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29 September 2005

Going on a Seminar

Next week is going to be different for me.... I am going on a Seminar at Legenda Hotel in Subic! I'm really excited because the last time I went away on my own, for anything, be it work or play, was... well... a long time ago na! I usually go on seminars naman but with a group of people from my office, now kasi it's basically just me and Abby (from a different Department) and we would stay there for almost one whole week! I'm really looking forward to this because although most of the day we would be attending sessions and lectures, Subic is really quite a scenic place to be in plus we'd be staying in a five-star hotel so who wouldn't get excited about that? The only thing that's dampening my spirits right now is the fact that my honey isn't going to be with me...
Not that we see each other everyday... (We're lucky if we see each other twice a week!) but we at least get to talk non-stop over the phone (providing we're both not too busy from work, of course!). But anyways, he's also excited for me because I hardly have the time to go anywhere on my own (and of course he's also excited about his pasalubong from me!) Also, I wouldn't be able to post for quite a while because of this... I'll be leaving on Monday, October 3 and going back on the 7th and then I will be required to make a report about the seminar due on the 12th! Yikes, now I really don't have time to even go online! But I will post pictures as soon as I meet my deadline... so to whoever visits this blog while I'm away....
"leave your name and contact details and I will get back to you as soon as I can... Thank you for calling! Este, Thank you for visting pala! hehehe!"

20 September 2005

Lazy as ever!

I don't know what's come over me lately... I've been feeling extra lazy! I wake up super late na which makes me even more late (if that's possible!) in going to work. It's not that I sleep later than usual, because I haven't changed my nightly habits naman so I still sleep at around 11:30 to 12 at night... minsan nga, I get sleepy earlier pa e. So I can't, for the life of me, understand why I feel so tired and sleepy all the time! What's worse is that I also feel hungry all the time so now, I don't get near the bathroom scale anymore for fear of finding out that I have gained yet another set of extra pounds! Hmmm.... MUST wake up from this laziness!

So anyways, this morning I woke up early and cooked breakfast for me and my youngest sister Mae... I was feeling good about myself because I was thinking... FINALLY! Naalis na yata yung heaviness that I've been feeling for a couple of weeks now. But I celebrated too soon yata because right after having breakfast, while preparing my work clothes before taking a bath, I dozed off! Would you believe it! I actually fell asleep sitting on my reading chair in my room while thinking of what shoes I would wear! Gosh! Talk about going zonkers! Buti na lang mg sister had to get something from our room so she woke me up, if not I would have slept until I don't know when na!

So in conclusion, I ended up not having enough time to blow dry my hair or have a decent dusting of face powder, I didn't even get the chance to put my contacts on, and wore my glasses instead. I had to leave for work in hurry so I just tied my hair in a ponytail while it is still wet and tint my lips with the first lip color that was able to grab! (But I took 5 seconds to take the above picture with my phone to document my booboo!) And then when I arrived at work I found out that I left the keys to my drawers! Ha! Talk about disasters coming in threes!

16 September 2005

Rainy Days and Fridays

Ok, so it's super rainy today (actually last night pa!) that several roads here in Parañaque became flooded... and I have nothing to do but stay at home and...

And what?! I don't have anything relevant to do! I'm super lazy to pick up my latest cross stitch project and finish it... I don't have a new book! I've already finished reading the book I bought two days ago so... hmmm, what to do?

Then came Melfender! My adorable, cutie pie, 1 1/2 year old cousin!

So, I ended up spending the whole day with this loveable little girl...
We read comic books (actually I was trying to read to her but she kept pointing at the pictures and asking who it was or what that object is that we ended up just looking at the pictures instead), We played (I was teaching her the names of the different body parts and she liked comparing hers with mine like I would wiggle my toes and she would mimmick me and say "Feet!"), We slept (I was humming to her so she would go to sleep na but I ended up sleeping also, hehehe!) and then when she woke up I gave her a bottle of milk and she slept some more... When she got bored with sleeping we watched the disney channel for a while and then came the time when she had to go home na...

Bye, bye Mel-mel! See you next time!

Whew! I can't believe 8PM na pala... Time to cook dinner na...

08 September 2005

Charlie's Birthday

Yesterday was my honey's birthday...

Since it was weekday, meaning a workday for both of us, the celebration was very simple. He picked me up from work and then we went to Church and then shared dinner for two at Max's Restaurant. We ate his favorite Kare-kare and Sweet & Spicy Chicken. I gave him matching silver necklace and bracelet. But I would also like to dedicate this song for him because the lyrics really fit with what I really want to say to him...

Thanks To You

Thank you
For teaching me how to love
Showing me what the word means
What I've been dreaming of
And now I know
There is nothing that I could not do
Thanks to you

For teaching me how to feel
Showing me my emotions
Letting me know what's real from what is not
What I've got is more than I ever hoped for
And a lot of what I've hoped for
Is thanks to you

No mountain, no valley, no time, no space
No heartache, no heartbreak, no fall from grace
Can stop me from believing that my love will pull me through
Thanks to you

For teaching me how to live
Putting things in perspective
Showing me how to give and how to take
No mistake that we were put here together
If I break down, well, forgive me but it's true
I am aching with the love I feel inside

No mistake that we were put here together
If I break down, well, forgive me but it's true
I am aching with the love I feel inside
Thanks to you

Happy Birthday honey... I love you very much!

