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14 April 2008

House Plans Made Easy

If you have visited this blog before, you may have known about me and hubby being busy preparing to move in to our new home hence the home improvement plans... I have been browsing the net for ideas and tips on making these renovations when I came across SmartDraw 2008. It really is very easy to use and quite helpful in making professional looking plans even if it's your first time to use it. I even got to use it planning for the home improvements of my parents house. I just made the plan using SmartDraw, printed it out and showed it to a contractor for an estimate. I tell you, if you're planning on making home improvements or is simply thinking of moving your furniture around, use this very user-friendly software and you can't go wrong. Oh and not only that, you can also use SmartDraw for floor plans during receptions, conferences and other events. If I just knew of this software while I was making the seating plans and table placement for my wedding reception, then it wouldn't have been as complicated... it is truly amazing how this software can ease your home improvement and floor planning needs. By the way, this is not a paid post! I just got so excited in being able to find such a software that I felt the need to share it with you. I know a lot of us would be making home improvements sooner or later so... SmartDraw has a trial version which you can download in a minute and start using right away. The trial lasts for 8 days so you can experiment with it a lot first before buying. Happy planning!


AiDiSan said...

Hi Heidi,

Thanks for sharing SmartDraw. I'm at work right now but I'm gonna dowload it at home, I'm gonna give it a try and I really hope I'll be able to put into drawing the floor plan & interior design that I visualize.

Thanks again...You're the best!!!

Heidi said...

You're very welcome sis! Tell me how your house plans go, ok? Have fun!

AiDiSan said...

Hi there Heidi,

I downloaded SmartDraw as soon as I got home and I got stuck in the computer table trying to finish at least one floor plan and I did. We really like to have 2 floor house but just in case the budget will not fit in, we will settle with one floor bungalow house.

All I wanted a simple house that I can call my own.

Heidi said...

I suggest you have the foundations of your house ready for a second floor and then expand later on. Anyways, good luck on building your dream house. (Di ba super nakaka-addict mag SmartDraw?)