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25 April 2008

I've Been A Slave...

an office slave that is... for the last couple of days and it's good that I finally got the chance to take breather! Work has been specially hard these past few days what with the constant pouring of reports to be accomplished, inventories to be done and new documents to be filed and cataloged! I am really grateful that my youngest sister helped me out yesterday with sorting out some of the documents I need to file (she's staying with me for the summer and I asked for a huge favor so she helped me out in the office) but still, there's still a lot of work to get done and not that many hands to do it on time. Am I complaining? Yes I am, because I have had enough "understanding" why I cannot be given a clerk to at least help me with the filing and receiving... why my office cannot be installed with an airconditioning unit when everyone knows that it is freaking hot in there... why some people cannot do their share of work and arrange their files properly so that it wouldn't add to my already heavy workload and most specially why I am hard at work all the time when I see some of my co-employees just taking it easy and kidding around with one another! If I just didn't take out a housing loan recently, I would definitely not have second thoughts about quitting this unrewarding job that I have and find fulfillment elsewhere! Oh please God, give me strength because the pressure is slowly getting to me already and my head is already throbbing from thinking of ways to de-stress!

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