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12 September 2006


I had quite a busy week so I didn't really have the time to post anything so here goes a summary of several events that happened:

September 7 - CHARLIE's Birthday!

There was no big celebration or anything, in fact we both had to work that day so we just had dinner at home. The night before I patiently awaited for midnight to come so I could be the first to greet him... Of course he fell asleep way before 12 but I kissed him anyway and whispered "Happy Birthday honey" and he partially opened his eyes, kissed me back and said "Talagang happy ang birthday ko hon, kasi magkasama na tayo e". Yun lang, no biggie but my heart melted anyway... hehehe! Love You Honey!

September 9 - Sleep-Over

My sisters and I are very close, and when I still lived with them at my parents house we usually spend the weekend lazing in our room watching movie after while munching an assortment of junk food. I guess we all miss doing that so they decided to visit me and sleep over so we could do that again. We watched several DVDs and was able to finish a whole season of Gilmore Girls (also on DVD) and was able to consume quite a number of Cheese Clubs, Piatos, etc. I missed doing things for them so I tried to make it up by cooking pancakes for breakfast the next day and then for lunch I cooked Mae's (my baby sister and Maid-of-Honor) favorite Chicken Curry!

September 10 - OB Appointment (CANCELLED)

I often dread going to the doctor and this appointment I guess was extra hard for me to go to since I have had 2 false alarms before when I thought I was pregnant but was mistaken... But this time, the Doctor was the one who cancelled on me... Hehehe! She had to perform an emergency CS so my appointment was postponed for September 12 (TODAY!)

September 12 - OB Appointment

I have to leave work early today... well, not early actually... just earlier than usual for my Doctor's appointment at 5pm. Hmmm.... sana I would have something exciting to post tomorrow about it!

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