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18 May 2009


I have been remiss at updating this blog lately mainly because I have to steal time away from work to be able to do so... and it's not easy to do that considering that I have tons to do and I don't have a clerk to help me.  But aside from that, recently my 3-month old baby got sick.  He had a cough and so I was attending to him most of the time.  I had to nebulize him with normal saline solution (his pediatrician didn't want him to drink cough medicines at this early) every 6 hours for 5 days and so I was on leave.  And to top it all, my sister Hazelle gave birth, so my mom who takes care of Adam when hubby and I go to work had to attend to her and her new baby, Francesca Louise.  I had to extend my leave to care for my baby while my mom takes care of my sister and niece.  Now I am back to work and have a mountain of tasks to accomplish!  More details later... when I find more time to blog.