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24 June 2005

Orange Butterflies

Charlie picked me up early from work and I undertimed so we could go to SM Southmall early... Charlie bought new rubber shoes and I bought new sandals. We ate at pancake house then we bought a gift for Charlie's latest inaanak who will be baptized tomorrow. Charlie gave me a white blouse with orange butterflies in front for our 21st monthsary while I gave him a Fila backpack. We visited the Acclaim again and looked at the different butterfly souvenirs... I even bout a huricane candle with butterfly decorations. We also looked at the different invitation samples at a nearby store (i forgot the name) and got new ideas on how we want our invitation would look like... I particularly liked two of the designs that had butterfly cut-outs in front and tied with half-inch ribbons. They were a bit expensive though...

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