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28 May 2008


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It's been a while, I know... It's just that lately I have been spending less and less time updating my blog or even going online to check my mail. Work has been really taking a lot of my time, even at home and coupled with the meetings and seminars that I have to attend, I just can't seem to finish everything and have time to spare. When I get home, it's a blessing that my Dad has cooked dinner already and so that's one less thing to think about but then I don't have the energy to do anything else than take a shower, watch TV and wait for hubby to come home so we could have dinner and shortly after that we go to bed already. During weekends, I have ideas on what I can blog about but I end up doing chores instead or just watch gossip girl online with my youngest sister. I cannot promise to snap out of this soon but I'm trying...

21 May 2008

More Batangas Pictures

As most of my regular visitors would notice, updates on this blog has been a bit scarce lately, I guess I'm still catching up on what work and other stuff I missed while I was "away" that blogging just has to take a backseat for a while longer... Anyways, to make up for the lack of updates, I am posting more pictures from the outing last May 16:

18 May 2008

Company Outing

Last Friday, we had our company outing at La Luz Resort in Batangas. Despite a few hitches, it turned out to be quite fun... here are some of the moments I got to capture:

17 May 2008

The New Do

As always, I am late in posting this... but sometime in April I had a haircut (actually more of just a trim than a haircut) and here's the result:

Not much difference no? hehehe! Anyways, since it's been a while since my last Saturday Self-Portrait, this would have to do muna.

15 May 2008

More Details (Part II)

here's the continuation of my previous post...

My Hospital Stint
Early Tuesday morning (really early because it was only around 4am) I woke up Charlie because I really was having a hard time breathing already. The previous night I took my asthma medication and nebulized because I was feeling an attack coming already but I guess I miscalculated because what I thought was just another mild attack turned out to be a major one. By 3:30 in the morning of Tuesday I was wheezing so bad I decided to go down to the bathroom and splash water on my face and then I lied down on the sofa in the living room so as not to disturb Charlie's sleep but my wheezing just got worse and so by around 4am I went back to our room again and woke up my husband. Charlie went on panic mode and decided to rush me to the nearest hospital before I could even protest. There I was not allowed to go home na... and the rest is just a hazy memory. I stayed in the hospital until Thursday morning when I was able to beg the doctor to please allow me to go home na with the promise that I will religously take my medication and rest talaga. By Thursday afternoon I was home and sleeping in my own bed.

Mother's Day
May 10, the eve of Mother's day, I instructed my hubby to please buy cake for Mommy the following day so we could celebrate a simple mother's day. May 11, Charlie went out on the pretense of getting me a refill of my prescription. He came home after lunch with two cakes. A big one for my Mom and a smaller one for me... I laughed and told him, I wasn't a mother yet so I'm not supposed to get a mother's day gift but he said that he's my "panganay" daw and Marian, our neice who is now a frequent sleepover visitor at our house is our baby na din, hehehe! Sige na nga...

More Details (Part I)

Ok, so I was so swamped with "catch-up office work" that I wasn't able to blog more about my activities for the past couple of weeks of blogosphere absence. Well, you know how it is... you're gone for 4 days and you work starts piling up and before you know it, your office table is just a memory and all you see in front of your chair are folders and papers that needs to be attended to. Anyways, half of my table can be seen now so I take it as a hint that I deserve to be able to blog for a while.

***Warning: before you continue reading, let it be known that the following are past happenings already, I just wanted to be able to journal them even if the moment's true excitement, disappointment or whatever has already passed by.

House Guests

Recently (about two weeks already, actually) my parents, together with my siblings, moved in with us at the townhouse we are currently renting. No, not for good, it's just that our super old house in Parañaque (the one I grew up in) is being renovated. Actually, the old house was buldozed to the ground so let me correct myself, it is not being renovated. They're building a new house from scratch. Instead of having them rent another place while the house is being rebuilt, hubby and I volunteered our townhouse for us to share. I mean, they're just going to be there for a month and a half anyway, so why rent? Besides, the townhouse we are renting is big enough for all of us naman. Here are some of the current pictures of the house being built:

Feast of Saint Joseph

On May 4 , we celebrated the Feast of St. Joseph in Las Piñas, there were lots of fun activities including games for kids and a marching band contest. I cooked a simple meal for us and our guests.

... now I have to go back to work so this post will have to be continued later!

12 May 2008


My frequent visitors may be wondering why I have not updated in quite a long time... this is why... Before April ended my internet connection at home bogged down, and it took quite a long time before it got serviced, to be up and running again... and then when it was finally repaired, I got busy with lots of stuff so I wasn't able to blog. And then last week I was hospitalized for 3 days because my asthma acted up again and this attack wasn't a minor one. I was fighting to breath for a couple of days and if I didn't beg my doctor to please release me from the hospital, I probably would have stayed there longer. I guess the heat was just too much for me. So anyway, here I am, attempting to pick up where I left off but there are just too many things I have to do and too many events that I want to blog about that I don't know where to start. Let me just collect my thoughts and maybe later I'll be able to come up with a couple more posts of what has been happening with me lately. I already have several drafts waiting to be published but the internet connection here at the office is so slow and I have several photos I want to upload... besides, I am going to have to publish those in between paperwork and other office duties so... Well, that's my problem... anyway, to everyone who visited while I was "out" thanks a lot, and to those who tagged me, I will get to them eventually, just give me a little time... I'll be returning bloghops soon!