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06 April 2008

Floor Tiles and Paint Color

Yesterday was quite a tiring yet satisfying trip to builders' stores for me and hubby. We only went to 3 stores but we chose the big ones known for their wide variety of choices and competitive prices. We were able to look at lots and lots of tiles, some of our choices were really expensive though so are still going to have a second canvassing trip before making any purchases. It's better na to be on the safe side, you know, renovating a house isn't a task one could take lightly specially if you're like us who are on a very limited budget. At least we have narrowed our tile choices to 5 na lang plus we've also decided to have a different tile design and color for the 2nd floor of the house instead of making it the same as the one downstairs. We were also able to look at different paint color choices and we've agreed that a scheme with earth colors in it would be best for our living and dining areas

I used the Sherwin-Williams color visualizer in the picture above and were able to choose the paint color from there too. The walls are going to be in Ivoire and Dapper Tan while the Trim is going to be Softened Green. This would go very well with our "wood look" tiles! I am getting more excited by the minute... hopefully we will be able to make our home look pretty with the choices that we are making. And although our home is not going to be as big as the one shown in the picture, we are going to try our best to make every single space count while making it cozy and comfy for us and whoever will be visiting us. Next up, I'll be posting pics of how I would like our tiny kitchen to look like...


AiDiSan said...

Hi Heidi,

I love the combination of colors you choose for your house. Actually in a couple of months, construction of my little dream house will start. I'm very conservative when it comes to paint colors, I prefer earth colors and most likely, majority of the house paint color will be in beige so it will look spacious and neat.

I'm looking forward to see the pic of the look of your kitchen.

Have a great week!!!

Heidi said...

I'm still finalizing my thoughts on the look I want to achieve for the tiny kitchen that we have but I will post it here the minute I get things in order... can't wait to hear more of your dream house too! :)