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06 September 2005

Enzo's Baptism

It was raining really hard and we were running late in preparing to go to my nephew's baptism (Enzo's my cousin Tin-tin's son) but as soon as we were ready to go, the weather cleared a bit (haaay! salamat). My sister Lynne and my honey Charlie are going to stand as godparents to Enzo so we hurriedly went to the church (pero late pa rin!) at BF Resort in Las PiƱas. It rained a little more while the baptism was going on pero when it was time for the reception the weather cleared again. And it was a good thing kasi the set-up was in the garden! Here are a few pictures from the event!

Here's a pic of the invitation that I made for little Enzo:

And here are a some more pics of me and charlie naman...

with baby Enzo Gabriel

kami lang...

All in all, we had fun kasi parang reunion na rin with my cousins. Tapos Charlie was like part of the family na din so masaya talaga. In fact, he even bought the souvenirs for the godparents and special guests so Tin-Tin and Elmer (Enzo's parents) were really gateful to him. Next event... Charlie's birthday!

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