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16 April 2005

Hazelle's Debut

Yes! Although there were several hitches, like some of the guests getting to the party later than the assigned time (for a more surprising effect), Hazelle's (She's the girl in the picture... the dog's Nafnaf) Surprise Party was all in all a success. There was enough food and drinks for everyone. Our Tito Rey and Tita Janet pinched in with the softdrink flow, Mom ordered special pancit, I took care of the 4-course buffet, my cousin Dette and sister Mae helped out with the invitations and giveaways and Zelle’s friends spread the word (in whispers, because it’s a surprise!). There was singing (we set up our magic sing), a bit of dancing, and a lot of merry-making! Charlie even brought videocam to document the affair. My dad even brought out his black label and had a couple of shots with his friends and Charlie. Wow! My honey’s really slowly starting to be part of the family!

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