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31 July 2007

Glitch Gone!

I never thought I would be posting another article here again but... here I am back with blogger... Oh, for those who have followed me to my blog, I am going to maintain that also but I still have yet to decide how I am going to categorize what posts I would post there and which ones I would post here. *LOL* What can you do? A female mind is really complicated, and coupled with a temperamental internet connection and an "antique" computer that could oftentimes make your head ache with the staring and the waiting, one really doesn't know what to expect next! Anyway, just know that I'm back and will be posting in this blog again.

13 July 2007

Friday the 13th

Wow, my last post was published successfully! Does that mean that I'm not having problems anymore with blogger? Here's the ultimate test... A post on the popularly known "most unfortunate day of any year" -- Friday the 13th! If this post still appears without glitches then it's probably a good enough sign for me to start being active with blogger again. Here goes... Let's keep our fingers crossed!

10 July 2007

Just another

Here's another attempt at trying to post something here... hopefully this will come out without problems. I miss posting here and most of my blogger friends know this address. Meaning I'll get more visitors here. Please, please, please let me continue to keep this blog so I could keep in touch better with other blogger friends.