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20 September 2006

Visiting the In-Laws

Yesterday, I went on Leave from work to have my TVS (ultrasound). I went to USTH at around 9 in the morning and finished the ultrasound at around 11:30 am. Since I was in the vicinity of my Brother-in-law's house where my Parents-in-law are currently staying (while Tata, my father-in-law is undergoing therapy), I decided to pay them a visit. It's good to see that Tata's condition is improving (albeit slowly... but at least surely). Nana (my mother-in-law) and I exchanged kwentos for a while (medyo hirap magtagalog si Nana, she mainly speaks in Ilocano and the occassional English). She told me that they're going to stay here in manila until January next year so they'll be experiencing their first Manila Christmas. I'm looking forward to this year's christmas also (more so than the past ones) because it's my first as Charlie's wife.

Note to self: Buy Tata some ready to eat (storable) merienda and Nana a couple of house dresses.

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