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02 January 2005

New Year, New Beginnings

We attended my cousin Tin-tin's wedding last December 31 at the Mary Immaculate Parish Church in Moonwalk, Las Piñas. The Nature's Church was really nice although one of the "minor disasters" was that there was a wedding before them that took a long time to finish so they had to start their ceremony late therefore the long wait and the much longer wait for the reception... Anyway, all in all I think the wedding was a success, there were many attendees and the food was good and from what I gather, cheap. (I wonder if we could get them for our wedding next year...)
Charlie celebrated the earlier part of the new year with his family in España, Manila but he also went to visit me and my family during the afternoon. We ate the carbonara and fried chicken I cooked then he went to his Uncle's house to have a little new year drinking session.

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