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24 May 2005

19 months and counting...

Today Charlie and I celebrated our 19th monthsary (wow! 1 year, 7 months and still counting…). He picked me up from work then we spent a couple of hours at RHC (Reyes Hair Cutters) in Kabihasnan, beautifying ourselves (he got a haircut and I got a manicure) then we had steak dinner at Sizzling Plate, SM Sucat’s food court. At (my) home we talked about our wedding plans and discussed the number of guests. We decided that we’ll limit our guest list to 150-200. That would mean we would only be printing about 100 invitations. We definitely decided on the celadon (a duller hue of mint green) and hot pink motif where the bridesmaids, flower girls and secondary sponsors would wear celadon gowns with hot pink accents like a ribbon or a butterfly brooch or sash. All the flowers would be pink. I want to carry a bouquet of pink tulips. (insert picture of “bouquet”). And we’re going to look for butterfly wings that the flower girls would be wearing with their celadon gowns. We already saw the butterfly cages that the girls would carry at Acclaim. We’re still finalizing our entourage though… Anyway we still have at least 11 months to prepare! Too bad we were not able to attend the affair at Trader’s Hotel for would be couples a couple of weeks ago, it would have probably given us more ideas and insights but what can we do? There were just too many conflicts… not to mention the invites arriving on my hands late…

The Wedding Date

We are still contemplating on having the wedding in April or May...
1. Right after the wedding which would have to take place on or before the 19th, we could have our 2nd reception in Ilocos in time for the fiesta.
2. Most of our friends and family have been informed already that the ceremony would take place sometime in April
3. Considering that I am targetting for a garden reception, this month would be "safer" from rainshowers.

1. I really want to get married on a Wednesday and considering that the 24th (our anniversary) day of May falls on a Wednesday is somewhat providential.
2. There would be a little bit more time to prepare.
3. It would be summer time so I wouldn't have to file for a leave at work to have my honeymoon.

05 May 2005

Welcome Home Honey!

Charlie’s back! I was so excited to see him that I did not go to work so I could welcome my honey home! We spent hours at their house talking over lunch and then later on merienda. He showed me pictures taken on his cellphone of the painting he did and the hung curtains we bought in Baclaran. Then later we had to take a taxi going to my house because I had a huge box of pasalubong from his parents and relatives.