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15 September 2006

Waiting in Vain

I guess it was just not our time... the pregnancy test turned out negative, the doctor ordered for me to undergo another set of lab tests, I got my cbc and urinalysis results yesterday, my OB would just have to read it on Sunday (September 17) together with Charlie's. Of course I was disappointed, I really was hoping that we'll have our little angel soon but I guess we just have to wait a little more... Like they say, the best things are worth waiting for naman. What's good about all this is that my hubby as supportive as can be. He's not making any noise about the fact that my OB wants his lab tests done also, nor is he complaining about going with me to the OB on Sunday. Even though I had one of my silent tantrums last night he just hugged me until I fell asleep.... I just love this man, he's so adorably patient and supportive of me that I can't stay in a bad mood. He keeps uplifting my spirits and always says the right words at the right time... I love you honey, sana di ka magbago, at higit sa lahat sana di maubos ang pasensya mo sa makulit at sumpungin mong asawa!
To all of those who are praying for us to have a baby soon, just keep on praying for us... Thank you sa lahat ng concern at advice. I promise I will always keep you posted.

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