew’s Cathedral really brings back so many memories (of course it wasn't a cathedral then). I know that aside from my parents having gotten married there (I think I have browsed through their wedding album more than a hundred times!), I was also baptized there. I remember the many Sundays my family and I attend mass there together when my siblings and I were still in grade school… in high school I would attend the afternoon Sunday mass with my cousins and then when I started working, I frequented the Church every Wednesday for the novena (aside of course from attending Sunday Mass, usually with my youngest sister, Mae)…. and then… hopefully, sometime next year, I would walk down the isle as a BRIDE!

16 February 2005

Valentines 2005

On Valentine's Day (February 14, 2005), the day started out like a typical Monday workday… hectic and chaotic! (You know as the song goes… “just another manic Monday…”) And although most of my officemates were asking if Charlie and I had a date, I kept saying that we don’t… well, because that’s what I thought! We were talking just last Saturday and he asked e if I wanted a romantic candle-lit dinner date but I told him that although I like all that mushy stuff, we really don’t need to do it on Valentines day when restaurants would be teeming with couples wanting to celebrate the day. So I thought the “Happy Valentines honey” text I got that morning and the usual lunch time phone call was all the celebration we were going to get… but… lo! and behold! At exactly 5:30pm, he appeared at my office door to pick me up from work (with a single long stemmed rose in hand) and then we went to church to hear mass. Then had dinner at KFC. Yeah! I know, it’s not the most romantic of venues but, who cares?! I love surprises! I love my honey!

05 February 2005


I fell in love with this bouquet... I have aso seen flowers for the entourage party that I would like to have mine to have but I still have not finalized negotiations with any florist yet... But definitely whatever flowers we get for the rest of the entourage, my one requirement is that I would carry tulips for my bridal bouquet.

02 January 2005

New Year, New Beginnings

We attended my cousin Tin-tin's wedding last December 31 at the Mary Immaculate Parish Church in Moonwalk, Las Piñas. The Nature's Church was really nice although one of the "minor disasters" was that there was a wedding before them that took a long time to finish so they had to start their ceremony late therefore the long wait and the much longer wait for the reception... Anyway, all in all I think the wedding was a success, there were many attendees and the food was good and from what I gather, cheap. (I wonder if we could get them for our wedding next year...)
Charlie celebrated the earlier part of the new year with his family in España, Manila but he also went to visit me and my family during the afternoon. We ate the carbonara and fried chicken I cooked then he went to his Uncle's house to have a little new year drinking session.