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27 March 2007

Testing 1, 2, 3

I don't know if this will work but I am just trying to see if this post will finally appear...

08 March 2007

04 March 2007

01 March 2007

The Month That Was

February proved to be quite a busy month for me, what with the move and adjustments I had to make because of that move, as well as getting into a new routine with Charlie's work schedule and weekly happenings with the family and friends... I must say the past 28 days really were jam-packed with home improvements, gardening, shopping for house needs, entertaining house guests, getting to know the neighborhood, as well as the usual busy work-month for me and Charlie. Hay, buti na lang this March would be less stressful for Charlie kasi less overtime na siya ako naman, hanggang 2nd week ng march na lang yung hectic schedule and then all will be well from here na. My one concern is that Charlie's asking me to come with him to Ilocos on the third week of April kaya lang baka mag-conflict with the seminar-workshop sa office. hmmm... di bale, we're planning naman to have a short vacation naman sa Baguio mga 1st week ng April and our usual overnight swimming by 2nd week of May. Tapos Charlie would be off to Hongkong by June! Kainggit! Sana matupad din yung target ko to go to Singapore by November. Sabi ni Charlie, sama daw siya, but only if I get an expensive pasalubong from Hongkong, hehehe!

Aside from the change of address, I also had a make-over (ngek! hair-cut lang pala). Tapos I also had a long-overdue visit sa spa for a whole body massage (hey, I deserve it after all the packing and moving) One thing that's bugging me lang up to this minute is that our phone line has yet to be transferred, hay naku I don't want to rant about the service of PLDT, not just yet anyway... Basta dapat by this week na-install na nila yung phone namin!