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26 March 2012

Hot Zambo Express

I saw a new product (or at least this is new to me) that caught my eye at the grocery store last weekend...
The Hot Zambo Express from Family's Brand really lives up to it's name... H-O-T!  And I mean hot, buti na lang the weather's kinda cold these days and one needs the heat. whew!  I can still feel the zing on my tongue and it's already been more than a couple of hours since I've had breakfast.  If you ask me if it's good enough to buy again... I'd say "yeah, if you're into the hot stuff" but I wouldn't recommend it for those who want just a bit of spice.  As for me, I wouldn't be buying any for me anytime soon, since hubby doesn't really go for hot and spicy foods.  But I would definitely recommend it to my sister, Mae and her Bicolano boyfriend who prefers chili by the dozen, hehehe!

16 March 2012


My hubby and I share our love for chocolates (but the intensity of his love for anything chocolate is much more evident that mine :P ), so when we heard about Magnum... a belgian chocolate covered ice cream, we definitely wanted to try it.
The Verdict:  It really is quite delish!  If it wasn't so expensive, I could probably eat two in one sitting.

12 March 2012

Izzy's Baptism

If I have been absent for a while in updating this blog, this is not solely due to my balancing act as a career woman and a mom, this also partly because I was extra busy preparing for my daughter's christening.  Now that it's finally done, I can write...

Yesterday, my daughter, Charlize Ann was welcomed to the catholic faith at the Cathedral of St. Andrew in ParaƱaque.  Her daddy and I were so happy that our family and friends graced us with their presence during the event.  We had the reception afterwards at Chowking and I am quite satisfied with their service, the crew were very polite and helpful.  Plus the food was delish and served just at the right time.  Our guests went home with their bellies full and their hearts light.  The giveaways were done by El Regalo and they were really nice.  The diaper cake from Party Fairies was a hit as part of the backdrop in a lot of our guests photos.  And the DIY tokens for the godparents were also well received.  All in all, it was a success!  Here are some of the highlights of the event in pictures: