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28 December 2006


It's my first Christmas as a wife and turned out to be quite a tiring but very happy one! Christmas day started pretty early for me because I had to prepare lunch not only for me and Charlie and Malyn (Charlie's cousin who's staying with us) but also for my family who spent the day with us. By 11:30, everything was ready and then my parents and siblings arrived at around 12:15. I'm just sorry that my only brother Howard didn't get to spend Christmas with us because he went straight to our Grandma's house (hehehe, not following instructions kasi) Anyway, I cooked crispy hipon, carbonara, fried pork chops and Charlie grilled Tilapia and Bangus with tomato and onion stuffing. It was super nakakapagod to cook for many persons pero ok lang, kasi sulit naman when they asked for second servings kasi they liked what I prepared for them. I also enjoyed watching my sisters' reaction to the gifts that Charlie and I bought them, kakatuwa talaga kasi you know they really liked it. Medyo nakakapagod din yung clean-up, buti na lang Malyn was there to help out. hmmm... next kwento, NEW YEAR naman.

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