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28 July 2005

New Friends

I can't believe that a stressful (however kilig and dreamy you are) undertaking like wedding preparations would make me gain new friends. But that's what I got today, "new friends". Fellow brides-to-be who like me, has their ups and downs with regards to their wedding preps. Now, at least I can say that I am not unique to the stress part when it comes to the preparations. My wedding is going to be the first in my family. Well, not in our clan... although I am the eldest "apo" on both sides. A few of my cousins has gotten married before me (talk about late bloomer! he, he!). My sisters are very excited for me and are very helpful naman with my wedding preparations but my excitement got put on hold when we started computing na the expenses plus I didn't realize that preparing for a wedding would be such a huge undertaking pala! As in! Nagkakapimples na nga ako sa kaka-isip ng maganda at kakaiba yet inexpensive things for the wedding. To think na I still have more than 8 months to prepare... ANG BILIS NG PANAHON! Last I checked, may one year pa kami kaya less stress pa, but as the date nears, we realize na wala pa naman kami actually nagagawa para mabawasan ang "things to do" checklist namin for the event. Haay! Buti na lang I have new friends who can at least lessen the stress level if not actually help with the preps! So thanks, to Mec for adding me to your friends list and thanks also and Congrats to Toni... Ganda ng pics ng wedding niya, sana my wedding could be half as "successful" and beautiful as hers was...

27 July 2005

Orange Butterflies II

I am wearing the orange butterflies blouse my honey gave me today... Just thought I'd post it because he's always commenting on how I don't use his gifts. So I wore it today because I know we'll see each other (I wear naman the blouse, natataon lang na hindi kami nagkikita pag sinusuot ko!) later when we go to church.

24 July 2005

21st Monthsary

1 year and 9 months ago, my honey and I became a couple... each month, we try and celebrate this event with a special dinner or a date to a place we have not been before... this month, we went to the orchidarium in Rizal Park. We heard about events like wedding receptions being held here so we scoped out the place. It's really spacious and would fit the garden reception I would like to have but it would be too far from the Church so... Anyway, after our short excursion, we had an early dinner at Tokyo Tokyo then went grocery shopping before finally concluding the day. My, my... isn't time going fast... We would soon be cramming on the preparations for the wedding!

18 July 2005


Whew! Saving up for the big day is really tough! I know that we still have 9-10 months to save up for our wedding but boy is hard! We have to scrimp and save every last centavo if we want to bring to reality our dream wedding. And with the really hard times we are facing economically, Charlie & I decided to invest a little "sideline" business.

16 July 2005

Entourage Draft

We have finally come up with a rough draft for the Entourage:

Principal Sponsors
Mr. Roger Q. Yadao & Miss Virginia L. Peñafuerte
Judge Edilberto Sandoval & Mrs. Pelagia Sandoval
Mr. Eleuterio Mapili & Mrs. Brenda B. Rosario

Secondary Sponsors
Candle: Mr. Ronel Reyes & Mrs. Ma. Christy Reyes

Best Man
Roger G. Yadao

Maid of Honor
Mae Allenith P. Espiritu

Maria Adelina P. Espiritu
Hazelle Anna P. Espiritu
Lee Bernadette P. Eusebio

09 July 2005

Great Magazine Finds

Charlie & I usually frequent Quiapo and we often pass by printing shops that showcase different wedding invitations but I have always thought that if I want to look for wedding souvenirs or gowns I would have to go to Divisoria or maybe a couple of shops we saw in Baclaran but after reading the July-December issue of Metro Weddings(which I bought today when I went to SM Sucat with Charlie and Mae, my youngest sister), our next step would be trekking through Evangelista St., and the likes featured in that issue if we want to canvass for the different wedding paraphernalia that we would be needing... then later on we can haggle! ü

04 July 2005

Time Deposit

I went to the bank today to get the certificate for our time deposit today... hopefully we would be able to save enough by April, 2006. As of now, we're halfway there...

01 July 2005


To start my beautifying regimen towards the wedding I went to Bioessence in Pamplona, Las Piñas. I had a deep-cleansing facial and whole-body massage and scheduled more sessions in the months to follow.