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27 April 2008

Tubbataha Reef

Have you seen Tubbataha Reef? Sad to say, I have not yet gone to this beautiful and rich part of the Philippines. But from what I have been hearing and seeing about it on TV it is now one of the places I would like to visit someday. What's even more interesting about it is that it is now nominated to be one of the new seven wonders of the world. Currently, it is on number 8 so if you want Tubbataha Reef to become part of the new seven wonders, don't hesitate to vote for it now. It will bring more pride to our country and probably more tourists also. If you've seen the beauty of Tubbataha for yourself, then all the more reason to vote for it, if you're like me though, who has yet to see its full glory, but is planning to... you can vote also!

There are two more wonderful places in the Philippines which have been nominated in the new seven wonders -- The Chocolate Hills in Bohol and The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park in Palawan. Let us bring pride to the natural wonders of the Philippines and vote for them now.

1 comment:

askgreg said...

I've already voted.

I agree it was pretty random that this one is doing quite well in the global standings. I've never even heard of that place.