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05 August 2005

Progress at Last!

1. My mom gave the design of the rings (she lost the first one) to her jeweler and asked for an updated price quote but I also e-mailed Matus last Monday regarding the possibility of them making our rings and they replied the other day... hmmm, note to self: must make an appointment with them soon and then decide later who we would hire to do the job.

2. Talked to ate Emma (my long standing dressmaker) about our trip to Divisoria on the 12th to look at possible textiles and accessories.

3. Made payment/deposit to Metrobank (Aug. 3) for the W@W tags.

4. Made a couple of inquiries on possible Reception Venues (will probably close a deal with one of them by September... YEY!!!

5. Saw possible Caterer at an office function (Aug. 2) and she was offering so many freebies... he! he! Syempre I have to talk to other caterers para I could make an educated choice (huh?) but I really like her na.

Haaay! Finally meron na ding nangyayari sa wedding preps namin, hopefully I could report more developments in the weeks to come.

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