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13 December 2006

Happy Birthday Mommy!

The second of seven children of Eleuterio and Rosario Peñafuerte, Adelaida grew up in a happy home. Her father, fondly called Amang Terio, being a war veteran was strict but generous and her mother, Inang Chayong was nurturing and industrious. Although theirs weren’t a rich family, Dely as well as her siblings were able to finish their studies. She became a teacher at age 20 and was able to teach both in private and public schools. Dely became a wife at age 26 and a mother at 27. Currently still an educator for a public elementary school, she could best be described as hard-working. But her good points don’t end there… she is also God-fearing, intelligent, dedicated, loving, patient and extremely kind. (Hey, what else can I say…my siblings and I are planning to build a fan club! Hehehe!)

Happy, happy 59th Birthday Mommy! I love you so much… I can only pray that I could be half as good a person as you. And I hope we were able to make your birthday special yesterday.

Her morning was spent with me at PRC renewing her license and me getting mine (Yey! One more change of name accomplished! 4 more to go…) and then since we were finished early, we went to SM Manila and had lunch at Wendy’s Restaurant because she just loves the bacon mushroom melt there and then we went shoe hunting. Unfortunately she didn’t see anything that struck her fancy so she ended up accompanying me at Kamiseta where I bought this cutsey white blouse and then I finally found the movie I was looking for at Astrovision (Yey! Another accomplishment for me! Hehehe, babaw ko talaga! BTW Thanks to Tin and Miriam from N@W who advised me where I could find “It’s a Wonderful Life”). We were home by around 3pm and ate merienda from Chowking (which my Dad bought) and then at around 5pm I started cooking carbonara. My sister, Lynne came at around 6pm with a coffee crunch cake from red ribbon and Charlie came at around 7pm with two lemon-grass and honey flavored roasted chickens. Our family shared this simple meal while exchanging sari-saring kwento. Hmmmm….I probably gained another pound or two but still… I can’t wait till our next get-together!

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