06 September 2005

Enzo's Baptism

It was raining really hard and we were running late in preparing to go to my nephew's baptism (Enzo's my cousin Tin-tin's son) but as soon as we were ready to go, the weather cleared a bit (haaay! salamat). My sister Lynne and my honey Charlie are going to stand as godparents to Enzo so we hurriedly went to the church (pero late pa rin!) at BF Resort in Las Piñas. It rained a little more while the baptism was going on pero when it was time for the reception the weather cleared again. And it was a good thing kasi the set-up was in the garden! Here are a few pictures from the event!

Here's a pic of the invitation that I made for little Enzo:

And here are a some more pics of me and charlie naman...

with baby Enzo Gabriel

kami lang...

All in all, we had fun kasi parang reunion na rin with my cousins. Tapos Charlie was like part of the family na din so masaya talaga. In fact, he even bought the souvenirs for the godparents and special guests so Tin-Tin and Elmer (Enzo's parents) were really gateful to him. Next event... Charlie's birthday!

04 September 2005

Tagged by Edrei!

Ok... let's do this! Mind you, I'm posting super quickly as I'm about to go to my nephew's Christening in 10 minutes...

Seven Things That Scare Me
1.) Strangers who stare
2.) Being robbed (again!... Don't ask!)
3.) Travelling alone (specially when going somewhere for the first time)
4.) snakes, lizards and anything slimy or cold-blooded
5.) Being involved in a car accident
6.) Losing a loved-one
7.) Being a burden to my family or loved-ones

Seven Things I Like The Most
1.) Watching my favorite TV programs
2.) Spending time with my loved-ones
3.) Cooking
4.) Having a full body massage
5.) Shopping
6.) Red Ribbon's Coffee Crumble Cake
7.) Going on vacation/tours with friends and family

Seven Random Facts About Me
1.) I'm the eldest among five siblings (also the eldest grandchild on both mother and father side)
2.) I'm a frustrated interior decorator
3.) I graduated from premed but didn't pursue medicine proper
4.) I'm a planner. (I don't do anything major without planning it down to the tiniest detail)
5.) I'm a self-confessed couch potato. [But I don't get to be one nowadays! :( ]
6.) I go to a bookstore once a week without fail. (sometimes twice pa nga e! And yes, I buy a book each visit)
7.) I love taking pictures! (specially with my new digicam, hehehe!)

Seven Important Things In Our Bedroom
1.) Bed and at least three pillows (1 for my head + 1 for my feet + 1 to hug)
2.) TV & CD-VCD player
3.) Phone
4.) Alarm Clock
5.) Scented Candles / mint oil for aroma therapy
6.) Corkboard containing snapshots; ticket stubs & flyers from memorable events
7.) Books

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1.) Lose weight (soon! i hope!)
2.) Buy a house
3.) Go to Florence, Italy
4.) Marry Charlie G. Yadao
5.) Have children
6.) Put up our own business (Charlie & I are still arguing as to what kind it would be. hehehe!)
7.) Go on a tour around the world.

Seven Things I Can Do
1.) I can cook.
2.) I can be very stubborn when I choose to be (which irritates Charlie to the max!)
3.) I can watch TV or DVD movies for 12 hours straight.
4.) I can sleep for 14 hours only to wake up for bathroom breaks.
5.) I can drive (but I don't because my driver's license expired a couple of years ago and I havent renewed it still!)
6.) I can spend hours and hours on the computer.
7.) I can design my own clothes. (and i do, but i ask my dressmaker to sew it for me)

Seven Things I Can’t Do
1.) I can't start the day without drinking something hot.
2.) I can't eat seafood (i'm allergic)... yes, me too Edrei!
3.) I can't stand long waits.
4.) I can't sing in front of an audience.
5.) I can't stay away from junk food :(
6.) I can't sleep on moving vehicles (yes, no matter how tired i am or how long the trip... i just can't)
7.) I can't eat okra or anything slimy.

Seven Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex
1.) Good Hygiene
2.) Great sense of humor
3.) Love for God
4.) Love for his family
5.) Ability to express himself (whether in words or in deed)
6.) Sense of Responsibility
7.) Self-confidence (just the right amount)

Seven Things I Say The Most
1.) Honey
2.) Why?
3.) Anyway
4.) Sure
5.) Seriously
6.) No kidding
7.) My gosh!

Seven Celeb Crushes (Whether Local or Foreign)
1.) Harrison Ford
2.) Pierce Brosnan
3.) Ben Afleck
4.) Colin Firth
5.) Joshua Jackson
6.) Jesse Bradford
7.) Kiefer Sutherland

Seven People You Want To See Take This Quiz
1.) Jen
2.) Bless
3.) Maricel
4.) Janix
5.) Olivia
6.) Mhay
7.) Hazelle