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24 July 2005

21st Monthsary

1 year and 9 months ago, my honey and I became a couple... each month, we try and celebrate this event with a special dinner or a date to a place we have not been before... this month, we went to the orchidarium in Rizal Park. We heard about events like wedding receptions being held here so we scoped out the place. It's really spacious and would fit the garden reception I would like to have but it would be too far from the Church so... Anyway, after our short excursion, we had an early dinner at Tokyo Tokyo then went grocery shopping before finally concluding the day. My, my... isn't time going fast... We would soon be cramming on the preparations for the wedding!

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hazelle anna said...

i jUst have to comment on everythin'... kaiNez nga.. taGal pa, pEro ok lang, pAra u both have time to PrePare pah.. ah stAh.. kainEz, xe eXcited na Nga aQ makita C ate Q na naka wEddIng Gown.. cgUro she'll loOk reAlly gOrjuz, and i'll look very pretty and charming... hehehe... sAna i-pOst din yUng pLan na mgA susuOtin ng mga bRidesmaid tska maId of hOnOr noe?!... to haVe an idEa lang naman!... stAh... natatagaLan talaGa aQ... xe gusto ko na talaga makita... faVorite coloR ko xe yung motif niO ate.. gReen and pInk.. rEally nice combination!.. is it final nah???..

aNyway... im conGratulating yung in aDvaNce... i cAn see naMan hOw your rELationsHip gRows eAch day!... I reAlly wish thAt you'll be haPpy fOrever.. tuLad ng HappiNess nio nOw with each othEr... noe?!... gUdLuck!... loVeu botH (mAh LoVin' sisTaH and mAh futUre broTher in LaW)...ΓΌ