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11 June 2005

Baclaran Shopping

I arrived at KFC Baclaran first and ordered Chips and Dip. I was nibbling on the chips while reading a magazine when he arrived around 15 minutes later. He was starving so he ate a super late lunch first before we started our trek to Baclaran. Actually our main reason in going is to buy beddings for Charlie but we didn’t pass on the chance to look at the shops that showcased wedding gowns. First, we looked at a shop near the church (actually right beside the Redemptorist) which displayed nicely crafted gowns. This is where my cousin Tin-tin got her wedding gown last December and it was nice naman but I want a longer, softer “more bagsak” kind of veil which the saleslady said I could get from them for an additional price. A wedding gown package would also include pillows for the rings and arrhae aside from the veil. The prices were very reasonable considering that the gowns were nice-looking and most of them even had beadwork. There were also gowns for bridesmaids that were likewise reasonably priced. Also there were quite a number of choices for Barongs. After looking at two other shops of the same kind, we went about our business of buying Charlie’s beddings. Charlie and I now have a little idea on how much we would be spending on the gowns and barongs. We would also look at shops in Divisoria but since we’re still both busy and the wedding is still months away, we would have to schedule that for later.

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