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31 March 2009

Multi-tasking Worked!

For the past several days now, I have been cramming to accomplish several unrelated stuff:  finishing preparations for my son's christening on Easter Sunday, filling-up numerous forms and compiling document requirements for my upcoming promotion () and filing for refund of the overpayment of a loan deducted from my salary.  Now, I am happy to report that I have finally finished two of them and am now concentrating on putting on the finishing touches to my son's baptism preps.  And here I thought doing all these at the same time is making things more difficult and longer to finish...  At least now I only have a few more errands to run (finalizing the menu with the caterer, finishing the DIY giveaways and printing and distributing the invitations).

Meanwhile, Adam turned two months last March 26 and although we were not able to celebrate it like when he turn 1-month old, he definitely has grown bigger, heavier and stronger.  He often coos, gurgles and sometimes even shouts at us when we are talking to him.  He even chuckles once in a while now.  It really is amazing how fast babies grow and develop!

24 March 2009

Three Kings

Last Saturday my cousin Levie had a celebration cum Thanksgiving for having passed the Nursing Board Exam (Congrats Levie!).  It was also an opportunity for a family get-together and photo-ops.  Since it was the first time that "the three kings" - that's what our relatives call my son and the sons of two of my cousins because they were born a month apart and they're all boys - got together, most the cameras were focused on them.  Of course, the pictures included their mommies so here they are...
That's me and my baby Adam, my cousin Tin-tin and her son Ethan, and my cousin Erika with her son NC.
upper photo: us again, this time with Inang Chayong (our grandmother); lower photo: Me with Adam
and this is me again with my son.

Of the three, Ethan was born first (Dec. 4, 2008), then came my little Adam (Jan. 26, 2009) and then NC (Feb. 13, 2009).  It was our Uncle Jim who coined the "Three Kings" bit.  He even said Ethan was going to be called Mel (short for Melchor), Adam was to be Gas (short for Gaspar) and NC would be Bal (short for Baltazar).  Of course only Uncle Jim calls them that, hehehe!

20 March 2009

Back to Work

Today is my first day at work after my 2-month maternity leave... so far, I have texted my mom twice inquiring about Adam and it's only a little past 9am (I left the house about 7:45am).  Ganon yata talaga, hirap iwanan ang baby even when you know he's in good hands.  Specially since a couple of days after he turned 1-month old saka pa naka-latch on ang baby ko so I have been mixed feeding him (breastfeeding in the afternoon and at night and bottle feeding in the morning) eversince.  Anyway, to take my mind off Adam for a while (as if!) I have decided to update this blog and then concentrate on organizing the accumulated paperwork that I have to accomplish.  Time seems so slow though when you want to be somewhere else...

03 March 2009

Going Home

Tomorrow, Adam and I are going home... Charlie has finally declared he has less overtime work from tomorrow onwards and so he'll have more time to bond with Adam when he gets home, that's why we have decided that it's about time we go home to our apartment.  It will also serve as our practice for when I go back to work.  The plan is that I will bring Adam to my parents house in the early morning before going to work and fetch him from there after office.  I am crossing my fingers that this plan would work because we don't have a nanny for Adam yet.
My going home means even lesser updates for this blog because I would have to dedicate more time to Adam and my mom and sisters wouldn't be there to look after Adam while I go online.  Besides, I only have a prepaid internet connection at home and I doubt I will remember to reload...
So to my readers (if there are any)... please bear with me and expect more updates from March 20 onwards because by that time I would be able to access my blog more often (during lunch and coffee breaks) at the office.