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13 May 2010

Busy Bee

     I guess I should be glad that I have been kept busy by work, housewife and mommy matters lately... I mean, it's better that I'm busy with productive things rather than be idle and not know what I should be doing nor what my purpose is.  It has been a month of many ups and downs... For the last week of April, I got sick, then as May came, my son was the one who had to be attended to when he couldn't take the heat wave that has been hovering over the country for the past several weeks.  I just thank the Lord that my husband and I are fortunate enough to be both earning enough to provide for our son's needs, I just can't imagine what I would do had we not have enough funds to bring my son to the doctor and buy medicines so he would get well.  True, there are times when I worry that hubby and I are not saving enough for the rainy days and there are even months when we don't save anything at all, but when I think of people who earn much less than we do and have more mouths to feed, I just count my blessings instead of dwelling on the bad...

     As of the moment, I am still occupied with tons of work, an active toddler brimming with energy and enthusiasm for everything his mind can grasp, a loving husband who keeps me sane, a family who continuously supports me and oftentimes still requires my attention, and friends to share stories with and remind me that I should also have a social life outside my family circle.  And with all of that on my hands, I am lucky to get the chance to post anything for this blog... or maybe I just need to improve on my time management skills?

31 March 2010

One Last Post for March

We're only until noon today at the office and I'm glad I get to spend a longer time with my family (especially my son) this long weekend.  And so I wanted to end March with a short update for this blog...

First there's Adam, he's just a bundle of energy that never ceases to amaze me (not to mention, tire me out!).  He's a constant source of happiness.  He can say "mama" he wants to go with you (meaning "Sama"), he says "la na" or "nanana" to indicate that the toy he's playing with has somehow vanished or what he's been watching is finished or he's food/milk is all gone (meaning "wala na").  He walks with support now and often demands that he be put down (as opposed to being carried or in the stroller) so he can walk.

Then there's Charlie, my hubby, who often demands that he be "babied" too, hahaha!

And then there's work, which keeps me busy enough not to be able to update this blog as much as I want to.

And of course, there's my now more active social life... Thursday is the day for coffee with friends after office hours.  Or sometimes we just go to the mall and talk while we window shop (or shop period).  Or we go on a food trip and try out new restos...

Well, that's life...

18 March 2010

Stolen Moment

As my title suggests, this is just one of those moments when I can write a few words just to let everybody who happens to read my blog know that I am still alive... I have been super busy lately and has less time to go online so I grabbed this rare opportunity to check whether my blog is still here.  Hopefully, things would be easier a week or so from now and I would be able to blog more but for the moment... I just have to ride out the work that has flooded my office.

21 February 2010

Wishlist (Part 1)

These days, it's very seldom (if ever) that I get to watch TV.  Which is a good thing considering that I had time to watch TV for just a couple or so hours today while Adam took a long nap and I saw stuff from the shopping channel that I want to have or has caught part of a series that I now want to be able to watch regularly or maybe just watch online!

First there's this spin mop that I really got fascinated with.  I mean it looks easy to use plus I don't have to wring the mop with my hands when I rinse it.

Then there's the 9 minute marinator which promises good food everytime.  I particularly like the tenderizer feature which I could definitely use on meat for grilling which my husband loves.

Then as I was flipping through channels I caught sight of the teaser of Drop Dead Diva and I really liked it and now I wanna be able to watch it but I didn't catch the airing schedule and even if I did, I don't think I'll be able to remember it, let alone watch it...

It's going to be like a couple of weeks ago when I was able to watch the "Bird" episode of Worst Week where laughed my a** off and has promised to watch the succeeding episodes but has never gotten to!

I even went online to search for online episodes but I can't seem to find a working link!  Now I have to remember to look for these shows when I am able to go to a DVD store, if they're available so I can watch them.

But as this post title suggests, this is just part of my loooong wishlist, and although I don't plan to throw my earnings (or my husband's) down the drain by spending it on whatever looks pleasing or caught my fancy, I still can wish, can't I?

19 February 2010

Special Fried Rice

I was inspired with Ms. Connie's post and has always been a sucker for fried rice that I made this last night:
It is not actually Yang Chow because of the absence of roast pork but I added diced ham, green peas, cabbage, eggs, diced hotdogs and leftover longganisa.  My family loved it!

17 February 2010

Refrigerated Cake (Peaches)

Since I was able to go home early yesterday, I had time to look at our pantry and see what I can "tinker" with... I found an unopened bottle of peaches which I bought a week ago (thinking I was going to have peach melba) a couple of packs of Graham Crackers and All purpose cream.  All I needed was milk and I was ready to begin preparing my refrigerated cake.

