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31 December 2007

Happy New Year!

new year greeting

Credits: Fireworks Paper by Dumb Bum Designs; Wordart, Champagne Bottle, Champagne Flutes and Ribbon by Utopian Rain

27 December 2007

Online Fun

Before my first casino experience, I never really understood why some people frequent those places. But after betting on a couple of card games and playing on the slot machines several times, I finally got it... It was quite exciting not knowing whether you're going to win or not, I don't know if there's a science to it where you would always win, for me it was purely luck, and it was quite a rush. So for anyone who would like to duplicate their experience in casinos without leaving the comfort of your homes, visit an online casino. It would give you a wide variety of choices of sites as well as the games you particularly like. You don't have to dress up, you don't even have to wait to play... The choices are right there in front of you, all you need to do is point and click and the fun begins! Oh and you will play without worries because this site provides with you with professional reviews and trust scores for each online casino as well as bonus features!

26 December 2007

'Twas The Day After Christmas...

family xmas

I was supposed to go back to work today but as I woke up at around 10 in the morning already, I saw that it was pointless to rush myself to go to work, well it is really not surprising that I overslept what with the tiring (but uber happy) day that was yesterday... Christmas morning was spent cleaning up the mess that was made the night before and then I started cooking for the Christmas lunch that I was hosting for my family. I cooked simple dishes that were family favorites: Chicken Curry, Inihaw na Bangus, Pork Barbeque and Beef Stew. My family arrived at around 12:30pm and we started eating lunch right away. After lunch, we opened our gifts for one another and watched TV for a while. Then after a few minutes of rest my baby sister, Mae helped me to cook carbonara for the visitors that I was expecting later that day (my godchildren... with their parents of course!). At around 3:00pm they (mom, dad, sisters & bro) bid me "adieu" to go visit my grandmother and my mom's siblings who were at my Aunt's house before finally going home. I caught a bit of R&R for an hour or two before my cousin Tin-Tin came with her son Enzo (Charlie's godson) together with her husband Elmer and two of her sisters, Lorraine and Levie. Elmer joined in the "drinking session" with Charlie and some of our neighbors in front of our house while Enzo opened his "ninong Chayie's" gift. After a while came Rosebeth (my officemate) with her daughter Kate (my goddaughter) and her husband Joseph, but since Kate was in "toyo" mode, they had to leave early. After a while Enzo wanted to go home also so the rest of my guests had to follow suit. That left me with loads of cleaning up to do on my own since Charlie was still with our neighbors outside, celebrating. Needless to say, by the time Charlie and our neighbors called it a night, I was already finished with the cleanup and it was already 1:30am! I'm not complaining though, I enjoyed the things I did because it made my family and friends happy... And now here I am, writing this post from home, but tomorrow its back to the office for me!

25 December 2007

Happy Holidays!

credit: Merry and Bright Quickpage by Ellie Lash

17 December 2007

Innocent Life

I spent most of my time over the weekend playing Harvest Moon Innocent Life... I have always liked playing Harvest Moon from the time I started playing it on Gameboy Advance. I even had one in my mobile phone before. And at home, in my pc, I had HM in project 64 format. And after finishing the girl game in Back to Nature for PSP, I decided (despite the numerous negative comments from my friends and the ones I read in forums about the Innocent Life version) to try playing it and sure enough I couldnt put the PSP down... Charlie keeps saying that he's going to hide the PSP or the memory stick containing the game (hehehe!). Anyway, I really like it. I also like the plot although I miss the courtin part of the game in the previous HM versions, but there are a lot of new things in Innocent Life, like the cute buggy that the lead character gets as a reward from his "creator" when he is able to open certain portals. There's more area to be explored also plus you get both a dog and a cat as pets. I better stop before I go on and on about this game... I'll probably write more when I finish the game already but as for now, I can't wait for the clock to hit 5pm so I could go home and play again.

13 December 2007

Be a Smarty, Join Smorty!

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Ronito Ronita

Bloggers unite! It is the season for giving and what better way to celebrate such a joyous occassion than to partake in a "ronito-ronita"? Juliana tagged me with this and I cannot contain my excitement over it... for my fellow n@wies I think you are familiar with this as this is a yearly activity from N@W only this is purely via the net. Just remember to reply to the tag before the 16th of December.

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Remind them to do item #1.

** Participants will be accepted until December 16 (Phil. time) only. On December 17, the organizer will email to you the details of your Ronito/Ronita. Send him/her a Christmas greeting via E-cards preferably on December 25.

Should time be a constraint, you can send it earlier.

I'm tagging Anne, Thet, Che, Mec, Raquel, Kathy, Meng, Toni, Mhay and Chi. If someone else tagged you already then it's ok, so long as you're part of it already... Merry Christmas!

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`Tis The Season...

It's been a while so just bare with me and the long post up ahead...

