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28 March 2005

The Ring

Here is a picture of the ring we picked...
Doesn't it look classic?! Anyway, my mom volunteered her jeweler friend to make the rings but we're still awaiting the final price quote from her. The first quote was quite expensive plus the stone she showed us was a little too big for the design we chose.

19 March 2005

Me, The Godmother...AGAIN!

I was chosen to be a Ninang again by one of my friends/officemate…Again! (I have now 35 “inaanaks” and counting…) Edwin (my new kumpare) and Jaybee (my other officemate) picked me up from my house so I could attend the seminar for Aliya’s (my new inaanak) baptism tomorrow. The seminar took longer than expected so Charlier was already in SM Southmall (we had a prior agreement that he would meet us there after the seminar) by the time we got there. Anyway, Charlie was already starving so we ate first at Sorabol then strolled around the mall for a while. We then inquired at Acclaim about a butterfly release for the wedding. We also saw several items that we are thinking of getting for giveaways and souvenirs that would be ideal for our principal sponsors as well as our parents. (Mental Note: compose a short “thank you” poem or quote to put in the souvenir!)

13 March 2005


Although it wasn’t mine nor Charlie’s first time at Baywalk, it was our first time there together. We watched the regatta race (It was some kind of celebration in manila, I forgot what it was!) and then stayed on for the show in front of Malate Church.

02 March 2005

St. Andrew's Cathedral

Charlie and I went to church today, we attended the usual Wednesday novena then heard mass. Wow, the St. Andrew’s Cathedral really brings back so many memories (of course it wasn't a cathedral then). I know that aside from my parents having gotten married there (I think I have browsed through their wedding album more than a hundred times!), I was also baptized there. I remember the many Sundays my family and I attend mass there together when my siblings and I were still in grade school… in high school I would attend the afternoon Sunday mass with my cousins and then when I started working, I frequented the Church every Wednesday for the novena (aside of course from attending Sunday Mass, usually with my youngest sister, Mae)…. and then… hopefully, sometime next year, I would walk down the isle as a BRIDE!