It only took 30 minutes to prepare the cake so after placing in the fridge, I still had time to play with a Adam for a while.  I guess I must have played with my son a little longer than I was planning to or maybe my cake was just that irrisistible that before I knew it... brother has already sliced his share of it! nyahahaha!  Anyway, I was planning to put it in a nice serving plate and garnish it with the peaches I set aside specifically for that purpose and then take a picture of it, but this was the only picture I was able to take because as soon as my sisters and mom got wind that the cake was already sliced, they also took their share and ate it! :)

15 February 2010


Lately I cannot say "Thank You" enough for all the blessings that we have been getting... I just feel so loved and blessed to be getting all the material things and the positive feedback and events that have recently come my way.  I cannot put into words how happy I am at this very minute...

~ ♥ ~

Valentine's Day was almost like any ordinary Sunday for us... see eversince December of 2009, my hubby's only restday falls on a Monday so most weekends, we don'y get to spend with him.  Yesterday, I thought he was going to forgo any form of celebration for Valentine's because he didn't even give it a mention during our usual everyday conversations, but my hubby being the closet-romantic that he is, was planning something special pala!  My day started ordinary enough... waking up a bit later than usual and then taking my son, Adam to church, while hubby goes to work.  I even joked about it to my friends and family who asked how I was celebrating my Valentine's day - I said, "May date kami ni Adam".  I brought my son to the mall where we just walked around, did a bit of grocery shopping (which mostly consists of diapers and milk) and then we ate at McDonald's because Adam just loves their fries and spaghetti.  And by late afternoon we were already at my parents' home.

  Charlie came at around 9:30 PM, played a little with Adam before we finally were able to get him to sleep at around 10:30 PM.  By 11:00 PM, Charlie and I were already in our apartment and I thought our day was over, without him even saying "Happy Valentine's Day".  As we have been doing for quite a while now, we said our prayers together before sleeping and as I was about to lie down he said "Honey, pwede ba pakikuha mo naman ako ng T-shirt?", since I'm used to him wearing just boxers or pajama bottoms when he sleeps I asked "Bakit? Giniginaw ka ba?", which he then answered with a "Yes" and so I said "Gusto mo, patayin ko na lang yung aircon?" but he said "Hindi na, mag-T-shirt n lng ako" and then I remembered that there are a couple of his shirts that I haven't put in his cabinet and are still on top of the ironing board so I got up and took one and gave it to him, but he didn't want that shirt and came up with the flimsiest of reasons: "Gusto ko yung white lang, wag na yang de-color", to which I replied "E di ikaw na kumuha, ang arte mo naman pang-tulog lang namimili pa ng kulay".  But he said "Ikaw na lang, please" so I went to the other room where his cabinet was located and upon opening the door I saw a dozen pink and red balloons with "Happy Valentines" written on them and on each ribbon tied to the balloon were small notes like: "Whenever you walk in the room, my heart bursts with pride" or "Everyday, I discover more reasons for me to love you"... etc.

  Haay! I love you Mr. Charlie G. Yadao!  Happy talaga ang Valentine's day basta were together!

~ ♥ ~

Today, despite all the problems I have recently discovered (which I will not discuss on this post since I want this to be a happy one), we had our flag raising ceremony and our boss talked about love during her message of the week.  And then after our "short program" she treated us to a breakfast meal from McDonald's and greeted us a belated Happy Valentine's Day.

~ ♥ ~

Just a couple of minutes ago, a long lost friend and classmate from high school got in touch with me and invited me to join a reunion.  I miss my high school friends and although I am not sure whether I'll be going to the reunion or not, I made a promise that we will get together really soon to catch up on all the kwento and goings on with our lives... There's going to be some major catching up!

01 February 2010

Charles Adam

The 26th of January marked my son's first birthday.  It started out quite normal for me, I went to work as usual and thought I was just going to have food delivered when I get home that afternoon (I was going to go home early to be with my son) but my Dad had other plans pala.  At around two in the afternoon, as I was already preparing to leave early, my Dad brought my son to the office.  He said he thought that since it was Adam's birthday he should be with me, hehehe, mainipin si Lolo!  Anyway, since he was already there, I just had food delivered to the office for a birthday treat cum "merienda" for some of my officemates.  And then we went home at my usual time off.

January 29, Friday, I brought Adam to Kids' Hair Salon in Southmall, Las PiƱas to have his first haircut.