Over the Weekend: I did a multitude of chores around the house, so much in fact that by Sunday afternoon I was like a gadget nearing its "battery empty" stage with no charger in sight! Yikes! I know some may say that I am over-dramatizing this but hey, I'm just human and to tell you the truth up to the time when I got married I was not used to doing everything on my own... I lived with my parents and although I knew how to do most house chores I was not obligated to do anything at all! So just imagine the major adjustment I have to endure whenever I go home tired from work and stressed with all the office happenings but still find myself at the beginning of a list of things to do, this time at home. Anyways, I'm not really complaining even though it might sound that way... I'm just... well.... just airing out my feelings, that's all! In fact all this independence and being responsible for a lot of things it's just a bit overwhelming at times specially over this weekend when Charlie had to go on uber overtime at work which meant I had to do ALL the weekend chores on my own. Some may ask, why not get a maid or something, but when we start contemplating on getting one the cons outweigh the pros of getting a househelp so we'll just have to endure this period of adjustment and maybe eventually not be so bothered with the endless chores we have to do (either that or eventually succumb to the urge of finding a maid!).

Monday until yesterday (Wednesday): I was not able to go to work, I woke up early morning feeling nauseous and dizzy. After a trip to the comfort room and a splash of water on my face, I checked my temperature and found it at 38.9 degrees so hubby declared that I was not to go to work and just stay at home and rest. By the middle to the day our neighbor brought me congee and a huge can of juice. Apparently Charlie asked them to look in on me from time to time because he could not NOT go to work that day and he was worried about leaving me alone, sick. I was feeling a bit better the next day (Tuesday) but decided still not to go to work to avoid relapse or something, besides I was still feeling a bit queesy. By Wednesday I was feeling a lot like my usual self already but hubby insisted that I still take time off to rest so still, I did not go to work but by noon, I was already feeling restless and bored. I even made several phone calls to my mom (It was her birthday yesterday, her 60th) asking her if she wanted me to go with her somewhere but she said I should rest and that she didn't really want to make such a big deal out of her birthday so I said ok we were just going to have to celebrate some other time (in fact I am already planning a big retirement celebration for her come March, shush! it's still a secret, hehehe!) Anyways, I ended up changing the curtains and beddings in our room instead because, well... I was bored! Besides I rationalized to myself that it's time to change the beddings anyway because I got sick there and whatever virus that I got sick from must have infected the beddings thus the need for change, hehehe! Plus I disenfected the whole bedroom... by late afternoon our room smelled faintly of a hospital with all the disinfectant I used but then it looked immaculately clean and organized that I felt good and treated myself to a yellowcab pizza delivery, which I shared with our neighbor, also as sign of thanks for being there when I was sick.

Now: Here I am back at work, a mountain of paperwork waiting to be organized and filed but decided to post this first before tackling the major workload that I have to finish today. I'm a renegade, I know... but what can I do, I just feel that it's a travesty that at a time when there are twinkling lights in the hallways and wreaths and lanterns on the office windows and doors, it is definitely not the season for paperwork... `tis the season for cheerful parties, wrapping presents and exchanging smiles and stories with people you have not talked to or seen in a long time.

06 December 2007


Lunch break! The lunch we got today is pork sinigang which is fine... but what I'm really craving for is feta cheese and spring rolls! Ah... just the thought of it makes my mouth water... maybe later if I could go out for take-out after work...

03 December 2007

Link Tag

Mhay tagged me with this:

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And I'm tagging Mec, Mommy Chi, Anne and Thet

Manic Monday

When I woke up this morning, this was the first thing that came to mind... "It's just another manic Monday, I wish it was Sunday, 'Cause that's my funday, My I don't have to runday, It's just another manic Monday ..." as the song by The Bangles goes...

Well at least there's always the thought of Friday...

(Sigh... Sigh...)
Anyways, here's what's been happening eversince my last post:

November 27: Charlie got sick so he wasn't able to go to work, I wanted to bring him to a clinic to get a prescription but he said it's just his tonsils that was aching that's why he had fever so he just took the usual medication he takes when he has tonsilitis. (Men! Why can't they just admit it when they need to consult a real doctor?!)

November 28: I wasn't able to go to work as well because Charlie's fever won't go down and I decided to bring him to a clinic against his wishes. The doctor prescribed him with new medications and by afternoon he was feeling a bit better (Hmp, should've gone to the doctor in the first place, right?) Anyways, the rest of the afternoon I spent finishing the AVP that was due tomorrow for my Aunt's retirement tribute.

November 29: Still wasn't able to go to work because there were certain matters I had to attend to with regards to my Aunt's tribute, hey after this I'm thinking of doing this as another sideline... Anyways, my aunt's tribute went smoothly enough and Charlie was finally getting better (I was worried there for a time because he very rarely absents himself from work even if he feels a little under the wheather so I know he really felt sick that he called in sick.) BTW good thing I went home early from Makati where I set up the AVP or I would have been caught in the traffic caused by the Manila Peninula seige.

November 30: I was supposed to attend a team-building seminar at Cardona, Rizal but asked to be excused because I had to get another TVU which went well enough, now my OB is saying things are finally looking up for us in the conceiving department... hmmm... maybe... let's keep our fingers crossed...

December 1: Just stayed home all day while Charlie went to work.... finally finished putting up the christmas lights and decorations.

December 2: The usual sunday stuff... church, laundry, ironing of clothes, csi supreme sunday, foot spa...

Today: It's back to the salt mines for us! Just please, please let the work be just work and no more side stuff!