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29 September 2005

Going on a Seminar

Next week is going to be different for me.... I am going on a Seminar at Legenda Hotel in Subic! I'm really excited because the last time I went away on my own, for anything, be it work or play, was... well... a long time ago na! I usually go on seminars naman but with a group of people from my office, now kasi it's basically just me and Abby (from a different Department) and we would stay there for almost one whole week! I'm really looking forward to this because although most of the day we would be attending sessions and lectures, Subic is really quite a scenic place to be in plus we'd be staying in a five-star hotel so who wouldn't get excited about that? The only thing that's dampening my spirits right now is the fact that my honey isn't going to be with me...
Not that we see each other everyday... (We're lucky if we see each other twice a week!) but we at least get to talk non-stop over the phone (providing we're both not too busy from work, of course!). But anyways, he's also excited for me because I hardly have the time to go anywhere on my own (and of course he's also excited about his pasalubong from me!) Also, I wouldn't be able to post for quite a while because of this... I'll be leaving on Monday, October 3 and going back on the 7th and then I will be required to make a report about the seminar due on the 12th! Yikes, now I really don't have time to even go online! But I will post pictures as soon as I meet my deadline... so to whoever visits this blog while I'm away....
"leave your name and contact details and I will get back to you as soon as I can... Thank you for calling! Este, Thank you for visting pala! hehehe!"

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