At first, I said "wow, ang bait naman pala magpagupit ng baby ko", because he was really just his usual curious self.  Slightly "malikot" but he was letting the hair-cutter do his job.  He was even watching the Barney video they provided.  And then after several minutes, he already lost interest in the video and started to get uneasy.  I tried to divert his attention to the toy car that he was sitting on and I succeeded naman for about a minute or so and then he started fidgeting again.  When I didn't carry him off the seat that he wanted to get out of, he started crying.  Buti na lang the staff there were really patient and always ready for such situations.  They gave him a lollipop and Adam calmed down again until his haircut was finished!  After his haircut, he looked even more like his father (if that was possible) than before!

Then on January 30, Saturday at 4:30 in the afternoon, we had a small celebration for Adam's first birthday at McDonald's in Sucat, Palanyag.  It was a fun affair that was shared by our relatives and close friends.  There were also blunders like the video camera loosing its battery charge just at the start of the party (I checked it a couple of hours before the party and it was fully charged, the problem was I forgot to turn it off, thus...) and the fact that I forgot to have the tarpauline layout I made printed but aside from that, the kids and adults had fun, the food was ample and as usual, yummy and the appearance of the mascots were a hit!  I'm still sorting through the pictures and video and should be able to upload them by the end of this week, for now, I am just so happy that I got to experience yet another parenthood milestone and am looking forward to experiencing more!  Thanks to everyone who helped make my son's celebration a success!

25 January 2010

All Set!

Tomorrow is my son's first birthday!  Here's a video of him trying to stay awake way past his bedtime:

He really is the happiness of my life!

Anyway, since his birthday falls of a weekday, we decided to throw the birthday party on Saturday, January 30.  Everything is set... The invitations already distributed, the giveaways done and ready, the reservation for the party place, food and cake already paid for... we are just awaiting the big day!  Of course, tomorrow, we're going to have a private celebration plus the much awaited first haircut for Adam (his bangs are always falling over his eyes).  Happy Birthday baby! Mommy and Daddy loves you so much!

22 January 2010

I Love You, Goodbye

One of my best friends, Jaybee is leaving for the US on the 25th.  He has been a constant in my life since 1998 so it really is going to be quite an adjustment to not see him at the office or go on night-outs and weekend gimmiks without him.  But I am truly happy for him because he will be with his wife already.  As a send-off we (several of his friends and officemates) treated him to a videoke bar.  It was a lot of fun!

We will miss you Jaybee!

13 January 2010


Sleep-deprived and barely coping... that's how I would describe myself these past couple of days.  Adam has been sick for almost a week now.  We brought him to the doctor and was prescribed medication for Asthma (haaay! kawawa naman, my baby).  What's different this time is, gone were the days when it was so easy for me to get Adam to take his medicines... I guess he just has had enough of it.  He cries a lot and pushes away the meds.  Even when I try to nebulize him, he gets cranky and throws a fit.  Of course, even the shortest time of crying would cause him to cough even more and oftentimes he would throw up.  He lost his appetite, even for milk.  Now his weight is down and although he is beginning to start drinking milk again on a regular basis, he still gets cranky a lot.  To make matters even worse, I've had to cope (and am still coping) with a lot of RUSH work at the office.  And this is not even because I forgot a deadline or I was remiss in doing my job.  I have been waiting and waiting for instructions and for approval of layouts and whatnot for days and now that the "event" is near, the "higher-ups" realize that they only a few days to come up with results.  And of course, now they delegate me to deal with the "technicalities" and produce results in a snap.  Aarrrgh! I am trying my best but I can only do so much... last night (or shall I say this morning, since I slept around 1:00 AM), I had the strangest "dream": I was neck-deep in what seemed like black "goo" which looked really yucky and garbage-filled.  I was trying to come up but I was sinking.  Good thing, I woke up because I was already in a state of panic.  Weekend, I need you now!

05 January 2010

Welcome 2010!

2009 has been a series of ups and downs... an emotional roller coaster that is called life.  Now, as we usher in 2010, my wish is that may this year be filled with learnings and more happy events, and if trials come our way, may we be strong enough to hurdle them.  I cannot put into words the joy I experienced when I first saw my baby, Adam, January of 2009... now, as the anniversary of that day approaches, we will experience another first... his 1st Birthday!  We are "all systems go" for his birthday party preps that's why we didn't exert that much effort during the new year's celebration... anyway, there's still "Chinese New Year" to look forward to.  Here are some highlights of our Media Noche:

And here is Adam's first encounter with his paternal grandmother:

Since Nana, lives in Sinait, Ilocos Sur, and the last time she visited us here in Manila was December of 2008 (while I was still pregnant), this is the first time Adam and Nana saw each other.  Adam was cranky the whole time and I'm really sorry that Nana wasn't able to see her only grandson's cheerful side.