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13 April 2008

Parents for a Day

the breeze outside and the clucking chickens nearby was keeping her busy

a picture with Uncle Charlie before they went on a short walk around the village

It was a welcome surprise that my neice Marianne came for a visit today... Well, she was not alone of course, because if my 8-month-old neice can come visit me on her own then that would be cause for a media-frenzy! Anyway, My dad and baby sister Mae, came over for a visit and they brought Marianne with them. After a while Daddy said he was going somewhere for a while so Marianne was left with me and hubby and my baby sister Mae. Mae decided to watch Enchanted so I took charge of the baby. It wasn't really hard to take care of Marianne because she always has a happy disposition, besides I am not new to taking care of babies because I had to take care of my youngest sister when she was just a baby. Charlie took turns carrying Marianne because Daddy did not bring a stroller. It was such a welcome surprise to see Charlie playing with the baby and not making her cry (as he usually does every other child that we see). But of course when Marianne made poo-poo, I was the one who had to clean her and change her because hubby and Mae didn't want anything to do with it, hehehe! It was tiring (because we had to carry her most of the time) but entertaining and quite satisfying to be able to take care of a baby again. The verdict? Marianne will be a regular weekend visitor from now on... Charlie said we were going to pick her up Saturday morning next weekend! Well, I guess being parents for a day left a positive mark on hubby!

here she is munching on a cracker

and then here making "pa-ulan"

and here playing with the camera case
here, she shows off her itsy bitsy teeth (she was jumping while the picture was taken)

and then tired from doing all her tricks, winded down to rest...

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