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03 August 2005

Bow and Arrow

I was blog hopping and checking out the sites of the people who visited my site also and came upon a sort-of personality quiz... I got this cool result. You should try it also... 'la lang konting entertainment amidst a busy day! Besides, it sort-of rings true (ngek! syempre maganda yung result e!) pero no kidding, its just a few questions tapos you get the result quickly naman so ok lang.

"Your easy-going personality is best represented by the bow and arrow. You probably dont like the spotlight too much, and would much rather be backstage making sure everything is working right. You have a cool, level head and a broad perspective on life. This combination makes you an excellent advice-giver."

O di ba... COOL? He, he, he! sabi ko nga kay Meng, I wouldnt have probably been so please with the result had it been negative... Anyways, if you want to try the quiz for yourself just visit Meng's website through the link found in the "LINKS" named... guess what? Syempre MENG!


jenn said...

hi heidi!
got your comment in my blog. with regards to the requirements for kumpil, all you need is the baptismal certificate, even photocopy will do. punta ka lang sa san miguel church mga before 2pm to register, 600 yung bayad pero kasi makukuha mo na yung certificate after. may mini orientation tas kumpil na. To get to san miguel church just ride a jeep from quiapo (tawid ka ng quiapo sa hidalgo ata yun, kung san madaming VCD). Saturday nagpakumpil si h2b pero 3x a week ata yung kumpil dun.

hope this helps!

jenn said...

hi again!

the jeep is san miguel. pagdating mo sa mga bentahan ng vcd ask mo lang san sakayan ng papunta san miguel, tuturo ka nila sa kabilang kanto where the jeepney passes through. mabilis lang byahe around 5 mins from quiapo.