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07 August 2005

The Ongpin Experience

Although most of the Saturdays that my honey and I see each other is spent Manila (either in Quiapo or Sampaloc-where he lives or mall hopping) we have never visited Ongpin together before. The last time I visited was... I don't know, it was too long ago to remember. Anyways, Wednesday, Charlie said he wanted to buy a necklace chain in Ongpin and asked if we could go there on the weekend. Hesitantly, I said ok. Friday, the weather was gloomy and it looked like it was going to be rainy for the rest of the weekend so I was begging off the Ongpin trip but Charlie was too excited so I relented. Saturday morning proved to be even more rainy than the past couple of days so I was trying to call off the trip but hearing the excitement in my honey's voice (I've never heard him so set on doing a shopping trip this much!) kept me from disheartening him... So we agreed to meet up in front of Mercury Drugstore near Plaza Miranda. I got there first and had to wait about 5 minutes before he arrived, I of course, told him I waited 30 minutes for him (because it was the first time I had to wait and he always scolds me for not sticking to the time we agreed on) and then we proceeded to walk our way to Ongpin. But both of us hasn't been there in a long time (me particularly!) and we got lost! We asked a guard somewhere and he pointed us to the wrong direction! Anyhow, we asked a pedicab driver and he said we passed our turnoff already but he offered to bring us there (for a fee of course) and tired from walking we agreed. Guess what? We would have not been that lost had we sticked to our blurry memory and not asked the guard... When we got there I told my honey to choose quickly as I'm getting hungry already so he first bought me something to drink and proceeded to choose a necklace... then after booth-hopping and haggling with several salespeople he suddenly said... "honey tingin ka ng gusto mong ring" So shocked, I just looked at him and said "Di ba magpapagawa na tayo ng rings?" but he smiled and said "hindi yon, engagement ring." I was ecstatic! but he continued by adding "pero pili ka pa lang ha? kulang pa budget ko ngayon, sa birthday mo pa makukuha yan" so I proceeded to choose... I picked 3 different designs and left it to him to make the final choice (I'm crossing my fingers it's my favorite) kasi mejo mahal yung mga napili ko. But whatever his choice is... basta I'm very, very happy kasi unexpected naman! I can't wait for my August 20 to come!


mai said...

hi! uyy magkaka-ER na siya! sarap ng feeling noh? Buti ka nga your h2b voluntary..ako i have to demand one from my h2b heheheh! anyway, about dun sa question mo about uploading w@w badges on the side's the code just delete the commas before the < since comment posting does not allow tags: ,< img src="" width="90" height="15" alt="we're a w@w couple!" />

jsut customize the width and height according to ur preference :D

mai said...

ooopppsss..kulang yung code..please send me a private email na lang..dun ko send sayo yung complete code. :D

Dei said...

ei heidi! nakakatuwa naman! kahit pa nakita mo na kung alin-alin ang most likely na ring na ibibigay nya, sweet at surprise pa din yung pangyayari! nakakatuwa! abangan ko ang susunod na kabanata!